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Layups: Forbes’ 2011 NBA Team Valuations

Posted by Neil Paine on January 27, 2011

Forbes Business Of Basketball, 2011 - NBA Team Values

According to Forbes Magazine's annual rankings, the Knicks are now the most valuable franchise in the NBA, surpassing the Lakers. NY's value went up 12% over the past year; other big gainers included the Heat, Nets, & Warriors. The biggest declines in value belonged to Cleveland (-26%) and Detroit (-25%). The Pistons and Cavs had been the 4th- and 5th-most valuable franchises, respectively, as recently as December 2009.

Forbes' numbers also show that 17 of the 30 NBA teams operated at a loss last year (compare that to the NFL and MLB, where Forbes' numbers show only two teams lost money in each sport).

One Response to “Layups: Forbes’ 2011 NBA Team Valuations”

  1. P Middy Says:

    Clearly, these poor bastards need a new CBA.