Division Standings

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Division Standings Table
Eastern Conference W L W/L% GB PS/G PA/G SRS
Atlantic Division
Boston Celtics*5032.61099.295.63.37
Toronto Raptors4042.48810.0104.1105.9-1.83
New York Knicks2953.35421.0102.1105.9-4.01
Philadelphia 76ers2755.32923.097.7101.6-3.93
New Jersey Nets1270.14638.092.4101.5-8.93
Central Division
Cleveland Cavaliers*6121.744102.195.66.17
Milwaukee Bucks*4636.56115.097.796.01.37
Chicago Bulls*4141.50020.097.599.1-1.64
Indiana Pacers3250.39029.0100.8103.8-3.11
Detroit Pistons2755.32934.094.099.1-5.02
Southeast Division
Orlando Magic*5923.720102.895.37.12
Atlanta Hawks*5329.6466.0101.797.04.44
Miami Heat*4735.57312.096.594.21.99
Charlotte Bobcats*4438.53715.095.393.81.30
Washington Wizards2656.31733.096.2101.0-4.72


Western Conference W L W/L% GB PS/G PA/G SRS
Northwest Division
Denver Nuggets*5329.646106.5102.44.15
Utah Jazz*5329.646104.298.95.33
Portland Trail Blazers*5032.6103.
Oklahoma City Thunder*5032.6103.0101.598.03.55
Minnesota Timberwolves1567.18338.098.2107.8-9.06
Pacific Division
Los Angeles Lakers*5725.695101.797.04.78
Phoenix Suns*5428.6593.0110.2105.34.67
Los Angeles Clippers2953.35428.095.7102.1-6.01
Golden State Warriors2656.31731.0108.8112.4-3.28
Sacramento Kings2557.30532.0100.0104.4-4.06
Southwest Division
Dallas Mavericks*5527.671102.099.32.66
San Antonio Spurs*5032.6105.0101.496.35.07
Houston Rockets4240.51213.0102.4102.7-0.02
Memphis Grizzlies4042.48815.0102.5104.0-1.39
New Orleans Hornets3745.45118.0100.2102.7-2.27

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