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Layups: Quiz on NBA Given Names

Posted by Neil Paine on November 7, 2009

Okay, so I finally made a Sporcle quiz myself, and I think it might just be the most brutal NBA quiz on that site: Can you name the NBA Players' and Coaches' Given Names? All you have to do is enter some combination of the player's full name (i.e., first + last, or middle + last, etc.), but last names alone will not be accepted. Good luck, you'll need it!

5 Responses to “Layups: Quiz on NBA Given Names”

  1. Gabe Says:

    That was TOUGH! I don't even know who a bunch of those people are. I think I did okay though?

    Also, a few quibbles/comments, if I may:

    C.J. - what about CJ Miles?
    Jamaal Wilkes - this was the name he was commonly known by, so to call him by his full assumed name was confusing. If I saw "Jamaal Wilkes" I would have known his real first name right away.
    Pops - no way ANYONE is getting this one without cheating.
    Magic - I got stuck on this one for a while because of the spelling. Any chance you can update it to accept somewhat incorrect spellings?
    Dee - what about the other one, the more recent Illinois grad? I tried his name but it didn't accept it.
    Buddy - did he actually play in the NBA, or only in the BAA/NBL?

    Overall though, that was definitely the toughest Sporcle I've ever done.

  2. Jason J Says:

    That was brutal. First time I ever got less than 50% on one of those things. I never, ever heard him called Wayne Rollins!

  3. Gabe Says:

    Jason - I got stuck on him too. For some reason, I kept thinking his name was spelled oddly, like "Wanye" or something.

  4. Miguel Says:

    Lol.. i tried this quiz earlier before I saw it posted here.. Yes it was brutal and my worse performance by far on a nba related sporcle

  5. shahe Says:

    How is Pearl not Earl Monroe?