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Most Dominant Playoff Tournament: Pools A & D, Round 3

Posted by Neil Paine on April 1, 2010

Results through Round 2
Now it's time for the 3rd round of the tournament, courtesy of WhatIfSports (click on series links for game-by-game box scores):

#4 '83 Sixers vs. #9 '05 Spurs
Game 1: 05SAS 115, 83PHI 99
Game 2: 05SAS 97, 83PHI 92
Game 3: 05SAS 90, 83PHI 73
Game 4: 83PHI 112, 05SAS 106
Game 5: 05SAS 106, 83PHI 99
(2005 Spurs Win Series 4-1)

#3 '85 Lakers vs. #7 '90 Pistons
Game 1: 85LAL 122, 90DET 110
Game 2: 85LAL 109, 90DET 99
Game 3: 85LAL 111, 90DET 106
Game 4: 85LAL 109, 90DET 100
(1985 Lakers Win Series 4-0)

#1 '91 Bulls vs. #5 '92 Bulls
Game 1: 92CHI 110, 91CHI 108
Game 2: 92CHI 108, 91CHI 93
Game 3: 92CHI 110, 91CHI 106
Game 4: 92CHI 116, 91CHI 109
(1992 Bulls Win Series 4-0)

#3 '09 Lakers vs. #10 '07 Spurs
Game 1: 09LAL 91, 07SAS 81
Game 2: 09LAL 97, 07SAS 94
Game 3: 09LAL 112, 07SAS 111
Game 4: 07SAS 108, 09LAL 101
Game 5: 09LAL 104, 07SAS 90
(2009 Lakers Win Series 4-1)

8 Responses to “Most Dominant Playoff Tournament: Pools A & D, Round 3”

  1. Radbradlee Says:

    No way the 1983 Sixers lose to San Antonio, period. Doc and Toney would be hitting all their outside shots. Malone would grab every missed shot and dish off to Cheeks for an easy assist. Ginobili would flop like a fish to no avail. That leaves Parker and Toney trying to force shots in the fourth quarter against a fresh off the bench Bobby Jones. It ain't happening. Blow up the computer if it said Spurs in 5.

  2. Radbradlee Says:

    Oops. I meant Parker and Duncan. Too much coffee

  3. Sherman Says:

    Not sure how you have Robert "Big Shot Rob" Horry being a virtual nonfactor against his former Laker teammates (I know Fish and Kobe are the only holdovers). Horry's clutch shooting would be good for at least a game all on his own, and I think Big 3 of Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker would force a Game 7. I'm okay with the Lakers winning the series because of the weapons they had and the defense they played, but it would be no walk in the park.

  4. Nick Says:

    Oh man.... '92 Bulls vs '09 LA

  5. Jason J Says:

    '92 Bulls with the clean sweep of the '91 Bulls... Not bad considering they didn't have home court advantage... Or did they?

  6. Travis Says:

    The '92 Bulls better sweep the '09 Lakers or this whole thing, which started out sounding like such a fun idea, is a waste of time.

  7. Travis Says:

    And btw, why did the '91 Jordan play so inferior to the '92 Jordan? Doesn't make much sense. I'm starting to wonder at that site's sim engine.

  8. Nick Says:

    Yeah, its funny how when both Bulls teams faced each other one team swept the other.