WNBA Rate Statistic Requirements

To qualify for minutes (MP) per game, points (PTS) per game, total rebounds (TRB) per game, assists (AST) per game, steals (STL) per game, or blocks (BLK) per game, the following minimums are required:

AST per game      20 G or 100 AST
BLK per game      20 G or 35 BLK
STL per game      20 G or 35 STL
MP per game       20 G or 500 MP
TRB per game      20 G or 200 TRB
PTS per game      20 G or 400 PTS

Career AST per game     500 STL
Career BLK per game     200 STL
Career STL per game     250 STL
Career MP per game      3000 MP
Career TRB per game     1000 TRB
Career PTS per game     2000 PTS

To qualify for field goal percentage (FG%), free throw percentage (FT%), two-point field goal percentage (2P%), three-point field goal percentage (3P%), two-point field percentage (2P%), true shooting percentage (TS%), or effective field goal percentage (eFG%), the following minimums are required:

FG PCT      85 FG
FT PCT      35 FT
FG3 PCT     20 FG3
FG2 PCT     65 FG2
TS PCT      (FGA + 0.44 * FTA) >= 125
eFG PCT     85 FG

Career FG PCT      400 FG
Career FT PCT      240 FT
Career FG3 PCT     50 FG3
Career FG2 PCT     350 FG2
Career TS PCT      (FGA + 0.44 * FTA) >= 1000
Career eFG PCT     400 FG

To qualify for Player Efficiency Rating (PER), offensive rebound percentage (ORB%), defensive rebound percentage (DRB%), total rebound percentage (TRB%), assist percentage (AST%), steal percentage (STL%), block percentage (BLK%), turnover percentage (TOV%), usage percentage (USG%), offensive rating (ORtg), defensive rating (DRtg), or Win Shares per 48 minutes (WS/48), the following minimums are required:

PER     375 MP
ORB%    375 MP
DRB%    375 MP
TRB%    375 MP
AST%    375 MP
STL%    375 MP
BLK%    375 MP
TOV%    375 MP
USG%    375 MP
ORtg    125 POSS
DRtg    375 MP
WS/48   375 MP