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The following stats are available for all player seasons as of the season noted:

G:              1946-47       GS:             1981-82       MP:             1951-52       FG:             1946-47       FGA:            1946-47       
2P: 1946-47 2PA: 1946-47 3P: 1979-80 3PA: 1979-80 FT: 1946-47
FTA: 1946-47 ORB: 1973-74 DRB: 1973-74 TRB: 1950-51 AST: 1946-47
STL: 1973-74 BLK: 1973-74 TOV: 1977-78 PF: 1946-47 PTS: 1946-47
MPG: 1951-52 FG/G: 1946-47 FGA/G: 1946-47 2P/G: 1946-47 2PA/G: 1946-47
3P/G: 1979-80 3PA/G: 1979-80 FT/G: 1946-47 FTA/G: 1946-47 ORB/G: 1973-74
DRB/G: 1973-74 RPG: 1950-51 APG: 1946-47 SPG: 1973-74 BPG: 1973-74
TOV/G: 1977-78 FPG: 1946-47 PPG: 1946-47 FG/36 MP: 1951-52 FGA/36 MP: 1951-52
2P/36 MP: 1951-52 2PA/36 MP: 1951-52 3P/36 MP: 1979-80 3PA/36 MP: 1979-80 FT/36 MP: 1951-52
FTA/36 MP: 1951-52 ORB/36 MP: 1973-74 DRB/36 MP: 1973-74 TRB/36 MP: 1951-52 AST/36 MP: 1951-52
STL/36 MP: 1973-74 BLK/36 MP: 1973-74 TOV/36 MP: 1977-78 PF/36 MP: 1951-52 PTS/36 MP: 1951-52
FG/100 Poss: 1973-74 FGA/100 Poss: 1973-74 2P/100 Poss: 1973-74 2PA/100 Poss: 1973-74 3P/100 Poss: 1973-74
3PA/100 Poss: 1973-74 FT/100 Poss: 1973-74 FTA/100 Poss: 1973-74 ORB/100 Poss: 1973-74 DRB/100 Poss: 1973-74
TRB/100 Poss: 1973-74 AST/100 Poss: 1973-74 STL/100 Poss: 1973-74 BLK/100 Poss: 1973-74 TOV/100 Poss: 1973-74
PF/100 Poss: 1973-74 PTS/100 Poss: 1973-74 FG%: 1946-47 2P%: 1946-47 3P%: 1979-80
FT%: 1946-47 PER: 1951-52 TS%: 1946-47 eFG%: 1946-47 3PAr: 1979-80
FTr: 1946-47 ORB%: 1973-74 DRB%: 1973-74 TRB%: 1970-71 AST%: 1964-65
STL%: 1973-74 BLK%: 1973-74 TOV%: 1977-78 Usg%: 1977-78 ORtg: 1977-78
DRtg: 1973-74 OWS: 1946-47 DWS: 1946-47 WS: 1946-47 WS/48: 1951-52
OBPM: 1973-74 DBPM: 1973-74 BPM: 1973-74 VORP: 1973-74
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Query Results Table
Rk Player From To Tm Lg Count
1Reggie Miller19902000INDNBA10
2Steve Nash20012011TOTNBA9
3Kareem Abdul-Jabbar19791986LALNBA8
4Kevin McHale19841991BOSNBA8
5Charles Barkley19861992PHINBA7
6Adrian Dantley19801988TOTNBA7
7Magic Johnson19801991LALNBA7
8Kevin Durant20102017TOTNBA6
9Dwight Howard20072014TOTNBA6
10Chauncey Billups20052011TOTNBA5
11Bill Cartwright19801984NYKNBA5
12LeBron James20102017TOTNBA5
13Kiki Vandeweghe19821986TOTNBA5
14Stephen Curry20142017GSWNBA4
15James Harden20132017HOUNBA4
16Michael Jordan19881991CHINBA4
17Kevin Martin20072013TOTNBA4
18Dirk Nowitzki20012014DALNBA4
19Amar'e Stoudemire20052010PHONBA4
20Ray Allen20012010TOTNBA3
Rk Player From To Tm Lg Count
21Artis Gilmore19781985TOTNBA3
22Manu Ginobili20052008SASNBA3
23Kevin Johnson19911997PHONBA3
24Bernard King19811984TOTNBA3
25Sidney Moncrief19821986MILNBA3
26Larry Nance19851987PHONBA3
27Shaquille O'Neal19942009TOTNBA3
28Mark Price19891993CLENBA3
29Detlef Schrempf19901995TOTNBA3
30Larry Bird19871988BOSNBA2
31Brad Daugherty19921993CLENBA2
32Walter Davis19791980PHONBA2
33Darryl Dawkins19811984TOTNBA2
34Jeff Hornacek19951996UTANBA2
35Shawn Kemp19951996SEANBA2
36Kawhi Leonard20162017SASNBA2
37Karl Malone19901993UTANBA2
38Yao Ming20052009HOUNBA2
39Chris Mullin19901991GSWNBA2
40Robert Parish19891990BOSNBA2
Rk Player From To Tm Lg Count
41Paul Pierce20102011BOSNBA2
42J.J. Redick20152016LACNBA2
43David Robinson19911995SASNBA2
44Jeff Ruland19821984WSBNBA2
45John Stockton19901991UTANBA2
46James Worthy19851986LALNBA2
47Dana Barros19951995PHINBA1
48Bradley Beal20172017WASNBA1
49Mike Conley20172017MEMNBA1
50Eddy Curry20072007NYKNBA1
51Terry Dehere19961996LACNBA1
52Goran Dragic20142014PHONBA1
53Mike Dunleavy20082008INDNBA1
54Patrick Ewing19891989NYKNBA1
55Sleepy Floyd19871987GSWNBA1
56Pau Gasol20092009LALNBA1
57Anfernee Hardaway19961996ORLNBA1
58Dan Issel19821982DENNBA1
59Richard Jefferson20062006NJNNBA1
60Steve Johnson19871987PORNBA1
Rk Player From To Tm Lg Count
61Nikola Jokic20172017DENNBA1
62Bobby Jones19811981PHINBA1
63Carl Landry20102010TOTNBA1
64Bob Lanier19841984MILNBA1
65Kyle Lowry20172017TORNBA1
66Corey Maggette20102010GSWNBA1
67Moses Malone19791979HOUNBA1
68Sarunas Marciulionis19921992GSWNBA1
69Calvin Natt19851985DENNBA1
70Drazen Petrovic19931993NJNNBA1
71Ricky Pierce19871987MILNBA1
72Glen Rice19971997CHHNBA1
73Peja Stojakovic20042004SACNBA1
74Isaiah Thomas20172017BOSNBA1
75Karl-Anthony Towns20172017MINNBA1
76Hassan Whiteside20162016MIANBA1
77Orlando Woolridge19851985CHINBA1
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