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Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Fri, Oct 15, 1965Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksL10011101L 1
2Sat, Oct 16, 1965Box Score@Boston CelticsL9810202L 2
3Sun, Oct 17, 1965Box ScoreBaltimore BulletsW14412412W 1
4Tue, Oct 19, 1965Box ScoreSan Francisco WarriorsL9910013L 1
5Thu, Oct 28, 1965Box ScoreBoston CelticsW11310823W 1
6Fri, Oct 29, 1965Box Score@Baltimore BulletsW13112133W 2
7Sat, Oct 30, 1965Box Score@Philadelphia 76ersL11413434L 1
8Sun, Oct 31, 1965Box ScoreDetroit PistonsW11310744W 1
9Wed, Nov 3, 1965Box ScoreSan Francisco WarriorsW12210854W 2
10Fri, Nov 5, 1965Box Score@Detroit PistonsW12011464W 3
11Sat, Nov 6, 1965Box Score@New York KnicksW11410374W 4
12Wed, Nov 10, 1965Box ScoreNew York KnicksW12411984W 5
13Sat, Nov 13, 1965Box ScoreBaltimore BulletsW13513294W 6
14Wed, Nov 17, 1965Box ScorePhiladelphia 76ersW131115104W 7
15Fri, Nov 19, 1965Box Score@Boston CelticsL103129105L 1
16Sun, Nov 21, 1965Box ScoreNBaltimore BulletsW120114115W 1at Indianapolis, IN
17Tue, Nov 23, 1965Box ScoreNDetroit PistonsL115118116L 1at New York, NY
18Wed, Nov 24, 1965Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksW112108126W 1
19Fri, Nov 26, 1965Box ScoreNew York KnicksW117113136W 2
20Sat, Nov 27, 1965Box Score@New York KnicksW132129146W 3
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Tue, Nov 30, 1965Box ScoreLos Angeles LakersW126120156W 4
22Wed, Dec 1, 1965Box Score@Los Angeles LakersL105121157L 1
23Thu, Dec 2, 1965Box ScoreNSan Francisco WarriorsL119125158L 2at Oakland, CA
24Fri, Dec 3, 1965Box Score@Los Angeles LakersW122118168W 1
25Sun, Dec 5, 1965Box ScoreBoston CelticsW10899178W 2
26Thu, Dec 9, 1965Box ScoreNSan Francisco WarriorsL109110179L 1at Dayton, OH
27Fri, Dec 10, 1965Box ScoreLos Angeles LakersL1101291710L 2
28Sat, Dec 11, 1965Box ScoreNPhiladelphia 76ersLOT1321351711L 3at Syracuse, NY
29Tue, Dec 14, 1965Box ScorePhiladelphia 76ersW1121091811W 1
30Wed, Dec 15, 1965Box Score@Boston CelticsW1171101911W 2
31Sat, Dec 18, 1965Box Score@New York KnicksL1141221912L 1
32Wed, Dec 22, 1965Box Score@Baltimore BulletsLOT1271291913L 2
33Sat, Dec 25, 1965Box ScoreSan Francisco WarriorsW1191132013W 1
34Sun, Dec 26, 1965Box Score@St. Louis HawksW1171152113W 2
35Mon, Dec 27, 1965Box ScoreNew York KnicksW1381162213W 3
36Wed, Dec 29, 1965Box ScoreLos Angeles LakersW1111092313W 4
37Sat, Jan 1, 1966Box Score@New York KnicksL1221472314L 1
38Sun, Jan 2, 1966Box ScoreBaltimore BulletsW1381072414W 1
39Mon, Jan 3, 1966Box ScoreNSt. Louis HawksW1301142514W 2at Memphis, TN
40Wed, Jan 5, 1966Box ScoreNDetroit PistonsW1171032614W 3at Dayton, OH
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Thu, Jan 6, 1966Box ScoreNDetroit PistonsW109972714W 4at Toledo, OH
42Sat, Jan 8, 1966Box Score@Baltimore BulletsW1261152814W 5
