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Full regular season and playoff game logs (all stats) available for the 1983-84 through 2018-19 seasons (exceptions noted below).
Partial regular season and playoff game logs (FG, FT, FTA, and PTS) available for the 1946-47 through 1982-83 seasons. (Data coverage summary)

The following missing fields are noted exceptions
CHI @ UTA Nov 23, 1983    ORB TOV         FG3A    
PHI @ ATL Feb 04, 1984        TOV     STL    
MIL @ UTA Feb 04, 1984    ORB 
IND @ WSB Feb 04, 1984    ORB TOV BLK STL
SAS @ SEA Mar 16, 1984            BLK STL
BOS @ NYK Mar 22, 1984            BLK 
UTA @ PHO May 10, 1984    ORB 
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In a single season, from 1946-47 to 2016-17, in the regular season, requiring Points >= 30 and Total Rebounds >= 10 and Assists >= 10, sorted by most games in season matching criteria

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Query Results Table
Rk Player Pos Season Count
1Oscar Robertson*G1961-6224
2Russell WestbrookG2016-1723
3Oscar Robertson*G1963-6418
4Oscar Robertson*G1960-6117
5Oscar Robertson*G1964-6514
6Oscar Robertson*G1962-6312
7James HardenG2016-1711
8Michael Jordan*G1988-8910
9Oscar Robertson*G1966-677
10Russell WestbrookG2014-157
11Wilt Chamberlain*C1965-666
12Oscar Robertson*G1965-666
13Wilt Chamberlain*C1967-685
14LeBron JamesF2007-085
15Magic Johnson*G1988-895
16Larry Bird*F1985-864
17Wilt Chamberlain*C1963-644
18Wilt Chamberlain*C1966-674
19Richie Guerin*G1961-624
20John Havlicek*F1970-714
Rk Player Pos Season Count
21LeBron JamesF2005-064
22Pete Maravich*G1974-754
23Elgin Baylor*F1968-693
24Larry Bird*F1984-853
25Grant Hill*F1996-973
26LeBron JamesF2016-173
27LeBron JamesF2008-093
28Magic Johnson*G1986-873
29Oscar Robertson*G1968-693
30Oscar Robertson*G1967-683
31Jerry West*G1961-623
32Lenny Wilkens*G1968-693
33Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C1972-732
34Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C1973-742
35Charles Barkley*F1986-872
36Charles Barkley*F1988-892
37Elgin Baylor*F1962-632
38Larry Bird*F1983-842
39Larry Bird*F1982-832
40Larry Bird*F1989-902
Rk Player Pos Season Count
41Larry Bird*F1986-872
42Kobe BryantG2002-032
43Wilt Chamberlain*C1962-632
44Bob Cousy*G1954-552
45Clyde Drexler*G1990-912
46Kevin DurantF2013-142
47Alex English*F1981-822
48Michael FinleyG1999-002
49Blake GriffinF2010-112
50James HardenG2014-152
51James HardenG2015-162
52John Havlicek*F1969-702
53LeBron JamesF2009-102
54Magic Johnson*G1980-812
55Magic Johnson*G1990-912
56Magic Johnson*G1983-842
57Magic Johnson*G1989-902
58Michael Jordan*G1984-852
59Jason Kidd*G2001-022
60Chris PaulG2008-092
Rk Player Pos Season Count
61Oscar Robertson*G1969-702
62David Robinson*C1993-942
63Antoine WalkerF2001-022
64Russell WestbrookG2010-112
65Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C1971-721
66Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C1974-751
67Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C1975-761
68Alvan AdamsC1982-831
69Alvan AdamsC1976-771
70Alvan AdamsC1984-851
71Michael AdamsG1990-911
72Mark AguirreF1982-831
73Kenny AndersonG1993-941
74Nick AndersonF1991-921
75Carmelo AnthonyF2006-071
76Carmelo AnthonyF2011-121
77Rick Barry*F1974-751
78Elgin Baylor*F1958-591
79Elgin Baylor*F1967-681
80Elgin Baylor*F1961-621
Rk Player Pos Season Count
81Elgin Baylor*F1960-611
82Dave Bing*G1968-691
83Larry Bird*F1987-881
84Larry Bird*F1991-921
85Kobe BryantG2010-111
86Kobe BryantG2014-151
87Kobe BryantG2004-051
88Vince CarterG1999-001
89Vince CarterG2006-071
90Sam CassellG2002-031
91Derrick ColemanF1992-931
92Derrick ColemanF1993-941
93Dave Cowens*C1977-781
94Terry CummingsF1986-871
95Billy Cunningham*F1970-711
96Stephen CurryG2013-141
97Stephen CurryG2015-161
98Stephen CurryG2009-101
99Adrian Dantley*F1981-821
100Brad DaughertyC1991-921

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