ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.

Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Sun, Oct 18, 1970Box Score@Indiana PacersL11313401L 1
2Wed, Oct 21, 1970Box Score@Denver RocketsL11513302L 2
3Fri, Oct 23, 1970Box ScoreIndiana PacersL11812203L 3at Dallas, TX
4Tue, Oct 27, 1970Box ScoreNew York NetsW1039913W 1at Fort Worth, TX
5Tue, Nov 3, 1970Box ScoreNMemphis ProsL11411614L 1at Sikeston, MO
6Thu, Nov 5, 1970Box Score@The FloridiansL11013015L 2
7Fri, Nov 6, 1970Box Score@Virginia SquiresL11211316L 3at Norfolk, VA
8Sat, Nov 7, 1970Box ScoreThe FloridiansW11110826W 1at Fort Worth, TX
9Mon, Nov 9, 1970Box Score@Memphis ProsL9110527L 1
10Tue, Nov 10, 1970Box Score@Utah StarsL12714628L 2
11Fri, Nov 13, 1970Box ScorePittsburgh CondorsLOT15015629L 3at Dallas, TX
12Sat, Nov 14, 1970Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL132149210L 4
13Sun, Nov 15, 1970Box Score@New York NetsL129144211L 5
14Thu, Nov 19, 1970Box Score@Utah StarsL115130212L 6
15Fri, Nov 20, 1970Box ScoreIndiana PacersW140126312W 1at Dallas, TX
16Sat, Nov 21, 1970Box Score@The FloridiansL132147313L 1
17Sun, Nov 22, 1970Box Score@Pittsburgh CondorsW139126413W 1
18Tue, Nov 24, 1970Box ScorePittsburgh CondorsL120123414L 1at Lubbock, TX
19Wed, Nov 25, 1970Box Score@Memphis ProsW113103514W 1
20Fri, Nov 27, 1970Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL121122515L 1at Dallas, TX
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Sat, Nov 28, 1970Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsW142119615W 1
22Sun, Nov 29, 1970Box Score@New York NetsL113129616L 1
23Fri, Dec 4, 1970Box ScoreDenver RocketsW141134716W 1at Dallas, TX
24Sat, Dec 5, 1970Box Score@Carolina CougarsW121117816W 2at Charlotte, NC
25Sun, Dec 6, 1970Box Score@Pittsburgh CondorsW129125916W 3
26Fri, Dec 11, 1970Box ScoreVirginia SquiresL136146917L 1at Dallas, TX
27Sat, Dec 12, 1970Box ScoreIndiana PacersL118124918L 2at Fort Worth, TX
28Sun, Dec 13, 1970Box Score@Carolina CougarsL118119919L 3at Greensboro, NC
29Tue, Dec 15, 1970Box Score@Memphis ProsLOT141146920L 4
30Fri, Dec 18, 1970Box ScoreUtah StarsL104123921L 5at Lubbock, TX
31Sat, Dec 19, 1970Box Score@Indiana PacersW1311171021W 1
32Sun, Dec 20, 1970Box Score@New York NetsW1181061121W 2
33Tue, Dec 22, 1970Box ScoreCarolina CougarsW1601321221W 3at Dallas, TX
34Fri, Dec 25, 1970Box Score@Virginia SquiresL1311451222L 1at Hampton, VA
35Sat, Dec 26, 1970Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL1221261223L 2
36Sun, Dec 27, 1970Box Score@Pittsburgh CondorsW1241161323W 1
37Tue, Dec 29, 1970Box ScoreVirginia SquiresL1201431324L 1at Fort Worth, TX
38Wed, Dec 30, 1970Box ScoreNMemphis ProsW1131041424W 1at Jackson, MS
39Sat, Jan 2, 1971Box Score@Utah StarsL1091341425L 1at Logan, UT
40Sun, Jan 3, 1971Box Score@Denver RocketsLOT1241291426L 2
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Tue, Jan 5, 1971Box ScorePittsburgh CondorsW1421331526W 1at Fort Worth, TX
42Thu, Jan 7, 1971Box Score@Utah StarsL1071141527L 1
43Fri, Jan 8, 1971Box ScoreDenver RocketsW1321261627W 1at Lubbock, TX
44Sat, Jan 9, 1971Box ScoreMemphis ProsL1121131628L 1
45Tue, Jan 12, 1971Box Score@Denver RocketsL1121201629L 2
46Fri, Jan 15, 1971Box ScoreUtah StarsW1251041729W 1at Dallas, TX
