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April Schedule

April Schedule Table
Date Start (ET) Visitor/Neutral PTS Home/Neutral PTS     Attend. Notes
Wed, Apr 1, 20207:00pCharlotte HornetsOrlando Magic
Wed, Apr 1, 20207:00pNew Orleans PelicansWashington Wizards
Wed, Apr 1, 20207:30pMiami HeatBoston Celtics
Wed, Apr 1, 20207:30pDetroit PistonsBrooklyn Nets
Wed, Apr 1, 20208:00pNew York KnicksMemphis Grizzlies
Wed, Apr 1, 20208:00pDallas MavericksMinnesota Timberwolves
Wed, Apr 1, 20208:00pPhoenix SunsOklahoma City Thunder
Wed, Apr 1, 20209:00pToronto RaptorsMilwaukee Bucks
Wed, Apr 1, 20209:00pCleveland CavaliersUtah Jazz
Wed, Apr 1, 202010:30pIndiana PacersLos Angeles Lakers
Thu, Apr 2, 20208:00pGolden State WarriorsHouston Rockets
Thu, Apr 2, 202010:00pLos Angeles ClippersSacramento Kings
Thu, Apr 2, 202010:30pUtah JazzPortland Trail Blazers
Fri, Apr 3, 20207:00pMiami HeatDetroit Pistons
Fri, Apr 3, 20207:00pBrooklyn NetsIndiana Pacers
Fri, Apr 3, 20207:00pPhiladelphia 76ersWashington Wizards
Fri, Apr 3, 20207:30pCharlotte HornetsAtlanta Hawks
Fri, Apr 3, 20207:30pOrlando MagicBoston Celtics
Fri, Apr 3, 20207:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesNew York Knicks
Fri, Apr 3, 20207:30pMilwaukee BucksToronto Raptors
Fri, Apr 3, 20208:00pDallas MavericksMemphis Grizzlies
Fri, Apr 3, 20208:30pGolden State WarriorsSan Antonio Spurs
Fri, Apr 3, 20209:00pChicago BullsDenver Nuggets
Fri, Apr 3, 202010:00pCleveland CavaliersPhoenix Suns
Sat, Apr 4, 20203:30pOklahoma City ThunderLos Angeles Clippers
Sat, Apr 4, 202010:00pLos Angeles LakersSacramento Kings
Sun, Apr 5, 20201:00pAtlanta HawksCharlotte Hornets
Sun, Apr 5, 20201:00pOrlando MagicPhiladelphia 76ers
Sun, Apr 5, 20203:30pMilwaukee BucksBoston Celtics
Sun, Apr 5, 20205:00pWashington WizardsIndiana Pacers
Sun, Apr 5, 20205:00pMiami HeatNew York Knicks
Sun, Apr 5, 20206:00pDallas MavericksBrooklyn Nets
Sun, Apr 5, 20206:00pUtah JazzDenver Nuggets
Sun, Apr 5, 20206:00pChicago BullsPhoenix Suns
Sun, Apr 5, 20207:00pToronto RaptorsHouston Rockets
Sun, Apr 5, 20207:00pDetroit PistonsMinnesota Timberwolves
Sun, Apr 5, 20207:00pNew Orleans PelicansSan Antonio Spurs
Sun, Apr 5, 20209:00pMemphis GrizzliesPortland Trail Blazers
Sun, Apr 5, 20209:00pCleveland CavaliersSacramento Kings
Sun, Apr 5, 20209:30pOklahoma City ThunderLos Angeles Lakers
Mon, Apr 6, 202010:00pChicago BullsLos Angeles Clippers
Tue, Apr 7, 20207:00pToronto RaptorsWashington Wizards
Tue, Apr 7, 20207:30pDetroit PistonsAtlanta Hawks
Tue, Apr 7, 20207:30pIndiana PacersMiami Heat
Tue, Apr 7, 20207:30pMilwaukee BucksPhiladelphia 76ers
Tue, Apr 7, 20208:00pPhoenix SunsMinnesota Timberwolves
Tue, Apr 7, 20208:00pCharlotte HornetsNew Orleans Pelicans
Tue, Apr 7, 20208:00pBrooklyn NetsOklahoma City Thunder
Tue, Apr 7, 20208:30pHouston RocketsDallas Mavericks
Tue, Apr 7, 20208:30pSacramento KingsSan Antonio Spurs
Tue, Apr 7, 20209:00pMemphis GrizzliesDenver Nuggets
Tue, Apr 7, 202010:00pGolden State WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers
Tue, Apr 7, 202010:00pCleveland CavaliersPortland Trail Blazers
Tue, Apr 7, 202010:00pLos Angeles ClippersUtah Jazz
Wed, Apr 8, 20207:00pIndiana PacersBoston Celtics
Wed, Apr 8, 20207:00pToronto RaptorsCharlotte Hornets
Wed, Apr 8, 20207:30pOrlando MagicNew York Knicks
