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Layups: The Week in NBA Linkage

Posted by Neil Paine on April 22, 2011

A roundup of this week's links:

April 22, 2011

  • Revisiting tempo-rature in Milwaukee - Brewhoop’s Alex Boeder looks at the relationship between pace factor and the Milwaukee Bucks’ chances of winning. Link
  • Thoughts on Pacers, Heat and Mavs - Wayne Winston gives the +/- and impact ratings from recent games. Link
  • Jason Kidd, Dallas Mavericks’ Statistical Oddity - As Carl Bialik notes at the WSJ Daily Fix, Jason Kidd might be the poster child for using True Shooting % over raw FG%. Link
  • The Rise of Roy - At BBall Prospectus, Kevin Pelton writes about Brandon Roy’s vintage performance in Game 3. Link
  • Heat get offensive on the glass for big lead - ESPN’s Stats & Info dug up the statistical nuggets on Miami’s big offensive rebounding performance. Link
  • Comparing Bulls/Heat after 3-0 Starts - Hoopdata’s Jeff Fogle looks at the similarities and differences of Chicago and Miami’s 3-0 playoff starts. Link
  • Oklahoma City Has Stars, and Depth - Writing for the NY Times, Rob Mahoney highlights OKC’s supporting cast, who were efficient despite Denver taking away the team’s bread-and-butter isos and pick & rolls. Link
  • Bonus Baseball Link: Mets Get Little Bang for Their Bucks - At the NY Times, I reviewed the Mets’ perpetually bad marginal payroll-to-marginal wins ratio. Link

April 21, 2011

  • Mavs Win With Crawford Blowing the Whistle - At the WSJ Daily Fix, Carl Bialik notes that Crawford’s regular-season record reffing Dallas games is actually what we’d expect it to be. Link
  • Change of Style - BBall Prospectus’ Dan Feldman charts how the playoffs differ from the regular season. Link
  • Grizzlies make Spurs work for corner 3s - The Spurs love high-percentage corner 3-balls, but SI’s Point Forward shows how the Grizz are shutting that gameplan down. Link
  • Fancy stats on the airwaves - TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott once again takes to the airwaves to promote advanced stats. Link
  • Team Expected Scoring – Final Regular Season Numbers - Ian Levy of Hickory High applies his expected scoring metric to teams. Link
  • APBRmetrics Hacked - Awful news — someone has hacked the APBRmetrics message board. Any volunteers for the recovery effort? Link
  • Playoff RAPM Power Rankings - I apply plus-minus ratings to each team’s distribution of minutes in the playoffs. Link
  • Long And In The Gray - Ian Levy of The Two-Man Game examines 5-man units of note in the Dallas-Portland series. Link
  • Clyde & Tommy, An APBRmetrics Sci-Fi Tale (Part II) - Max Fisher-Cohen’s epic saga continues… Link
  • The Knicks’ One-Man Show -’s John Schuhmann has the StatsCube numbers on Carmelo Anthony. Link
  • The best-paid athletes from 182 countries - For an upcoming story in The Mag, ESPN researched each country’s highest-paid athlete. Link
April 20, 2011
  • With and Without Chauncey Billups - Carl Bialik of the WSJ Daily Fix looks at plus/minus data that says the Knicks can survive without their PG. Link
  • The NBA pivots on parity - Henry Abbott of TrueHoop compares the excitement of the 2011 playoffs to what we might get after the labor smoke clears. Link
  • The Best Often Play Like the Best in the NBA - Jared Diamond of the WSJ Daily Fix notes that unlike the upset-heavy NCAA Tourney, the best teams dominate the NBA Playoffs. Link
  • Sixers struggles against the zone - Derek Bodner of Liberty Ballers shows the differences between Philly's data vs. man-to-man and zone Ds. Link
  • Hawks’ Drew fouls up his use of Horford - Zach Lowe of SI's Point Forward compares Larry Drew's foul-trouble benching of Al Horford to the ideal strategy recommended by Sloan Conference number-crunchers.  Link
  • Free-Agent Big Man Watch - Raptors Republic breaks down the summer's best available bigs. Link
April 19, 2011
  • Were Amare, O’Neal Net Negatives? - Carl Bialik of the WSj Daily Fix looks at the various forms of NBA plus/minus. Link
  • Danny Crawford and the Mavs - I wonder whether there’s any way Dallas’ (at the time) 2-16 record in Crawford-reffed games happened due to chance. Link
  • Pacers Bulls Analysis - Mathletics’ Wayne Winston digs into the +/- and lineup data on the Chicago-Indiana series. Link
  • Some Comments on NBA Coaching - WoW’s Dave Berri reiterates that coaching doesn’t matter in the NBA. Link
  • StatsCube - A new data-mining tool from the NBA. Link
  • Where Did Chicago Go? - Hoopdata’s Jeff Fogle uses Chicago’s performance vs. the also-rans on its late-season slate to explain the Bulls’ squeakers vs. Indy. Link
  • Clyde & Tommy, An APBRmetrics Sci-Fi Tale (Part I) - Max Fisher-Cohen of takes you to an alternate universe where Heinsohn and Frazier are stat-savvy. Link
  • Just Giving it Away - Ian Levy of Hickory High has the data on just how much more the star players get fouled in the playoffs. Link
  • Spurs = French-Argentine Offensive Juggernaut - ElGee of Back Picks looks at his game-charted data on San Antonio this season. Link

April 18, 2011

  • Deconstructing the Spurs and Hornets Upset - Wayne Winston of Mathletics breaks down the +/- from Game 1. Link
  • Individual Expected Scoring – Final Regular Season Numbers - Ian Levy of Hickory High reveals his final expected scoring numbers. Link
  • Heat vs. Lakers in the NBA Finals? - John Hollinger gives his Finals prediction at ESPN. Link
  • Best Road Performances in Opening-Round Game 1s? - According to my research, last weekend may have contained the best opening-round Game 1s by road teams since 1984. Link
  • Playing the best lineup in the postseason -’s John Schuhmann looks at what lineups have been most effective for each playoff team. Link

4 Responses to “Layups: The Week in NBA Linkage”

  1. David Fauber Says:

    link to Playoff RAPM Power Rankings is broken (its missing the /blog/ )

  2. Neil Paine Says:

    Thanks, I'll fix that.

  3. Purple Monkey Dishwasher Says:

    If anybody is the poster boy for using TS% over FG%, it's got to be Chauncey Billups. He shoots 41.7% from the field for his career, but he's been in the top 10% in TS% MANY times (in fact, he's even led the league in ORTG and is normally top 10 in POffensive Win Shares). Nice to see an article on it though, especially since Kidd is one of my all time favourites.

  4. Greyberger Says:

    Purple Monkey Dishwasher is, of course, dead on about this. Chauncey has had the three best seasons in what's sometimes called 'secondary percentage', TS%-FG%, in the 3-pt era. Minimum 25mpg, 14% usage:

    Player, season, TS%, FG%, secondary%

    Billups, 2011, .617, .427, .190
    Billups, 2006, .602, .418, .184
    Billups, 2006, .601, .418, .183
    Gallinari, 2011, .597, .414, .183
    Kevin Martin, 2009, .601, .420, .181