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Full regular season and playoff game logs (all stats) available for the 1983-84 through 2018-19 seasons (exceptions noted below).
Partial regular season and playoff game logs (FG, FT, FTA, and PTS) available for the 1946-47 through 1982-83 seasons. (Data coverage summary)

The following missing fields are noted exceptions
CHI @ UTA Nov 23, 1983    ORB     TOV BLK STL        FG3A    
GSW @ SDC Dec 02, 1983    ORB     TOV     STL        FG3A 
SAS @ LAL Jan 06, 1984    ORB     TOV BLK STL  
PHI @ ATL Feb 04, 1984            TOV     STL    
SDC @ CLE Feb 04, 1984    ORB     TOV BLK STL
PHO @ GSW Feb 04, 1984    ORB
MIL @ UTA Feb 04, 1984    ORB 
IND @ WSB Feb 04, 1984    ORB     TOV BLK STL        FG3A    
SAS @ SEA Mar 16, 1984                BLK STL
BOS @ NYK Mar 22, 1984                BLK 
UTA @ PHO May 10, 1984    ORB 
PHO @ GSW Oct 26, 1984    ORB
UTA @ GSW Nov 03, 1984            TOV     STL
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Query Results Table
Rk Player Pos From To Count
1Robert Parish*C19941997278
2Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C19871989213
3Kevin WillisF20032007178
4Vince CarterG20172019150
5Dikembe Mutombo*C20072009138
6John Stockton*G20022003103
7Manu GinobiliG2018201870
8Karl Malone*F2004200463
9Jason TerryG2018201854
10Clifford RobinsonF2007200747
11Kurt ThomasF2013201339
12James EdwardsC1996199632
13Charles JonesF1997199832
14John LongG1997199732
15Grant Hill*F2013201330
16Michael Jordan*G2003200330
17Herb WilliamsC1998199930
18Jason Kidd*G2013201326
19Dirk NowitzkiF2019201926
20Rick MahornC1999199921
Rk Player Pos From To Count
21Andre MillerG2016201611
22Steve Nash*G201420148
23Bob Cousy*G197019707
24Juwan HowardF201320137
25Charles OakleyF200420047
26Tim DuncanF201620166
27Danny SchayesC199919991
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