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Layups: 5 Bizarre Facebook Groups Devoted to Random 80s Players

Posted by Neil Paine on April 18, 2010

My buddy Brent sent me this link today, and I had to share it with the world: from Frumpzilla, 5 bizarre Facebook groups you, as a fan of trivial NBA history, should join just for the hell of it... In other words, Facebook "appreciation societies" devoted to Greg Kite, Larry Krystkowiak, Kevin Duckworth, Kurt Rambis, and Joe Wolf. And believe it or not, but according to the article there's actually a turf war brewing between Kite and Krystkowiak's groups! (That's right, backup big men from 25 years ago can still stir up deep emotions in their respective fan bases.)

Of course, those 5 aren't the only journeymen who deserve "preservation status" on a site like Facebook. Brent asked, "What groups would you propose be amended to this list? Those that you personally know of or would like to create?" Bill Wennington came to mind (the Greg Kite of his era?), but I think I'm going to open this one up to the readers... For which historical bench players would you create a social media group whose membership numbers are completely disproportionate to the player's talent level?

43 Responses to “Layups: 5 Bizarre Facebook Groups Devoted to Random 80s Players”

  1. Ricardo Says:

    TR Dunn, without question.

    But I have to check - maybe he started some.

  2. izzy Says:

    Mark Madsen immediately comes to mind. Brian Scalabrine obviously has a sort of cult following (he was even popular in NJ). Damon Jones became quite well known (even though he had one good season of starting in MIL).

  3. RobertAugustdeMeijer Says:

    Chuck Nevitt. I remember him getting an article in Sports Illustrated.

  4. Downpuppy Says:

    Luther Rackley.

    Not only an Original Cavalier, he was in The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh AND The Last Dinosaur PLUS he has a great name.

  5. dbm Says:

    Will Perdue or Chris Gatling.

  6. dbm Says:

    Never mind, they both probably started too much.

  7. Will Says:

    Adonal Foyle
    Chris Dudley
    Cherokee Parks, was on a sportscenter commercial back in the day -

  8. ScottR Says:

    Dave Corzine, Paul Mokeski and/or Randy Breuer and Popeye Jones

  9. Neil Paine Says:

    Great stuff! In fact, I think Simmons extoled the virtues of Mokeski in the Book of Basketball; I had a Mokeski card from the amazing Hoops '89 series, and it was always good for a laugh, with the goofy balding perm haircut & short shorts:

    Love Mokeski. Keep 'em coming, guys...

  10. Pageup Says:

    Dwayne Schintzius, but he may be too recent?

    I never forgot a comment someone made when at the end of his rather short career he signed a contract for a mil or two and they said "it makes you angry with your parents for not being taller"

  11. Ricardo Says:

    A more recent pick for me would be Eric Snow.

    He doesn't quite fit the profile of some of these other guys - Snow was kind of useful. But it seemed that any time he became the subject during a national game, the announcers gushed about was a professional, hardworking, no-nonsense guy he was, that humanity's very existence was justified because Eric Snow was a part of it.

    Tom Copa
    Earl Cureton
    Chris Dudley, sort of
    Brad Lohaus
    Tim McCormick
    David Wood

    I was going to say Jack Haley, but once he became somewhat famous for being one of those guys, he jumped the shark.

    And I checked - TR Dunn started a ton of games as it turned out. Bad memory on my part. Then again, I was 14 when the 80's were over so it's not like I was super aware at the time.

  12. Ciaran Says:

    Glad to see people are finding some enjoyment and inspiration from the article. Perhaps it's time to start some new "Preservation/Appreciation" societies on Facebook!

    Thanks for referencing Frumpzilla. Considering the amount of time I've spent on the [sport]-reference family of sites, not to mention the immeasurable amount of enjoyment and utility I've gleaned from them, I consider this an honor. Many thanks again for reading.

  13. Jason J Says:

    I gotta go with Ed Nealy. The man was built like a bomb shelter and had no discernible basketball skills aside from setting really vicious moving screens, yet he played for a decade on a few really good teams.

