October Schedule

October Schedule Table
Date Visitor/Neutral PTS Home/Neutral PTS     Attend. Arena Notes
Thu, Oct 12, 1972Denver Rockets104Utah Stars115Box Score7,167Salt Palace
Thu, Oct 12, 1972Indiana Pacers109Memphis Tams105Box Score4,595Mid-South Coliseum
Thu, Oct 12, 1972Carolina Cougars123Virginia Squires115Box Score3,084Richmond Coliseumat Richmond, VA
Fri, Oct 13, 1972Carolina Cougars106Indiana Pacers88Box Score8,253Indiana State Fair Coliseum
Fri, Oct 13, 1972Kentucky Colonels90New York Nets114Box Score6,892Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Fri, Oct 13, 1972Denver Rockets109San Diego Conquistadors100Box Score2,248Peterson Gym
Sat, Oct 14, 1972New York Nets78Carolina Cougars126Box Score6,208Charlotte Coliseumat Charlotte, NC
Sat, Oct 14, 1972Denver Rockets96Indiana Pacers90Box Score4,731Indiana State Fair Coliseum
Sat, Oct 14, 1972Virginia Squires110Kentucky Colonels130Box Score8,876Freedom Hall
Sat, Oct 14, 1972Memphis Tams118San Diego Conquistadors135Box Score1,841Peterson Gym
Sat, Oct 14, 1972Dallas Chaparrals90Utah Stars106Box Score8,314Salt Palace
Sun, Oct 15, 1972Dallas Chaparrals104San Diego Conquistadors106Box Score1,141Peterson Gym
Tue, Oct 17, 1972Virginia Squires112San Diego Conquistadors117Box Score2,112Peterson Gym
Tue, Oct 17, 1972New York Nets93Dallas Chaparrals101Box Score2,850Moody Coliseum
Wed, Oct 18, 1972Virginia Squires109Denver Rockets115Box Score3,106Denver Auditorium Arena
Wed, Oct 18, 1972Utah Stars103Indiana Pacers107Box Score6,509Indiana State Fair Coliseum
Wed, Oct 18, 1972Carolina Cougars105Kentucky Colonels100Box Score4,988Freedom Hall
Wed, Oct 18, 1972Dallas Chaparrals89Memphis Tams99Box Score3,331Mid-South Coliseum
Thu, Oct 19, 1972Memphis Tams115Dallas Chaparrals113Box Score1,508Moody Coliseum
Fri, Oct 20, 1972Utah Stars127Carolina Cougars111Box Score8,675Greensboro Coliseumat Greensboro, NC
Fri, Oct 20, 1972Indiana Pacers99Denver Rockets116Box Score4,185Denver Auditorium Arena
Fri, Oct 20, 1972Virginia Squires130New York Nets120Box Score6,214Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Fri, Oct 20, 1972Memphis Tams107San Diego Conquistadors132Box Score2,841Peterson Gym
Sat, Oct 21, 1972Carolina Cougars110Virginia Squires119Box Score9,158Norfolk Scopeat Norfolk, VA
Sat, Oct 21, 1972Utah Stars92Kentucky Colonels112Box Score6,713Freedom Hall
Sat, Oct 21, 1972New York Nets113Indiana Pacers104Box Score6,911Indiana State Fair Coliseum
Sun, Oct 22, 1972Utah Stars116New York Nets119Box Score5,290Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Tue, Oct 24, 1972Virginia Squires123Memphis Tams111Box Score4,125Mid-South Coliseum
Tue, Oct 24, 1972Carolina Cougars109San Diego Conquistadors123Box Score3,245Peterson Gym
Wed, Oct 25, 1972Carolina Cougars118Denver Rockets112Box Score7,003Denver Auditorium Arena
Wed, Oct 25, 1972Dallas Chaparrals108Kentucky Colonels116Box Score5,513Freedom Hall
Thu, Oct 26, 1972Memphis Tams98Utah Stars151Box Score5,396Salt Palace
Thu, Oct 26, 1972Denver Rockets0Virginia Squires2Box Score4,643Richmond ColiseumOn 11/7/72, ABA ruled a forfeit and statistics expunged. In the 2nd half Alex Hannum had his Rockets foul players in pretense of a pressure defense experiment. They committed 56 fouls, 7 players fouled out, and the Squires shot 56 FT in the 4th quarter
Fri, Oct 27, 1972Dallas Chaparrals108Virginia Squires103Box Score4,628Hampton Coliseumat Hampton, VA
Fri, Oct 27, 1972Utah Stars123San Diego Conquistadors107Box Score3,446Peterson Gym
Fri, Oct 27, 1972Denver Rockets112New York Nets117Box Score6,128Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Fri, Oct 27, 1972Memphis Tams102Indiana Pacers128Box Score6,666Indiana State Fair Coliseum
Fri, Oct 27, 1972Kentucky Colonels112Carolina Cougars114Box Score6,828Greensboro Coliseumat Greensboro, NC
Sat, Oct 28, 1972Virginia Squires109Carolina Cougars141Box Score7,364Greensboro Coliseumat Greensboro, NC
Sat, Oct 28, 1972Indiana Pacers119Denver Rockets106Box Score3,897Denver Auditorium Arena
Sat, Oct 28, 1972New York Nets82Kentucky Colonels106Box Score7,913Freedom Hall
Sat, Oct 28, 1972San Diego Conquistadors110Utah Stars132Box Score6,035Salt Palace
Sun, Oct 29, 1972Carolina Cougars110Memphis Tams105Box Score3,870Mid-South Coliseum
Sun, Oct 29, 1972Dallas Chaparrals98New York Nets100Box Score5,601Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Sun, Oct 29, 1972Indiana Pacers112San Diego Conquistadors98Box Score1,824Peterson Gym
Mon, Oct 30, 1972Kentucky Colonels106Utah Stars117Box Score6,735Salt Palace
Tue, Oct 31, 1972Virginia Squires120Carolina Cougars114Box Score5,321Greensboro Coliseumat Greensboro, NC
Tue, Oct 31, 1972Utah Stars103Denver Rockets116Box Score3,168Denver Auditorium Arena
Tue, Oct 31, 1972Kentucky Colonels119San Diego Conquistadors109Box Score1,429Peterson Gym