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Most Dominant Playoff Tournament: Pools B & C, Round 3

Posted by Neil Paine on April 2, 2010

Pools A & D, Round 3

More results from the 3rd round of the tournament, courtesy of WhatIfSports (click on series links for game-by-game box scores):

#1 '71 Bucks vs. #5 '93 Bulls
Game 1: 71MIL 134, 93CHI 129
Game 2: 71MIL 121, 93CHI 117
Game 3: 93CHI 112, 71MIL 105
Game 4: 93CHI 116, 71MIL 105
Game 5: 93CHI 124, 71MIL 100
Game 6: 93CHI 121, 71MIL 111
(1993 Bulls Win Series 4-2)

#7 '02 Lakers vs. #14 '88 Lakers
Game 1: 02LAL 98, 88LAL 77
Game 2: 88LAL 124, 02LAL 122
Game 3: 88LAL 109, 02LAL 98
Game 4: 02LAL 113, 88LAL 87
Game 5: 02LAL 129, 88LAL 98
Game 6: 02LAL 118, 88LAL 101
(2002 Lakers Win Series 4-2)

#1 '96 Bulls vs. #4 '98 Bulls
Game 1: 96CHI 106, 98CHI 89
Game 2: 96CHI 122, 98CHI 86
Game 3: 96CHI 107, 98CHI 95
Game 4: 96CHI 98, 98CHI 87
(1996 Bulls Win Series 4-0)

#7 1974 Celtics vs. #11 2006 Heat
Game 1: 06MIA 112, 74BOS 103
Game 2: 06MIA 139, 74BOS 99
Game 3: 06MIA 111, 74BOS 101
Game 4: 06MIA 111, 74BOS 91
(2006 Win Series 4-0)

6 Responses to “Most Dominant Playoff Tournament: Pools B & C, Round 3”

  1. Neil Paine Says:

    My reaction as the last Celtics team is eliminated from the tourney:

    Day of Mourning

    It's a day of mourning.

  2. Jason J Says:

    Hey, at least you only got totally jobbed at the foul line by Wade in one game. Mavs fans would kill to be in your position.

  3. Jason J Says:

    Also here's pulling for an All-Bulls final. The worst regular season record with (arguably) the best finals series of Jordan's career vs. the best regular season record (ever) with what was unarguably the worst finals series of Jordan's career.

  4. Neil Paine Says:

    Very true about the Mavs -- they didn't even have an entry into this tournament. :(

    The Final Four could be 3 Bulls teams and either the 05 Spurs or the 85 Lakers. I have a lot of issues with WIS' sim engine (to the point that if I knew at the start of the tourney what I know now, I might not use it), but you still have to give it up for Jordan. 12 years after his "real" retirement (to distinguish from the Secret Suspension and whatever that was back in 2001-03), and he's still dominating.

  5. Travis Says:

    What do you know about it now that you didn't at the start?

    Out of curiosity's sake.

  6. Neil Paine Says:

    One thing is playing time -- it's irritating when you set a rotation with a certain number of minutes in mind, and then the sim randomly plays everyone on the roster for no reason, including players who weren't even on the team during the playoffs and ones you specifically told it to give 0 minutes. In addition, there does seem to be a pretty major bias against older teams -- which may be entirely justified, but I'd like to see the numbers and the rationale first. Of course, some of that is probably just bitterness that the Russell-era Celtics were so disappointing in this tournament...