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Layups: See the Space Jam Website, In All Of Its 1996 Glory

Posted by Neil Paine on December 29, 2010

Just saw this tweet from Darren Hoyt:

"the website for the movie Space Jam hasn't been updated since 1996 -"

I'm so loving the 90s-era design of that page. Especially the pressbox page:

"No Spacejam news at the moment!"

As Michael Kerney tweeted, "If there's no Space Jam news now in the pressbox link, I'm pretty sure there's not gonna be."

2 Responses to “Layups: See the Space Jam Website, In All Of Its 1996 Glory”

  1. Seif-Eldeine Says:

    Hahahah I miss the mid 90s! Teeny popstars, no cgi, just little model houses, cheesy graphics, tribe called quest and boyz 2 men. Space Jam was a great movie.

  2. P Middy Says:

    Teddy's Jam > Space Jam