Brooklyn Nets Historical Statistics and All-Time Top Leaders | 56 Seasons

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56 Seasons Table
Season Lg Team W L W/L% Finish SRS   Pace Rel Pace ORtg Rel ORtg DRtg Rel DRtg   Playoffs Coaches Top WS
2022-23NBABrooklyn Nets*4537.5494th of 51.0398.3-0.8115.00.2114.1-0.7Lost E. Conf. 1st Rnd.S. Nash (2-5), J. Vaughn (43-32)N. Claxton (9.2)
2021-22NBABrooklyn Nets*4438.5374th of 50.8299.00.8113.61.6112.80.8Lost E. Conf. 1st Rnd.S. Nash (44-38)K. Durant (8.4)
2020-21NBABrooklyn Nets*4824.6672nd of 54.2499.50.3118.36.0113.81.5Lost E. Conf. SemisS. Nash (48-24)K. Irving (7.4)
2019-20NBABrooklyn Nets*3537.4864th of 5-1.01101.41.1108.9-1.7109.5-1.1Lost E. Conf. 1st Rnd.K. Atkinson (28-34), J. Vaughn (7-3)J. Allen (8.2)
2018-19NBABrooklyn Nets*4240.5124th of 5-0.40100.80.8109.6-0.8109.7-0.7Lost E. Conf. 1st Rnd.K. Atkinson (42-40)J. Allen (7.6)
2017-18NBABrooklyn Nets2854.3415th of 5-3.6798.91.6106.9-1.7110.62.0K. Atkinson (28-54)S. Dinwiddie (5.7)
2016-17NBABrooklyn Nets2062.2445th of 5-6.74101.34.9104.1-4.7110.71.9K. Atkinson (20-62)B. Lopez (4.9)
2015-16NBABrooklyn Nets2161.2564th of 5-7.1295.2-0.6103.2-3.2110.94.5L. Hollins (10-27), T. Brown (11-34)B. Lopez (6.2)
2014-15NBABrooklyn Nets*3844.4633rd of 5-3.1392.7-1.2104.4-1.2107.41.8Lost E. Conf. 1st Rnd.L. Hollins (38-44)B. Lopez (7.0)
2013-14NBABrooklyn Nets*4438.5372nd of 5-1.5891.4-2.5106.70.0107.71.0Lost E. Conf. SemisJ. Kidd (44-38)D. Williams (5.4)
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