CB Lucentum Alicante Seasons

Records are from the first season for which we have schedules and game results:

Liga ACB     1983-84
LNB Pro A    2002-03
Lega Serie A 2001-02
Greek Basket 2001-02
EuroLeague   2000-01
EuroCup      2002-03

Liga ACB Seasons

  • relegated Playoff team (*); League champion = bold
Liga ACB Seasons Table
Regular Season Playoffs
  Season Lg   G W L W/L%   G W L W/L%   Champ
Lucentum Alicante *2011-12Liga ACB341816.529202.000
Meridiano Alicante2010-11Liga ACB34925.265
Meridiano Alicante2009-10Liga ACB341321.382
  Etosa Alicante2006-07Liga ACB341222.353
Etosa Alicante2005-06Liga ACB341420.412
Etosa Alicante *2004-05Liga ACB342311.676523.400
Etosa Alicante2003-04Liga ACB341420.412
CB Lucentum Alicante *2002-03Liga ACB341816.529303.000
  Proaguas Costablanca2000-01Liga ACB34925.265


  • League champion = bold
Tournaments Table
  Season Lg Rd   G W L
Etosa Alicante2005-06ULEB CupRegular Season1055
Etosa Alicante2005-06ULEB CupLast 16211
Etosa Alicante2003-04ULEB CupRegular Season1037