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YouTube Finds: NBA H-O-R-S-E, 1978-style

Posted by Neil Paine on November 17, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days; Sports-Reference is having its annual company meeting, so I've been a little indisposed. That said, I thought I'd share these gems with you from the 1977-78 season:

(More after the jump...)

(Why Robert "Bubbles" Hawkins? I have no idea.)

5 Responses to “YouTube Finds: NBA H-O-R-S-E, 1978-style”

  1. P Middy Says:

    hot coach on coach action!!!

  2. Ben Says:

    I don't understand why they do the 3 point and slam dunk contest every year. I think they should introduce 1 on 1, and HORSE and rotate them with two being played every year. Both 1 on 1 and HORSE seem a little more interesting than the skills contest.

  3. thetruthsports Says:

    Love the intro music..!

  4. Иришка Says:

    Хороший материал. Жду новых статей.

  5. Brian Says:

    I can tell you now, I was on the edge of my seat when "Bubbles" Hawkins pulled within two letters of "Pete" Maravich with 20 seconds left on the tape .... N-O-T!!