  14. Neil Paine Says:

    Nice. If I'm remembering The Jordan Rules correctly, Nealy was one of the only players on the 1990 Bulls that Jordan didn't despise... He hated Cartwright and Will "Vanderbilt", but he liked Ed Nealy because of those vicious screens.

  15. Johnny Says:

    Scott Hastings came to mind right away when I read this.

    Tree Rollins
    Mark West
    James Donaldson (although he was a one time all star, so was Duckworth twice)
    Jon Koncak
    Manute Bol

  16. Johnny Says:

    Just thought of a few more:

    Anthony Bowie (Called a timeout in the last minute of a blowout to get a triple double)
    Corie Blount
    Mario Elie
    Carl Herrera
    Wayne Cooper
    George Lynch
    James "Buddha" Edwards
    Zan Tabak
    Willie Burton

  17. Ian Says:

    Uwe. Blab.


  18. kampfy Says:

    Three kings of the ten day contract.

    Charles Jones
    Chucky Brown (although he did start 1995-96 season with Houston)
    Bob McCann

  19. Johnny Twisto Says:


    game over.

  20. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Oops, I didn't mean to bite your style, Ian. I got so excited about Eddie Lee I glossed right over your comment.

  21. Will Says:

    +1 on Uwe Blab.


    If we're going with the kings [pardon the sacramento/kansas city pun] of the 10 day contract, chucky brown definitely belongs, I'd also include in that list:

    Chucky Atkins [although he started all 82 games for 04-05 lakers..]
    Tony Massenburg (sp)
    Anthony Johnson
    Mike Wilks
    Mike 'the other' james

    PS - Do I earn bonus if I knew off the top of my head that Eddie Lee Wilkins went to Gardner-webb ?

    PS2- Is it just me, or do teams use less 10 day contracts less than they used to [in the mid-late 1990s]?

  22. Ian Says:

    Mr. Twisto, Uwe Blab would like you to know that his career 0.009 WS/48 minutes (including 2 of his 5 seasons earning negative win shares) laughs Eddie Lee Wilkins' 0.032 WS/48 minutes right out the door. RIGHT OUT THE DOOR!

    Neil, I too, get a laugh out of Paul Mokeski's 89 Hoops card. 89 Hoops cards were my first ever basketball cards, and I kind of worship them to this day. I still remember getting 3 packs of 15 random cards and just praying that Adrian Dantley would be one of them, and he was! That card stayed in my wallet unprotected for some 10 years before it basically disintegrated.

  23. Tanners Says:

    Absolutely, positively Felton Spencer. And Travis Knight's long hair.

  24. sp6r=underrated Says:

    Jim Jackson

    1. moved around an insane amount of time
    2. random 25ppg season
    3. last guy to have 24 in LA prior to Kobe
    4. Relationship with Toni Braxton, all time underrated hot female singer, caused 3J to break up.

  25. Steve Says:

    Mike Smrek
    the immortal Slavko Vranes
    and the wannabe . . .Frederic Weis

    +1 on Blab too

  26. Kaifa Says:

    Anthony "Pig" Miller
    Jack Haley (Rodman's mental stabilizer and the Bulls' human victory cigar)

  27. Jaceman Says:

    Chris Dudley, Greg Ostertag, Brian Shaw, Samaki Walker, Todd Fuller

  28. Ian Says:

    Neil, it would be great if you came up with a hypothetical season for a team consisting of these all-time greats!

  29. Luke Says:

    Zan Tabak!

  30. Ryan Says:

    All y'all are forgetting the master.

    Master Chef that is.

    Steve 'The Chef' Schefler.

    Over-enthusiastic cheerer from the sidelines, and a massive fan of protective padding on elbows and knees.

  31. Neil Paine Says:

    Neil, it would be great if you came up with a hypothetical season for a team consisting of these all-time greats!

    It seems like we have a real glut of big men right now (which is understandable -- the "Original 5" were all PFs or Cs)... Give me more perimeter players, and I'll create a whole fictional league consisting of nothing but these players, and use SPM or WS or something to simulate the results!

