Bob Priddy Teammates and Opponents

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  • * Potential discrepancy between counted game records and career record
Teammates Table
Overall Reg. Season Playoffs
Rk Teammate G W L W% G W L W% G W L W%
1Don Henriksen*17413.23516412.250101.000
2Jim Baechtold*17413.23516412.250101.000
3Paul Hoffman*17413.23516412.250101.000
4Don Barksdale1239.2501239.250000
5Eddie Miller11110.0911019.100101.000
6Jack Kerris*11110.0911019.100101.000
7Ralph O'Brien1019.1001019.100000
8Ray Lumpp918.111817.125101.000
9Dick Bunt817.125716.143101.000
10Kevin O'Shea*633.500633.500000
11George Ratkovicz*633.500633.500000
12Stan Miasek*633.500633.500000
13Frank Kudelka*633.500633.500000
14Fred Scolari*633.500633.500000
15Dave Minor*532.600532.600000