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Layups: Dan Crawford Hates the Mavs?

Posted by Neil Paine on May 5, 2009

Strangely compelling evidence from's Mike Fisher that Dan Crawford has it in for the Fighting Cubans when he officiates one of their games. What is it with refs named "Crawford" and Texas teams?

(H/T: Jakedfw at APBRmetrics)

3 Responses to “Layups: Dan Crawford Hates the Mavs?”

  1. Brian Says:

    Maybe all the rest of the refs are biased towards the Mavs, and Crawford is the only one who's not, and the Mavs just really suck

  2. Neil Paine Says:

    Ha, touché. Although anyone who watched the '06 Finals would find it pretty hard to conclude that any refs are biased in favor of the Mavs.

  3. Jason J Says:

    Though anyone who watched the '06 Playoffs prior to the finals would definitely have thought the refs were in fact biased in favor of the Mavs. Especially if that anyone hailed from San Antonio.