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Layups: Have Mavericks found a recipe to defend LeBron?

Posted by Neil Paine on June 13, 2011

Have Mavericks found a recipe to defend LeBron?: From Weak Side Awareness -- Lost in all the analysis is the fact that Dallas seems to have figured out how to stop LeBron James.

55 Responses to “Layups: Have Mavericks found a recipe to defend LeBron?”

  1. huevonkiller Says:

    Adjusted plus minus definition from NBAstuffer:

    "What Adjusted Plus-Minus does:
    It reflects the impact of each player on his team's bottom line ... during each minute he's on the court."

    CB you can get as upset as you want, I applied the APM stat the way it is defined, your bad. LeBron still wins. You were incorrect to criticize anything I stated.

    And I'm a Colts fan I know what a Mavericks-like franchise is like. I don't like the way the Colts are Old now with only one title, that was not the goal. The Mavs squandered their chances they should have been the Spurs.

    And neither franchise was validated to me so the arrogance is misplaced. LeBron has something more valuable that Dirk can only dream about and that's time.

    "dude, stop the fatigue argument. Lebron lost to a 38 years old fart and was shut down by him. 5 minutes more or lass my ass. this guy is in his prime and he cant even finish against a guy who could be your grandpa."

    I'm pretty sure Shawn Marion was on LeBron for most of the series. Maybe you should watch it sometime? Yeah your bad.

    I don't CARE if LeBron failed in this series, have you ever watched Dirk in 2007 or LeBron in 2009? There really is no equal when it comes to performing positively (LeBron), and underperforming (Dirk). I wanted LA to win the 2009 title too.

    Sure looked like Wade got fatigued playing fewer minutes and doing much less too.

    "lol, comming to this thread several days later and Huevo killer is still licking Lebrons balls ^^"

    Blah blah blah, I was a Kobe fan so deal with it. I think LeBron haters lack objective evidence when they get upset and this is exactly why.

    Huevon is very different from huevo I can tell you're also ignorant of the Spanish language.

    "about the KG-vs-Dirk thin.
    lets face it, Kevin isn't the defender he was back then and Dirk is holding his own on a similar level, athough he can be hidden behind the opponents worst frontcourt player with Chandler on the court (but keepin mind that Tyson only played 25-something in the regular season, the rest of the way Dirk had to defend the Duncans, Griffins, Boshs, Gasols,Odoms, Aldridgs etc of the world)"

    I was talking about a FIVE year analysis, it has little to do with age. Again, your bad. Yes they hide Dirk on people that's why a five year analysis exposes him.

    "btw. I'm laughing hard right now @ Hueveo
    you really don't know mutch about on/offcourt +/- stats don't you ?-)
    Nowitzki is a hero in that stat for years now. no wonder he is ahead of Garnett.

    stop complaining, you've got beaten by the other guys facts"

    I got you good here, I'll post it again:
    "What Adjusted Plus-Minus does:
    It reflects the impact of each player on his team's bottom line ... during each minute he's on the court."

    Finally, is Chris Bosh the best player on the Heat or not? APM is noisy too, get informed.

  2. huevonkiller Says:


    Yeah the same defensive rating in different seasons/eras, is not equal. They were right to adjust for league average that isn't the problem.

    The formula is wrong because in this SPECIFIC case, MJ's team got better defensively without him. Shaq is understated in comparison.

    DWS over-rewards steals and blocks, Shaq was the better defender.

  3. huevonkiller Says:


    Neil Paine proved APM is minute based, multiplied it by minutes, and calls it "APMVAL". End of discussion.... Go to the Christmas Eve 2010 blog post and get acquainted with the stat.

    Dude you messed up, the sloan sports paper is about APM team ratings for March/April</strong, and that's why it has a 1200 minute cutoff. Because there are only 12.5 games per month, multiplied by two you get 1200 minutes total. APM is always MINUTE based. I'm ahead of you, I know more about this stat and I've been here very long.

    "logic conclusion"?

    LeBron fans don't grasp logic conclusions, we grasp logical conclusions actually. And I was a Laker fan in 2009 so whatever.

    Here's the problem using APM:

    1. Yeah like I said, you have to prove Chris Bosh is the best player on the Miami Heat. You're not going to be able to do that there's this thing called NOISE in APM. It's why it has goofy rankings. The fact that you're even trying shows your total bias for Dirk. And lack of any SUPPORTING (go to LeBron's page on this website) evidence. No one thinks Chris Bosh is better, none of the important stats think he is either.

    2. Wow it looks like you confused yourself. The APM stats from THIS season say Dirk is inferior to KG defensively. Lol it is on your website source! Dirk hides on defense, the PPP adjusted for opponent won't support him.

    3. No I said over Dirk's career he is a failure defensively. Read #28 again since you have a reading comprehension problem. And the FIVE year analysis supports his incompetence defensively. The five year analysis is one of the metrics you should be using.

    4. "What Adjusted Plus-Minus does:
    It reflects the impact of each player on his team's bottom line ... during each minute he's on the court."

    "Best Christmas day performances", a great post Neil made about APM multiplied by time. Not that it even matters since LeBron is the best player since Jordan.

    5. Hmmmmmm..... Didn't look like Dirk did too well in 2007 or 2003. Looks like he's wasn't too durable in important seasons, and he's a finesse player in his prime.

    This thread is not about fatigue, I don't even care WHY he didn't perform. He's proven you wrong already. I'm more interested in the future and he'll be fine once he gets Dirk rest.

    Playing style does matter LeBron is a bigger Wade that gets more free throws, and Kobe doesn't play well with 44 MPG either. Jason Kidd is a role player who defends Wade not LeBron either. Again you don't know history.

    6. The bread and butter at basketball-reference is Win Shares, offensive SPM for offense, and APM for Defense. All in favor in James. Heck APMVAL is in favor of james too. Not that it matters.

    His peak season is greater than any of Jordan's seasons, and he's 26 years old. He's never lost in the first round, especially not to bad teams like Dirk, and the rest of his career is brighter than any player since Jordan.

  4. Heretic Says:


    What I had in mind is that DWS rewards average and bad defenders on good defensive teams and punishes good defenders on scrub defensive teams.
    A perfect example would be Antawn Jamison in 2010, whose DRtg improved to 102 when he went from Washington to Cleveland during the season. Previously his DRtg was 109.

    So it would be good if team performance would also be taken into account, then it would be a perfect metric.

  5. huevonkiller Says:


    I'll concur with you there, but over a career one gets a good idea with defensive rating.