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Top Performers
Year Lg Champion Runner-Up Finals MVP Points Rebounds Assists Win Shares
2019NBAToronto RaptorsGolden State WarriorsK. LeonardK. Leonard (732)D. Green (223)D. Green (187)K. Leonard (4.9)
2018NBAGolden State WarriorsCleveland CavaliersK. DurantL. James (748)D. Green (222)L. James (198)L. James (5.2)
2017NBAGolden State WarriorsCleveland CavaliersK. DurantL. James (591)K. Love (191)L. James (141)L. James (4.3)
2016NBACleveland CavaliersGolden State WarriorsL. JamesK. Thompson (582)D. Green (228)R. Westbrook (198)L. James (4.7)
2015NBAGolden State WarriorsCleveland CavaliersA. IguodalaL. James (601)D. Howard (238)L. James (169)S. Curry (3.9)
2014NBASan Antonio SpursMiami HeatK. LeonardK. Durant (563)T. Duncan (211)R. Westbrook (153)L. James (4.3)
2013NBAMiami HeatSan Antonio SpursL. JamesL. James (596)T. Duncan (214)L. James (152)L. James (5.2)
2012NBAMiami HeatOklahoma City ThunderL. JamesL. James (697)L. James (224)R. Rondo (227)L. James (5.8)
2011NBADallas MavericksMiami HeatD. NowitzkiD. Nowitzki (582)T. Chandler (193)J. Kidd (153)L. James (3.8)
2010NBALos Angeles LakersBoston CelticsK. BryantK. Bryant (671)P. Gasol (255)R. Rondo (223)P. Gasol (4.3)
2009NBALos Angeles LakersOrlando MagicK. BryantK. Bryant (695)D. Howard (353)R. Rondo (137)L. James (4.8)
2008NBABoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersP. PierceK. Bryant (633)K. Garnett (274)R. Rondo (172)K. Garnett (4.1)
2007NBASan Antonio SpursCleveland CavaliersT. ParkerL. James (501)T. Duncan (229)L. James (159)L. James (3.7)
2006NBAMiami HeatDallas MavericksD. WadeD. Wade (654)D. Nowitzki (268)S. Nash (204)D. Nowitzki (5.4)
2005NBASan Antonio SpursDetroit PistonsT. DuncanT. Duncan (542)T. Duncan (286)S. Nash (170)C. Billups (4.6)
2004NBADetroit PistonsLos Angeles LakersC. BillupsK. Bryant (539)B. Wallace (328)C. Billups (136)S. O'Neal (3.9)
2003NBASan Antonio SpursNew Jersey NetsT. DuncanT. Duncan (593)T. Duncan (369)J. Kidd (163)T. Duncan (5.9)
2002NBALos Angeles LakersNew Jersey NetsS. O'NealS. O'Neal (541)S. O'Neal (239)J. Kidd (182)S. O'Neal (3.8)
2001NBALos Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ersS. O'NealA. Iverson (723)D. Mutombo (316)A. Iverson (134)K. Bryant (3.8)
2000NBALos Angeles LakersIndiana PacersS. O'NealS. O'Neal (707)S. O'Neal (355)M. Jackson (178)S. O'Neal (4.7)
1999NBASan Antonio SpursNew York KnicksT. DuncanL. Sprewell (407)T. Duncan (195)A. Johnson (126)T. Duncan (3.7)
1998NBAChicago BullsUtah JazzM. JordanM. Jordan (680)D. Rodman (248)J. Stockton (155)M. Jordan (4.8)
1997NBAChicago BullsUtah JazzM. JordanM. Jordan (590)K. Malone (228)J. Stockton (191)M. Jordan (3.9)
1996NBAChicago BullsSeattle SuperSonicsM. JordanM. Jordan (552)D. Rodman (247)J. Stockton (195)M. Jordan (4.7)
1995NBAHouston RocketsOrlando MagicH. OlajuwonH. Olajuwon (725)S. O'Neal (250)A. Hardaway (162)S. O'Neal (3.0)
1994NBAHouston RocketsNew York KnicksH. OlajuwonH. Olajuwon (664)P. Ewing (293)J. Stockton (157)H. Olajuwon (4.3)
