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Full regular season and playoff game logs (all stats) available for the 1983-84 through 2018-19 seasons (exceptions noted below).
Partial regular season and playoff game logs (FG, FT, FTA, and PTS) available for the 1946-47 through 1982-83 seasons. (Data coverage summary)

The following missing fields are noted exceptions
CHI @ UTA Nov 23, 1983    ORB TOV         FG3A    
PHI @ ATL Feb 04, 1984        TOV     STL    
MIL @ UTA Feb 04, 1984    ORB 
IND @ WSB Feb 04, 1984    ORB TOV BLK STL
SAS @ SEA Mar 16, 1984            BLK STL
BOS @ NYK Mar 22, 1984            BLK 
UTA @ PHO May 10, 1984    ORB 
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In a single game, from 1964 to 2018, in the playoffs, round is Finals, requiring Points >= 25 and Assists >= 10 and Total Rebounds >= 9, sorted by descending Points

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Rk Player Age Pos Date Tm   Opp   GS MP FG FGA FG% 2P 2PA 2P% 3P 3PA 3P% FT FTA FT% ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS GmSc
1Jerry West30-342G1969-05-05LALBOSL481429.4831429.4831418.7781312242
2LeBron James30-166F-G2015-06-14CLE@GSWL1451534.4411226.46238.37579.778113141110254030.7
3LeBron James30-159F-G2015-06-07CLE@GSWW1501135.314829.27636.5001418.778412161111333928.9
4James Worthy27-115F1988-06-21LALDETW1441522.6821522.68200610.600511161020523635.0
5LeBron James33-158F-G2018-06-06CLEGSWL1471328.4641222.54516.16767.85737101122423328.7
6James Worthy26-095F1987-06-02LALBOSW1401623.6961621.76202.00014.2504591020313332.0
7Charles Barkley30-116F1993-06-16PHO@CHIL1461019.5261017.58802.0001215.80039121031113235.6
8Stephen Curry29-082G2017-06-04GSWCLEW136717.41236.500411.36414141.00028101110833226.2
9LeBron James28-170F-G2013-06-18MIASASW1501126.4231021.47615.200912.75046101131633225.8
10LeBron James32-161F-G2017-06-09CLEGSWW1411122.500814.57138.375610.60019101110223127.7
11Larry Bird29-183F1986-06-08BOSHOUW146817.471614.42923.6671112.91729111230232932.2
12LeBron James33-155F-G2018-06-03CLE@GSWL1441020.500816.50024.50079.7781891320522926.6
13LeBron James32-156F-G2017-06-04CLE@GSWL1391218.6671115.73313.33345.800011111431422932.8
14LeBron James31-172F-G2016-06-19CLE@GSWW147924.375819.42115.200810.800110111123512723.1
15LeBron James27-174F-G2012-06-21MIAOKCW144919.474916.56303.00089.88947111312622625.5
16LeBron James27-172F-G2012-06-19MIAOKCW1441020.500916.56314.25058.6253691220322625.3
17Larry Bird29-176F1986-06-01BOS@HOUL1451026.3851023.43503.000551.000411151140352523.6
18Dave Cowens27-211C-F1976-05-23BOSPHOW1481120.5501120.55034.750318211010325
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