9 Seasons

  • * Indicates a playoff appearance
9 Seasons Table
Season Lg Team W L W/L% Finish SRS   Pace Rel Pace ORtg Rel ORtg DRtg Rel DRtg   Playoffs Coaches Top WS
1975-76ABAKentucky Colonels*4638.5484th of 00.50105.8-1.1103.5-0.6102.7-1.4Lost SemisH. Brown (46-38)A. Gilmore (15.1)
1974-75ABAKentucky Colonels*5826.6901st of 56.24102.4-0.7105.30.698.3-6.4Won FinalsH. Brown (58-26)A. Gilmore (16.2)
1973-74ABAKentucky Colonels*5331.6312nd of 53.71103.40.8103.50.599.5-3.5Lost E. Div. FinalsB. McCarthy (53-31)D. Issel (13.8)
1972-73ABAKentucky Colonels*5628.6672nd of 55.63108.3-1.0103.41.697.4-4.4Lost FinalsJ. Mullaney (56-28)A. Gilmore (18.5)
1971-72ABAKentucky Colonels*6816.8101st of 67.99110.7-1.2104.23.696.2-4.4Lost E. Div. SemisJ. Mullaney (68-16)A. Gilmore (19.8)
1970-71ABAKentucky Colonels*4440.5242nd of 6-0.17113.52.4107.52.5107.52.5Lost FinalsG. Rhodes (10-5), A. Groza (2-0), F. Ramsey (32-35)D. Issel (10.7)
1969-70ABAKentucky Colonels*4539.5362nd of 60.50109.60.4102.6-0.1101.7-1.0Lost E. Div. FinalsG. Rhodes (45-39)G. Ligon (9.9)
1968-69ABAKentucky Colonels*4236.5383rd of 5-0.06107.4-2.0102.8-1.2102.7-1.3Lost E. Div. SemisG. Rhodes (42-36)L. Dampier (9.5)
1967-68ABAKentucky Colonels*3642.4624th of 5-0.38104.3-2.799.8-1.5100.5-0.8Lost E. Div. SemisJ. Givens (5-12), G. Rhodes (31-30)G. Ligon (9.7)

Pace/ORtg/DRtg estimated for seasons prior to 1973-74