1993NBAChicago BullsPhoenix SunsM. JordanM. Jordan (666)C. Barkley (326)K. Johnson (182)C. Barkley (4.6)
1992NBAChicago BullsPortland Trail BlazersM. JordanM. Jordan (759)H. Grant (194)J. Stockton (217)M. Jordan (4.1)
1991NBAChicago BullsLos Angeles LakersM. JordanM. Jordan (529)D. Rodman (177)M. Johnson (240)M. Jordan (4.8)
1990NBADetroit PistonsPortland Trail BlazersI. ThomasM. Jordan (587)B. Laimbeer (211)K. Johnson (170)M. Jordan (4.0)
1989NBADetroit PistonsLos Angeles LakersJ. DumarsM. Jordan (591)D. Rodman (170)M. Johnson (165)M. Jordan (4.0)
1988NBALos Angeles LakersDetroit PistonsJ. WorthyJ. Worthy (506)B. Laimbeer (221)M. Johnson (303)M. Johnson (4.0)
1987NBALos Angeles LakersBoston CelticsM. JohnsonL. Bird (622)L. Bird (231)M. Johnson (219)M. Johnson (3.7)
1986NBABoston CelticsHouston RocketsL. BirdH. Olajuwon (537)H. Olajuwon (236)M. Johnson (211)L. Bird (4.2)
1985NBALos Angeles LakersBoston CelticsK. Abdul-JabbarL. Bird (520)R. Parish (219)M. Johnson (289)M. Johnson (3.0)
1984NBABoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersL. BirdL. Bird (632)L. Bird (252)M. Johnson (284)L. Bird (4.7)
1983NBAPhiladelphia 76ersLos Angeles LakersM. MaloneK. Abdul-Jabbar (406)M. Malone (206)M. Johnson (192)M. Malone (2.8)
1982NBALos Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ersM. JohnsonJ. Erving (461)C. Jones (189)M. Cheeks (172)J. Erving (3.0)
1981NBABoston CelticsHouston RocketsC. MaxwellM. Malone (562)M. Malone (305)M. Cheeks (116)M. Malone (3.5)
1980NBALos Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ersM. JohnsonK. Abdul-Jabbar (479)C. Jones (185)M. Johnson (151)K. Abdul-Jabbar (3.3)
1979NBASeattle SuperSonicsWashington BulletsD. JohnsonG. Williams (454)E. Hayes (266)T. Henderson (107)G. Williams (2.7)
1978NBAWashington BulletsSeattle SuperSonicsW. UnseldE. Hayes (457)M. Webster (289)T. Henderson (106)E. Hayes (3.1)
1977NBAPortland Trail BlazersPhiladelphia 76ersB. WaltonJ. Erving (518)B. Walton (288)B. Walton (104)J. Erving (3.4)
1976NBABoston CelticsPhoenix SunsJ. WhiteJ. White (408)D. Cowens (296)A. Adams (98)D. Cowens (2.7)
1976ABANew York NetsDenver NuggetsJ. Erving (451)J. Erving (164)L. Dampier (77)J. Erving (3.7)
1975NBAGolden State WarriorsWashington BulletsR. BarryR. Barry (479)W. Unseld (276)K. Porter (124)R. Barry (3.1)
1975ABAKentucky ColonelsIndiana PacersG. McGinnis (581)G. McGinnis (286)G. McGinnis (148)A. Gilmore (3.0)
1974NBABoston CelticsMilwaukee BucksJ. HavlicekK. Abdul-Jabbar (515)K. Abdul-Jabbar (253)O. Robertson (149)K. Abdul-Jabbar (4.7)
1974ABANew York NetsUtah StarsW. Wise (420)G. Govan (246)R. Boone (109)J. Erving (3.0)
1973NBANew York KnicksLos Angeles LakersW. ReedJ. West (401)W. Chamberlain (383)J. West (132)W. Frazier (3.0)
1973ABAIndiana PacersKentucky ColonelsD. Issel (521)A. Gilmore (260)F. Lewis (91)D. Issel (3.6)
1972NBALos Angeles LakersNew York KnicksW. ChamberlainW. Frazier (388)W. Chamberlain (315)J. West (134)W. Frazier (3.3)
1972ABAIndiana PacersNew York NetsR. Barry (554)M. Daniels (302)F. Lewis (87)J. Erving (2.8)
