Mark Davis Teammates and Opponents

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Teammates Table
Overall Reg. Season Playoffs
Rk Teammate G W L W% G W L W% G W L W%
1Jack Sikma312110.677312110.677000
2Larry Krystkowiak291910.655291910.655000
3Terry Cummings29209.69029209.690000
4Paul Mokeski271710.630271710.630000
5Paul Pressey27198.70427198.704000
6Ricky Pierce26188.69226188.692000
7Jay Humphries26197.73126197.731000
8Fred Roberts26188.69226188.692000
9Randy Breuer20146.70020146.700000
10Sidney Moncrief19118.57919118.579000
11Tito Horford15123.80015123.800000
12Tony Brown1165.5451165.545000
13Jeff Grayer422.500422.500000
14Rickey Green422.500422.500000
15Tom Chambers2201.0002201.000000
16Tyrone Corbin2201.0002201.000000
17Eddie Johnson2201.0002201.000000
18Armen Gilliam2201.0002201.000000
19Andrew Lang2201.0002201.000000
20Tim Perry2201.0002201.000000
Overall Reg. Season Playoffs
Rk Teammate G W L W% G W L W% G W L W%
21Ed Nealy2201.0002201.000000
22Mark West2201.0002201.000000
23Steve Kerr2201.0002201.000000
24Jeff Hornacek2201.0002201.000000
25Kevin Johnson2201.0002201.000000
26Andre Turner1101.0001101.000000
27Mike Dunleavy1101.0001101.000000