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Layups: Name the 1990s All-NBA Teams

Posted by Neil Paine on January 4, 2011

From Sporcle, here's a quiz for everyone who fondly remembers the NBA of the nineties:

Can you name the players who made the All-NBA team in the 1990's?

16 Responses to “Layups: Name the 1990s All-NBA Teams”

  1. Curtis Says:

    Ah yes, this killed a good 5 minutes at work last week.

  2. P Middy Says:

    137/150. Only missed two answers I would consider obvious.

  3. Will Says:


    Missed one on a misspelling, the rest were one-timers. I noticed one of them [bullets, 97-98] made the all-nba 2nd team but wasn't in the 98 all-star game. I wonder if there any others in that situation.

    I also just realized that Stockton's stats dropped off quite a bit after hitting his peak (although perhaps his decline rate is similar to others).

  4. Jason J Says:

    Got all but one. Took me forever to find the one I was missing and then didn't have time to figure out how to spell Petrovic after spending a while trying Anderson (Kenny) multiple times.

  5. AYC Says:

    Got 141. Somehow, I forgot Mutombo. Misspelled Schrempf. Who knew Benard King was even playing in the 90's?

  6. johnsacrimoni Says:

    Got a 146. Missed Rod Strickland, Eddie Jones, Juwan Howard and Anthony Mason.

  7. Jason J Says:

    5. King made that team because Bird was hurt and nobody understood how good Scottie Pippen was until after the Finals that year.

  8. P Middy Says:

    Guys, if you know the name, it's OK to start a new tab and look it up!

  9. Jason J Says:

    No, Middy! Spelling counts. If you don't know the difference between Mutombo and Mutumbo, you deserve to fail. I didn't spend $10,000 on NBA finishing school for some cheater to beat me at an Oracle Sports quiz goddamn it!

  10. J Says:

    Got a 146, missed Mason, King, Willis and couldn't spell Detlef's last name, lol

  11. Sean Says:

    144 - I got Sprewell, who is fondly remembered for choking his coach. Missed Mason, Marbury, Strickland, some others.

  12. Sean Says:

    Eddie Jones and Juwan Howard.

  13. Scotter Says:

    149, totally blanked on Eddie Jones and his short stay with the Hornets.

  14. Frank N Says:

    I have to say, if your efficiancies on naming all-league teams from 20 years ago are as shown above, you guys really should try getting out more. Far more. Like shut it off and leave the house now.

  15. Basketball Courts Says:

    haha that was fun. i need to brush up on my 90's trivia.

  16. Jay Says:

    I was stuck on 147 with a around 2 min to go, and the last 3 (strickland, willis, baker) finally came to me. I sadly feel like getting 100% validates all the time I spent watching bball in the 90s.. haha.