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Player Game Finder

Full regular season and playoff game logs (all stats) available for the 1983-84 through 2019-20 seasons (exceptions noted below).
Partial regular season and playoff game logs (FG, FT, FTA, and PTS) available for the 1946-47 through 1982-83 seasons. (Data coverage summary)

The following missing fields are noted exceptions
PHI @ ATL Feb 04, 1984      TOV     STL    
MIL @ UTA Feb 04, 1984  ORB 
IND @ WSB Feb 04, 1984  ORB TOV BLK STL
SAS @ SEA Mar 16, 1984          BLK STL
UTA @ PHO May 10, 1984  ORB 
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In a single season, from 1947 to 2020, in the playoffs, requiring Points >= 30, sorted by most games in season matching criteria

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* Available 1983-84 to present.

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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Player Pos Season Count
1Michael Jordan*G1991-9216
2Hakeem Olajuwon*C1994-9516
3Kobe BryantG2008-0915
4Kobe BryantG2009-1014
5Allen Iverson*G2000-0114
6LeBron JamesF2016-1714
7Michael Jordan*G1997-9814
8Kawhi LeonardF2018-1914
9LeBron JamesF2011-1213
10Michael Jordan*G1988-8913
11Michael Jordan*G1992-9313
12Shaquille O'Neal*C1999-0013
13Elgin Baylor*F1961-6212
14Kobe BryantG2007-0812
15LeBron JamesF2014-1512
16LeBron JamesF2017-1812
17Michael Jordan*G1989-9012
18Jerry West*G1965-6612
19Jerry West*G1969-7012
20Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C1979-8011
Rk Player Pos Season Count
21Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C1973-7411
22Rick Barry*F1966-6711
23Larry Bird*F1986-8711
24Kevin DurantF2013-1411
25Amar'e StoudemireF2004-0511
26Dwyane WadeG2005-0611
27Elgin Baylor*F1960-6110
28Stephen CurryG2018-1910
29Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C1969-709
30Elgin Baylor*F1962-639
31Kobe BryantG2002-039
32Wilt Chamberlain*C1961-629
33Wilt Chamberlain*C1963-649
34Stephen CurryG2014-159
35Kevin DurantF2011-129
36Kevin DurantF2016-179
37LeBron JamesF2008-099
38Karl Malone*F1991-929
39Shaquille O'Neal*C1997-989
40Hakeem Olajuwon*C1993-949
Rk Player Pos Season Count
41Bob Pettit*F1962-639
42Jerry West*G1964-659
43Jerry West*G1967-689
44Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C1976-778
45Charles Barkley*F1992-938
46Rick Barry*F1974-758
47Wilt Chamberlain*C1964-658
48Hal Greer*G1966-678
49James HardenG2017-188
50LeBron JamesF2005-068
51LeBron JamesF2012-138
52Michael Jordan*G1996-978
53Michael Jordan*G1990-918
54Bernard King*F1983-848
55Moses Malone*C1980-818
56George Mikan*C1949-508
57Dirk NowitzkiF2005-068
58Shaquille O'Neal*C2001-028
59Hakeem Olajuwon*C1985-868
60Jerry West*G1968-698
Rk Player Pos Season Count
61Carmelo AnthonyF2008-097
62Elgin Baylor*F1958-597
63Larry Bird*F1983-847
64Kobe BryantG2011-127
65Kobe BryantG2001-027
66Stephen CurryG2016-177
67Adrian Dantley*F1983-847
68Clyde Drexler*G1991-927
69Kevin DurantF2017-187
70Kevin DurantF2018-197
71Kevin DurantF2010-117
72Alex English*F1984-857
73Julius Erving*F1976-777
74James HardenG2018-197
75LeBron JamesF2007-087
76LeBron JamesF2013-147
77Michael Jordan*G1995-967
78Karl Malone*F1993-947
79Bob McAdoo*C1974-757
80Shaquille O'Neal*C2000-017
Rk Player Pos Season Count
81Bob Pettit*F1956-577
82Oscar Robertson*G1963-647
83Dwyane WadeG2004-057
84Jerry West*G1961-627
85Gus WilliamsG1978-797
86Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C1982-836
87Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*C1983-846
88Elgin Baylor*F1959-606
89Larry Bird*F1984-856
90Larry Bird*F1985-866
91Kobe BryantG2000-016
92Kobe BryantG2003-046
93Stephen CurryG2015-166
94Tim DuncanF2002-036
95Kevin DurantF2015-166
96Dale EllisG1986-876
97George Gervin*G1978-796
98James HardenG2016-176
99John Havlicek*F1973-746
100Kyrie IrvingG2015-166

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