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The following stats are available for all player seasons as of the season noted
G:              1946-47       GS:             1981-82       MP:             1951-52       FG:             1946-47       FGA:            1946-47       
2P: 1946-47 2PA: 1946-47 3P: 1979-80 3PA: 1979-80 FT: 1946-47
FTA: 1946-47 ORB: 1973-74 DRB: 1973-74 TRB: 1950-51 AST: 1946-47
STL: 1973-74 BLK: 1973-74 TOV: 1977-78 PF: 1946-47 PTS: 1946-47
MPG: 1951-52 FG/G: 1946-47 FGA/G: 1946-47 2P/G: 1946-47 2PA/G: 1946-47
3P/G: 1979-80 3PA/G: 1979-80 FT/G: 1946-47 FTA/G: 1946-47 ORB/G: 1973-74
DRB/G: 1973-74 RPG: 1950-51 APG: 1946-47 SPG: 1973-74 BPG: 1973-74
TOV/G: 1977-78 FPG: 1946-47 PPG: 1946-47 FG/36 MP: 1951-52 FGA/36 MP: 1951-52
2P/36 MP: 1951-52 2PA/36 MP: 1951-52 3P/36 MP: 1979-80 3PA/36 MP: 1979-80 FT/36 MP: 1951-52
FTA/36 MP: 1951-52 ORB/36 MP: 1973-74 DRB/36 MP: 1973-74 TRB/36 MP: 1951-52 AST/36 MP: 1951-52
STL/36 MP: 1973-74 BLK/36 MP: 1973-74 TOV/36 MP: 1977-78 PF/36 MP: 1951-52 PTS/36 MP: 1951-52
FG/100 Poss: 1973-74 FGA/100 Poss: 1973-74 2P/100 Poss: 1973-74 2PA/100 Poss: 1973-74 3P/100 Poss: 1973-74
3PA/100 Poss: 1973-74 FT/100 Poss: 1973-74 FTA/100 Poss: 1973-74 ORB/100 Poss: 1973-74 DRB/100 Poss: 1973-74
TRB/100 Poss: 1973-74 AST/100 Poss: 1973-74 STL/100 Poss: 1973-74 BLK/100 Poss: 1973-74 TOV/100 Poss: 1973-74
PF/100 Poss: 1973-74 PTS/100 Poss: 1973-74 FG%: 1946-47 2P%: 1946-47 3P%: 1979-80
FT%: 1946-47 PER: 1951-52 TS%: 1946-47 eFG%: 1946-47 3PAr: 1979-80
FTr: 1946-47 ORB%: 1973-74 DRB%: 1973-74 TRB%: 1970-71 AST%: 1964-65
STL%: 1973-74 BLK%: 1973-74 TOV%: 1977-78 Usg%: 1977-78 ORtg: 1977-78
DRtg: 1973-74 OWS: 1946-47 DWS: 1946-47 WS: 1946-47 WS/48: 1951-52
OBPM: 1973-74 DBPM: 1973-74 BPM: 1973-74 VORP: 1973-74
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For single seasons; played in the NBA/BAA; in the regular season; from 1973-74 to 2017-18; played G or G-F; requiring Blocks Per 100 Possessions >= 1.45 and Steals Per 100 Possessions >= 1.95; sorted by most seasons matching criteria

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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Player From To Tm Lg Count
1Dwyane Wade20052018TOTNBA7
2Danny Green20122018SASNBA6
3Jerry Reynolds19861996TOTNBA6
4Michael Jordan19861988CHINBA3
5Eric Bledsoe20122013LACNBA2
6Scott Burrell19982000TOTNBA2
7Vince Carter20012018TOTNBA2
8Ron Harper19901999TOTNBA2
9Bubbles Hawkins19761978TOTNBA2
10Damion James20112012NJNNBA2
11Charles Smith19992002TOTNBA2
12Julyan Stone20122018TOTNBA2
13Jordan Adams20152015MEMNBA1
14Tony Allen20112011MEMNBA1
15Keith Askins19911991MIANBA1
16Patrick Beverley20132013HOUNBA1
17Charles Bradley19831983BOSNBA1
18Dudley Bradley19881988TOTNBA1
19Kedrick Brown20022002BOSNBA1
20Roger Burkman19821982CHINBA1
Rk Player From To Tm Lg Count
21Rick Carlisle19901990NJNNBA1
22Antonius Cleveland20182018DALNBA1
23James Collins19981998LACNBA1
24Mark Davis19961996MINNBA1
25Ricky Davis20012001MIANBA1
26Craig Ehlo19871987CLENBA1
27Jo Jo English19931993CHINBA1
28Walt Frazier19801980CLENBA1
29George Gervin19781978SASNBA1
30Dion Glover20052005SASNBA1
31Andrew Goudelock20162016HOUNBA1
32Malik Hairston20092009SASNBA1
33Jason Hart20102010TOTNBA1
34Nate Hawthorne19751975PHONBA1
35Clay Johnson19821982LALNBA1
36Dennis Johnson19771977SEANBA1
37Larry Johnson19781978BUFNBA1
38Dahntay Jones20082008SACNBA1
39Eddie Jones19991999TOTNBA1
40Reggie Jordan19961996ATLNBA1
Rk Player From To Tm Lg Count
41Doug Lee19951995SACNBA1
42Travis Leslie20122012LACNBA1
43Fat Lever19911991DALNBA1
44Reggie Lewis19921992BOSNBA1
45Jeremy Lin20112011GSWNBA1
46Tito Maddox20032003HOUNBA1
47Darnell Mee19941994DENNBA1
48Sasha Pavlovic20122012BOSNBA1
49Mickael Pietrus20082008GSWNBA1
50Paul Pressey19831983MILNBA1
51Tony Price19811981SDCNBA1
52Andre Roberson20182018OKCNBA1
53Thabo Sefolosha20092009TOTNBA1
54Dexter Shouse19901990PHINBA1
55Derek Smith19911991BOSNBA1
56Otis Smith19901990ORLNBA1
57Sam Smith19791979MILNBA1
58Lamont Strothers19921992PORNBA1
59Stephen Thompson19921992TOTNBA1
60Jeff Trepagnier20022002CLENBA1
Rk Player From To Tm Lg Count
61Kyle Weaver20102010OKCNBA1
62Doug West19911991MINNBA1
63James White20092009HOUNBA1
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