Frank Radovich Teammates and Opponents

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  • * Potential discrepancy between counted game records and career record
Teammates Table
Overall Reg. Season Playoffs
Rk Teammate G W L W% G W L W% G W L W%
1Tom Meschery402218.550372116.568312.333
2Wilt Chamberlain402218.550372116.568312.333
3Guy Rodgers402218.550372116.568312.333
4Paul Arizin382018.526351916.543312.333
5Ed Conlin*372017.541341915.559312.333
6Al Attles362115.583332013.606312.333
7Ted Luckenbill*331617.485301515.500312.333
8Tom Gola29209.69028199.6791101.000
9York Larese281315.464251213.480312.333
10Joe Ruklick*271512.556241410.583312.333
11Bob McNeill1183.7271183.727000