Greg Jackson Teammates and Opponents

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  • * Potential discrepancy between counted game records and career record
Teammates Table
Overall Reg. Season Playoffs
Rk Teammate G W L W% G W L W% G W L W%
1Dennis Awtrey441529.341441529.341000
2Earl Williams441529.341441529.341000
3Mike Bantom*441529.341441529.341000
4Curtis Perry411526.366411526.366000
5Fred Saunders391227.308391227.308000
6Gary Melchionni331320.394331320.394000
7Dick Van Arsdale321220.375321220.375000
8Charlie Scott321121.344321121.344000
9Nate Hawthorne321022.312321022.312000
10Jim Owens30822.26730822.267000
11Keith Erickson1367.4621367.462000
12Earl Monroe532.600532.600000
13Phil Jackson*532.600532.600000
14Tom Riker532.600532.600000
15Dennis Bell532.600532.600000
16Harthorne Wingo532.600532.600000
17Henry Bibby532.600532.600000
18John Gianelli532.600532.600000
19Bill Bradley532.600532.600000
20Jesse Dark422.500422.500000
Overall Reg. Season Playoffs
Rk Teammate G W L W% G W L W% G W L W%
21Walt Frazier321.667321.667000
22Mel Davis211.500211.500000