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Layups: 82games Debuts 2009-10 Stats

Posted by Neil Paine on November 9, 2009

In case you're a hoops fan that's been living under a rock these past 6 years, 82games is the web destination for NBA game-tracking data, including plus/minus, counterpart stats, and a variety of other incredible numbers that you can't find anywhere else. Today Roland Beech released the 2009-10 stats pages, so head over and just bask in the raw data. Bask in it!!

5 Responses to “Layups: 82games Debuts 2009-10 Stats”

  1. Ryan Says:



  2. Joe Schaller Says:


  3. Walter Says:

    Wow... Looks like the Ariza for Artest trade was a steal for the Lakers!

  4. Anon Says:

    I believe we already discussed the problem of raw +/- numbers and sample sizes in the Carmelo Anthony blog entry from last week.

    I don't think either Ariza or Artest have been really impressive so far for their respective squads.

  5. Anon Says:

    ^^^Unless of course, this is all tongue-in-cheek. In that case I'll play along :)

    That Melo is clearly one of the worst players in the NBA. Your team is 28.4 points better with you OFF the court??? Somebody BENCH HIM!!!!!!!!