Wed, Apr 8, 20209:30pSan Antonio SpursHouston Rockets
Wed, Apr 8, 202010:30pCleveland CavaliersGolden State Warriors
Wed, Apr 8, 202010:30pChicago BullsLos Angeles Lakers
Thu, Apr 9, 20207:30pDetroit PistonsMiami Heat
Thu, Apr 9, 20208:00pBrooklyn NetsMilwaukee Bucks
Thu, Apr 9, 20208:00pSacramento KingsMinnesota Timberwolves
Thu, Apr 9, 20208:00pPhoenix SunsNew Orleans Pelicans
Thu, Apr 9, 202010:00pDenver NuggetsPortland Trail Blazers
Thu, Apr 9, 202010:30pLos Angeles ClippersLos Angeles Lakers
Fri, Apr 10, 20207:00pBoston CelticsOrlando Magic
Fri, Apr 10, 20207:30pAtlanta HawksToronto Raptors
Fri, Apr 10, 20208:00pWashington WizardsHouston Rockets
Fri, Apr 10, 20208:00pNew York KnicksOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Apr 10, 20208:30pPhiladelphia 76ersSan Antonio Spurs
Sat, Apr 11, 20203:00pDetroit PistonsDallas Mavericks
Sat, Apr 11, 20207:00pWashington WizardsCharlotte Hornets
Sat, Apr 11, 20207:00pOrlando MagicIndiana Pacers
Sat, Apr 11, 20207:00pPhiladelphia 76ersNew Orleans Pelicans
Sat, Apr 11, 20207:30pMilwaukee BucksCleveland Cavaliers
Sat, Apr 11, 20208:00pBrooklyn NetsChicago Bulls
Sat, Apr 11, 20208:00pOklahoma City ThunderMemphis Grizzlies
Sat, Apr 11, 20208:00pBoston CelticsMiami Heat
Sat, Apr 11, 20208:30pGolden State WarriorsLos Angeles Clippers
Sat, Apr 11, 20209:00pSacramento KingsDenver Nuggets
Sat, Apr 11, 202010:00pUtah JazzPhoenix Suns
Sun, Apr 12, 20203:30pHouston RocketsSan Antonio Spurs
Sun, Apr 12, 20206:00pNew York KnicksToronto Raptors
Sun, Apr 12, 20207:00pAtlanta HawksMilwaukee Bucks
Sun, Apr 12, 20209:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesLos Angeles Lakers
Mon, Apr 13, 20207:00pMiami HeatCharlotte Hornets
Mon, Apr 13, 20207:00pBrooklyn NetsCleveland Cavaliers
Mon, Apr 13, 20207:00pBoston CelticsDetroit Pistons
Mon, Apr 13, 20207:00pSan Antonio SpursIndiana Pacers
Mon, Apr 13, 20208:00pOrlando MagicChicago Bulls
Mon, Apr 13, 20208:00pPhoenix SunsHouston Rockets
Mon, Apr 13, 20208:00pPhiladelphia 76ersMemphis Grizzlies
Mon, Apr 13, 20208:00pWashington WizardsNew Orleans Pelicans
Mon, Apr 13, 20208:00pUtah JazzOklahoma City Thunder
Mon, Apr 13, 20209:00pDallas MavericksDenver Nuggets
Mon, Apr 13, 202010:30pPortland Trail BlazersGolden State Warriors
Mon, Apr 13, 202010:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesLos Angeles Clippers
Tue, Apr 14, 20207:30pToronto RaptorsMiami Heat
Tue, Apr 14, 20207:30pDetroit PistonsNew York Knicks
Tue, Apr 14, 202010:00pDenver NuggetsUtah Jazz
Tue, Apr 14, 202010:30pSacramento KingsLos Angeles Lakers
Wed, Apr 15, 20207:30pCleveland CavaliersAtlanta Hawks
Wed, Apr 15, 20207:30pChicago BullsBoston Celtics
Wed, Apr 15, 20207:30pMilwaukee BucksBrooklyn Nets
Wed, Apr 15, 20207:30pOklahoma City ThunderDallas Mavericks
Wed, Apr 15, 20207:30pMemphis GrizzliesHouston Rockets
Wed, Apr 15, 20207:30pNew York KnicksMinnesota Timberwolves
Wed, Apr 15, 20207:30pToronto RaptorsOrlando Magic
Wed, Apr 15, 20207:30pCharlotte HornetsPhiladelphia 76ers
Wed, Apr 15, 20207:30pNew Orleans PelicansSan Antonio Spurs
Wed, Apr 15, 20207:30pIndiana PacersWashington Wizards
Wed, Apr 15, 202010:00pLos Angeles LakersPhoenix Suns
Wed, Apr 15, 202010:00pLos Angeles ClippersPortland Trail Blazers
Wed, Apr 15, 202010:00pGolden State WarriorsSacramento Kings