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The Pelicans/Hornets, versus the Celtics, in the regular season

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New Orleans Pelicans versus Boston Celtics (Regular Season)

The New Orleans Pelicans and Boston Celtics have played 34 times.
The Pelicans/Hornets won 17 games and the Celtics won 17 games.

Longest winning streak by Pelicans/Hornets: 5 games
Longest winning streak by Celtics: 4 games
Most points scored by Pelicans/Hornets: 121 (Sun, Mar 16, 2014)
Most points scored by Celtics: 120 (Sun, Mar 16, 2014)
Largest margin of victory by Pelicans/Hornets: +19 (Wed, Dec 28, 2011)
Largest margin of victory by Celtics: +28 (Wed, Mar 12, 2003)

34 Games

  • Output includes games where both teams were members of the NBA.
34 Games Table
G# Date         Opponent     Tm Opp Diff W L Streak Notes
34Tue, Jan 16, 2018Box Score@Boston CelticsWOT116113+31717W 1
33Sat, Jan 7, 2017Box Score@Boston CelticsL108117-91617L 1
32Mon, Nov 14, 2016Box ScoreBoston CelticsW106105+11616W 1
31Wed, Apr 6, 2016Box Score@Boston CelticsL97104-71516L 4
30Mon, Dec 7, 2015Box ScoreBoston CelticsL93111-181515L 3
29Fri, Mar 6, 2015Box ScoreBoston CelticsL98104-61514L 2
28Mon, Jan 12, 2015Box Score@Boston CelticsL100108-81513L 1
27Sun, Mar 16, 2014Box ScoreBoston CelticsWOT121120+11512W 5
26Fri, Jan 3, 2014Box Score@Boston CelticsW9592+31412W 4
25Wed, Mar 20, 2013Box ScoreBoston CelticsW8786+11312W 3
24Wed, Jan 16, 2013Box Score@Boston CelticsW9078+121212W 2
23Wed, Dec 28, 2011Box ScoreBoston CelticsW9778+191112W 1
22Sat, Mar 19, 2011Box ScoreBoston CelticsL8589-41012L 1
21Fri, Dec 31, 2010Box Score@Boston CelticsW8381+21011W 2
20Wed, Feb 10, 2010Box ScoreBoston CelticsW9385+8911W 1
19Sun, Nov 1, 2009Box Score@Boston CelticsL8797-10811L 4
18Wed, Feb 11, 2009Box ScoreBoston CelticsL7789-12810L 3
17Fri, Dec 12, 2008Box Score@Boston CelticsL8294-1289L 2
16Fri, Mar 28, 2008Box Score@Boston CelticsL92112-2088L 1
15Sat, Mar 22, 2008Box ScoreBoston CelticsW113106+787W 3
G# Date         Opponent     Tm Opp Diff W L Streak Notes
14Mon, Mar 19, 2007Box ScoreBoston CelticsW10688+1877W 2
13Wed, Nov 1, 2006Box Score@Boston CelticsW9187+467W 1
12Mon, Jan 23, 2006Box Score@Boston CelticsL7891-1357L 4
11Wed, Dec 7, 2005Box ScoreBoston CelticsL87101-1456L 3
10Sat, Mar 19, 2005Box ScoreBoston CelticsL100113-1355L 2
9Mon, Jan 3, 2005Box Score@Boston CelticsL90108-1854L 1
8Fri, Apr 9, 2004Box ScoreBoston CelticsW8980+953W 4
7Wed, Dec 31, 2003Box Score@Boston CelticsW9694+243W 3
6Wed, Nov 19, 2003Box Score@Boston CelticsW8173+833W 2
5Sat, Nov 1, 2003Box ScoreBoston CelticsW9790+723W 1
4Wed, Mar 12, 2003Box Score@Boston CelticsL6593-2813L 1
3Mon, Feb 3, 2003Box ScoreBoston CelticsW10396+712W 1
2Wed, Jan 8, 2003Box ScoreBoston CelticsL8393-1002L 2
1Sun, Dec 1, 2002Box Score@Boston CelticsL8695-901L 1
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