47Sat, Jan 16, 1971Box ScoreMemphis ProsLOT1121141730L 1at Fort Worth, TX
48Sun, Jan 17, 1971Box Score@Denver RocketsL1231291731L 2
49Tue, Jan 19, 1971Box ScoreDenver RocketsW1481271831W 1at Dallas, TX
50Tue, Jan 26, 1971Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL1221251832L 1at Dallas, TX
51Thu, Jan 28, 1971Box Score@Memphis ProsL991221833L 2
52Fri, Jan 29, 1971Box ScoreUtah StarsL1231281834L 3at Dallas, TX
53Sun, Jan 31, 1971Box ScoreThe FloridiansL92951835L 4
54Tue, Feb 2, 1971Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL1161221836L 5at Fort Worth, TX
55Wed, Feb 3, 1971Box Score@Denver RocketsW1271191936W 1
56Fri, Feb 5, 1971Box Score@Utah StarsL1171381937L 1
57Sun, Feb 7, 1971Box Score@The FloridiansL1091261938L 2
58Wed, Feb 10, 1971Box Score@Indiana PacersL1041151939L 3
59Fri, Feb 12, 1971Box ScoreThe FloridiansLOT1111141940L 4at Lubbock, TX
60Sat, Feb 13, 1971Box ScoreUtah StarsL1141211941L 5at Dallas, TX
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Mon, Feb 15, 1971Box Score@Indiana PacersW1191182041W 1
62Wed, Feb 17, 1971Box Score@Carolina CougarsL1111162042L 1at Charlotte, NC
63Fri, Feb 19, 1971Box ScoreUtah StarsL1141262043L 2at Fort Worth, TX
64Sat, Feb 20, 1971Box ScoreNew York NetsL1001202044L 3at Dallas, TX
65Wed, Feb 24, 1971Box ScoreIndiana PacersL1131172045L 4at Fort Worth, TX
66Fri, Feb 26, 1971Box ScoreDenver RocketsL1201422046L 5at Dallas, TX
67Sat, Feb 27, 1971Box ScoreMemphis ProsW1151132146W 1at Dallas, TX
68Sun, Feb 28, 1971Box ScoreUtah StarsL1231252147L 1at Dallas, TX
69Tue, Mar 2, 1971Box ScoreNew York NetsW1301272247W 1at Dallas, TX
70Fri, Mar 5, 1971Box ScoreDenver RocketsW3OT1581532347W 2at Dallas, TX
71Sat, Mar 6, 1971Box ScoreIndiana PacersL1121242348L 1at Dallas, TX
72Tue, Mar 9, 1971Box ScoreDenver RocketsL1271462349L 2at Fort Worth, TX
73Fri, Mar 12, 1971Box ScoreCarolina CougarsW1291202449W 1at Lubbock, TX
74Sat, Mar 13, 1971Box ScoreCarolina CougarsW1421222549W 2at Dallas, TX
75Sun, Mar 14, 1971Box ScoreMemphis ProsW1321232649W 3at Fort Worth, TX
76Wed, Mar 17, 1971Box Score@Indiana PacersL1091232650L 1at Anderson, IN
77Fri, Mar 19, 1971Box ScoreMemphis ProsW1281162750W 1at Dallas, TX
78Sun, Mar 21, 1971Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW1291152850W 2at Dallas, TX
79Thu, Mar 25, 1971Box Score@Utah StarsL1221382851L 1
80Fri, Mar 26, 1971Box ScoreIndiana PacersLOT1261272852L 2at Dallas, TX
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
81Sat, Mar 27, 1971Box Score@Denver RocketsL1181202853L 3at Fort Collins, CO
82Sun, Mar 28, 1971Box Score@Virginia SquiresL1311412854L 4at Norfolk, VA
83Tue, Mar 30, 1971Box ScoreMemphis ProsW99862954W 1at Dallas, TX
84Wed, Mar 31, 1971Box Score@Indiana PacersW1331293054W 2

ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.


Playoffs Table
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Thu, Apr 1, 1971Box ScoreDenver RocketsW11510910W 1Tiebreaker
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
2Fri, Apr 2, 1971Box Score@Utah StarsL11512511L 1
3Sat, Apr 3, 1971Box Score@Utah StarsL10713712L 2
4Sun, Apr 4, 1971Box ScoreUtah StarsL10111313L 3
5Tue, Apr 6, 1971Box ScoreUtah StarsL10712814L 4

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