1960-61 NBA Awards Voting

1955-56 through 1979-1980: Voting was done by players. Players were not permitted to vote for their teammates, so it was impossible to be a unanimous winner.
1980-81 to present: Voting conducted by media.

Voting tallies for seasons 1965-66, 1966-67, 1967-68, 1968-69, 1970-71, and 1978-79 are incomplete.

Most Valuable Player (Michael Jordan Trophy)

Most Valuable Player (Michael Jordan Trophy) Table
Voting Per Game Shooting Advanced
Rank Player Age Tm First Pts Won Pts Max Share G MP PTS TRB AST STL BLK FG% 3P% FT% WS WS/48
1Bill Russell26BOS352133800.5617844.316.923.93.4.426.55013.0.181
2Bob Pettit28STL141253800.3297639.827.920.33.4.447.72414.9.237
3Elgin Baylor26LAL101163800.3057342.934.819.85.1.430.78314.8.227
4Wilt Chamberlain24PHW3813800.2137947.838.427.21.9.509.50418.8.240
5Oscar Robertson22CIN7703800.1847142.730.510.19.7.473.82213.2.210
6Bob Cousy32BOS2173800.0457632.518.
7Tom Heinsohn26BOS3153800.0397430.521.
8Dolph Schayes32SYR1123800.0327938.123.612.23.7.372.8688.5.136
9Bailey Howell24DET193800.0247738.323.614.42.5.469.75311.7.190
10Gene Shue29DET083800.0217843.
11Jack Twyman26CIN063800.0167937.
12Jerry West22LAL153800.0137935.417.
13Clyde Lovellette31STL043800.0116731.522.
14Cliff Hagan29STL033800.0087735.
15Richie Guerin28NYK023800.0057938.321.
16TPaul Arizin32PHW013800.0037937.
16TWillie Naulls26NYK013800.0037937.723.413.42.4.428.8165.7.092
16TKenny Sears27NYK013800.0035226.814.

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