  32. Jeremy Says:

    Shout out to a couple of forgotten Sonics- Jim McIllvein and Robert Swift.

    Also, Matt Geiger.

  33. Neil Paine Says:

    I thought more on how the league should be set up: Each of the Original 5 players is the captain of his own team, with Mokeski being the 6th captain to even out the # of teams (Why? Because he's Mokeski, he doesn't need a reason). They fill out their roster according to the order in which players were mentioned in the comments -- so Mark Madsen would be the #1 overall pick, then Scalabrine, Damon Jones, etc. Draft order is according to a random draw. The draft ends when every team has 12 players: 2 point guards, 4 wings, 4 big men, and 2 "wild cards". Team strengths are determined by career WS/48. Each team plays a 30-game schedule (thanks to Home Teams Online for the scheduler:

    G# Home Team Away Team
    1 Special Ks Duckworth Ducks
    2 Kite's Flyers Rambos
    3 Team Mokeski Lone Wolfs
    4 Duckworth Ducks Rambos
    5 Lone Wolfs Kite's Flyers
    6 Special Ks Team Mokeski
    7 Rambos Special Ks
    8 Lone Wolfs Duckworth Ducks
    9 Team Mokeski Kite's Flyers
    10 Kite's Flyers Special Ks
    11 Duckworth Ducks Team Mokeski
    12 Rambos Lone Wolfs
    13 Duckworth Ducks Kite's Flyers
    14 Special Ks Lone Wolfs
    15 Team Mokeski Rambos
    16 Duckworth Ducks Special Ks
    17 Rambos Kite's Flyers
    18 Lone Wolfs Team Mokeski
    19 Rambos Duckworth Ducks
    20 Kite's Flyers Lone Wolfs
    21 Team Mokeski Special Ks
    22 Special Ks Rambos
    23 Duckworth Ducks Lone Wolfs
    24 Kite's Flyers Team Mokeski
    25 Special Ks Kite's Flyers
    26 Team Mokeski Duckworth Ducks
    27 Lone Wolfs Rambos
    28 Kite's Flyers Duckworth Ducks
    29 Lone Wolfs Special Ks
    30 Rambos Team Mokeski
    31 Special Ks Duckworth Ducks
    32 Kite's Flyers Rambos
    33 Team Mokeski Lone Wolfs
    34 Duckworth Ducks Rambos
    35 Lone Wolfs Kite's Flyers
    36 Special Ks Team Mokeski
    37 Rambos Special Ks
    38 Lone Wolfs Duckworth Ducks
    39 Team Mokeski Kite's Flyers
    40 Kite's Flyers Special Ks
    41 Duckworth Ducks Team Mokeski
    42 Rambos Lone Wolfs
    43 Duckworth Ducks Kite's Flyers
    44 Special Ks Lone Wolfs
    45 Team Mokeski Rambos
    46 Duckworth Ducks Special Ks
    47 Rambos Kite's Flyers
    48 Lone Wolfs Team Mokeski
    49 Rambos Duckworth Ducks
    50 Kite's Flyers Lone Wolfs
    51 Team Mokeski Special Ks
    52 Special Ks Rambos
    53 Duckworth Ducks Lone Wolfs
    54 Kite's Flyers Team Mokeski
    55 Special Ks Kite's Flyers
    56 Team Mokeski Duckworth Ducks
    57 Lone Wolfs Rambos
    58 Kite's Flyers Duckworth Ducks
    59 Lone Wolfs Special Ks
    60 Rambos Team Mokeski
    61 Special Ks Duckworth Ducks
    62 Kite's Flyers Rambos
    63 Team Mokeski Lone Wolfs
    64 Duckworth Ducks Rambos
    65 Lone Wolfs Kite's Flyers
    66 Special Ks Team Mokeski
    67 Rambos Special Ks
    68 Lone Wolfs Duckworth Ducks
    69 Team Mokeski Kite's Flyers
    70 Kite's Flyers Special Ks
    71 Duckworth Ducks Team Mokeski
    72 Rambos Lone Wolfs
    73 Duckworth Ducks Kite's Flyers
    74 Special Ks Lone Wolfs
    75 Team Mokeski Rambos
    76 Duckworth Ducks Special Ks
    77 Rambos Kite's Flyers
    78 Lone Wolfs Team Mokeski
    79 Rambos Duckworth Ducks
    80 Kite's Flyers Lone Wolfs
    81 Team Mokeski Special Ks
    82 Special Ks Rambos
    83 Duckworth Ducks Lone Wolfs
    84 Kite's Flyers Team Mokeski
    85 Special Ks Kite's Flyers
    86 Team Mokeski Duckworth Ducks
    87 Lone Wolfs Rambos
    88 Kite's Flyers Duckworth Ducks
    89 Lone Wolfs Special Ks
    90 Rambos Team Mokeski
  34. Neil Paine Says:

    Oh, and to be draft-eligible, players had to start less than half of their career games.

  35. Matt Beahan Says:

    Ken "The Animal" Bannister. "He had... things on his face" indeed.

  36. Jeff James Says:

    Jim Loscutoff was a, uh, "winner"

  37. Neil Paine Says:

    OK, here's the draft so far:

    Team -> Duckworth Ducks Kite's Flyers Rambos Team Mokeski Lone Wolfs Special Ks
    Round C Kevin Duckworth C Greg Kite PF Kurt Rambis C/PF Paul Mokeski C/PF Joe Wolf PF/C Larry Krystkowiak
    1 SG/SF T.R. Dunn PF/C Mark Madsen PF Brian Scalabrine PG Damon Jones C Chuck Nevitt C Luther Rackley
    2 C Dave Corzine C/PF Cherokee Parks C/PF Chris Dudley C Adonal Foyle PF/C Chris Gatling C Will Perdue
    3 C Randy Breuer PF Popeye Jones C Dwayne Schintzius PG Eric Snow C Tom Copa C/PF Earl Cureton
    4 PF/C Scott Hastings PF Ed Nealy PF/C Jack Haley PF David Wood C Tim McCormick PF/C Brad Lohaus
    5 C Tree Rollins C/PF Mark West C James Donaldson C/PF Jon Koncak C Manute Bol SG/SF Anthony Bowie
    6 C/PF Wayne Cooper SF/SG Willie Burton SF George Lynch PF Carl Herrera SG/SF Mario Elie PF Corie Blount
    7 PG/SG Charles Jones SF Chucky Brown SF Bob McCann C/PF James Edwards PG Chucky Atkins PG/SG Anthony Johnson
    8 SF Jim Loscutoff PG/SG Brian Shaw SG/SF Jim Jackson PG Mike James PG Mike Wilks

    Every team has totally exhausted their quota of big men, so now we need point guards and wingmen to fill out the rosters!

  38. Ian Says:

    Wouldn't you know that Uwe Blab was so awesome that he even failed to make the roster here!

  39. Neil Paine Says:

    That's why I'm naming the league BLAB: Basketball League for Amazing Benchwarmers...

  40. Neil Paine Says:

    The BLAB league is terrifyingly real:

  41. RobC Says:

    Willie Burton. 50 points in one game.

  42. Hank Says:

    Duckworth was WAY better than Kite, Krystko, Rambis, and Wolf. He started on a finals team, and scored in double digits. He actually had some offensive skills, not just size and strength like those dudes. Rambis was also a step above Kite, Krystko, and Wolf, since he was a major role player on a great team.

  43. manny loprest jr. Says:

    Acouple of these guys could play alittle.Paul mokeski looked weird but he could shoot the rock,and scalibrine could play alittle.Rambis had marginal skills but made big plays diving for loose balls and hustling.Boston had a strange looking guy who could surprisingly play pretty well for years named hank finkal,he had a nice outside shot.Some horrible players were john hummer,doc rivers, walt hazzard,mel davis, and pervious ellison.Hummer has got to be the worst player in nba history.