1971NBAMilwaukee BucksBaltimore BulletsK. Abdul-JabbarE. Monroe (397)W. Unseld (339)O. Robertson (124)K. Abdul-Jabbar (3.3)
1971ABAUtah StarsKentucky ColonelsD. Issel (534)Z. Beaty (263)L. Dampier (179)D. Issel (3.3)
1970NBANew York KnicksLos Angeles LakersW. ReedJ. West (562)W. Chamberlain (399)W. Frazier (156)J. West (3.2)
1970ABAIndiana PacersLos Angeles StarsS. Haywood (440)M. Daniels (265)M. Calvin (101)R. Brown (3.5)
1969NBABoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersJ. WestJ. West (556)W. Chamberlain (444)J. West (135)J. West (4.3)
1969ABAOakland OaksIndiana PacersW. Jabali (460)M. Daniels (237)L. Brown (87)R. Brown (3.4)
1968NBABoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersJ. Havlicek (493)B. Russell (434)J. Havlicek (142)J. West (3.6)
1968ABAPittsburgh PipersNew Orleans BuccaneersC. Hawkins (419)T. Washington (261)L. Brown (129)C. Hawkins (4.0)
1967NBAPhiladelphia 76ersSan Francisco WarriorsR. Barry (521)W. Chamberlain (437)W. Chamberlain (135)W. Chamberlain (3.8)
1966NBABoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersJ. West (479)B. Russell (428)B. Russell (85)B. Russell (3.2)
1965NBABoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersJ. West (447)B. Russell (302)B. Russell (76)B. Russell (3.3)
1964NBABoston CelticsSan Francisco WarriorsW. Chamberlain (416)W. Chamberlain (302)G. Rodgers (90)W. Chamberlain (3.8)
1963NBABoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersE. Baylor (424)B. Russell (326)B. Cousy (116)B. Russell (2.5)
1962NBABoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersE. Baylor (502)B. Russell (370)B. Cousy (123)B. Russell (3.6)
1961NBABoston CelticsSt. Louis HawksE. Baylor (457)B. Russell (299)B. Cousy (91)E. Baylor (2.8)
1960NBABoston CelticsSt. Louis HawksB. Pettit (365)B. Russell (336)B. Cousy (116)B. Russell (3.0)
1959NBABoston CelticsMinneapolis LakersE. Baylor (331)B. Russell (305)B. Cousy (119)F. Ramsey (2.0)
1958NBASt. Louis HawksBoston CelticsC. Hagan (305)B. Russell (221)B. Cousy (82)C. Hagan (2.7)
1957NBABoston CelticsSt. Louis HawksB. Pettit (298)B. Russell (244)B. Cousy (93)B. Pettit (1.7)
1956NBAPhiladelphia WarriorsFort Wayne PistonsP. Arizin (289)N. Johnston (143)G. King (60)P. Arizin (2.2)
1955NBASyracuse NationalsFort Wayne PistonsD. Schayes (209)D. Schayes (141)A. Phillip (78)D. Schayes (1.8)
1954NBAMinneapolis LakersSyracuse NationalsG. Mikan (252)G. Mikan (171)S. Martin (60)G. Mikan (3.5)
1953NBAMinneapolis LakersNew York KnicksG. Mikan (238)G. Mikan (185)D. McGuire (70)G. Mikan (2.0)
1952NBAMinneapolis LakersNew York KnicksG. Mikan (307)G. Mikan (207)D. McGuire (90)G. Mikan (2.4)
1951NBARochester RoyalsNew York KnicksA. Risen (273)A. Risen (196)D. McGuire (78)B. Wanzer (2.7)
1950NBAMinneapolis LakersSyracuse NationalsG. Mikan (376)J. Pollard (56)G. Mikan (3.7)
1949BAAMinneapolis LakersWashington CapitolsG. Mikan (303)J. Pollard (39)G. Mikan (4.2)
1948BAABaltimore BulletsPhiladelphia WarriorsJ. Fulks (282)H. Dallmar (37)C. Simmons (2.5)
1947BAAPhiladelphia WarriorsChicago StagsJ. Fulks (222)H. Dallmar (16)J. Fulks (2.3)