43Thu, Jan 13, 1966Box ScoreNSt. Louis HawksW1071022914W 6at Indianapolis, IN
44Sun, Jan 16, 1966Box ScoreDetroit PistonsW1081063014W 7
45Tue, Jan 18, 1966Box ScoreLos Angeles LakersW1191083114W 8
46Fri, Jan 21, 1966Box Score@Boston CelticsL961133115L 1
47Mon, Jan 24, 1966Box ScoreNSan Francisco WarriorsW1351123215W 1at Muncie, IN
48Tue, Jan 25, 1966Box ScoreBoston CelticsW1131013315W 2
49Fri, Jan 28, 1966Box Score@Philadelphia 76ersL1031253316L 1
50Sat, Jan 29, 1966Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksW1161153416W 1
51Sun, Jan 30, 1966Box Score@St. Louis HawksL981153417L 1
52Tue, Feb 1, 1966Box Score@San Francisco WarriorsL1251273418L 2
53Wed, Feb 2, 1966Box Score@Los Angeles LakersL1181193419L 3
54Fri, Feb 4, 1966Box Score@Los Angeles LakersL1251323420L 4
55Sun, Feb 6, 1966Box ScoreNSan Francisco WarriorsW1171163520W 1at Phoenix, AZ
56Mon, Feb 7, 1966Box ScoreNDetroit PistonsL1181243521L 1at Indianapolis, IN
57Tue, Feb 8, 1966Box ScoreBaltimore BulletsW1281133621W 1
58Fri, Feb 11, 1966Box Score@Philadelphia 76ersL941133622L 1
59Sat, Feb 12, 1966Box ScoreDetroit PistonsW1431163722W 1
60Sun, Feb 13, 1966Box Score@St. Louis HawksL1021043723L 1
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Tue, Feb 15, 1966Box ScoreBoston CelticsW1361233823W 1
62Fri, Feb 18, 1966Box Score@Baltimore BulletsL1141183824L 1
63Sat, Feb 19, 1966Box Score@New York KnicksL1131243825L 2
64Sun, Feb 20, 1966Box Score@Detroit PistonsW1331293925W 1
65Mon, Feb 21, 1966Box ScoreNPhiladelphia 76ersW1131074025W 2at Dayton, OH
66Wed, Feb 23, 1966Box Score@Los Angeles LakersL1331404026L 1
67Fri, Feb 25, 1966Box Score@San Francisco WarriorsL1191254027L 2
68Sat, Feb 26, 1966Box Score@San Francisco WarriorsW1121034127W 1
69Tue, Mar 1, 1966Box ScorePhiladelphia 76ersW1021004227W 2
70Fri, Mar 4, 1966Box ScorePhiladelphia 76ersL1031074228L 1
71Sat, Mar 5, 1966Box ScoreNew York KnicksWOT1491454328W 1
72Sun, Mar 6, 1966Box Score@Detroit PistonsW1371254428W 2
73Wed, Mar 9, 1966Box ScoreNLos Angeles LakersL1161194429L 1at Indianapolis, IN
74Thu, Mar 10, 1966Box ScoreBoston CelticsL1201244430L 2
75Sat, Mar 12, 1966Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksL1131144431L 3
76Sun, Mar 13, 1966Box Score@St. Louis HawksL1061154432L 4
77Tue, Mar 15, 1966Box ScoreNNew York KnicksW1251074532W 1at Dayton, OH
78Fri, Mar 18, 1966Box Score@Baltimore BulletsL1051254533L 1
79Sat, Mar 19, 1966Box Score@Philadelphia 76ersL1211274534L 2
80Sun, Mar 20, 1966Box Score@Boston CelticsL1041214535L 3


Playoffs Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Wed, Mar 23, 1966Box Score@Boston CelticsW10710310W 1
2Sat, Mar 26, 1966Box ScoreBoston CelticsL12513211L 1
3Sun, Mar 27, 1966Box Score@Boston CelticsW11310721W 1
4Wed, Mar 30, 1966Box ScoreBoston CelticsL10312022L 1
5Fri, Apr 1, 1966Box Score@Boston CelticsL10311223L 2
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