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User Survey –

Posted by Sean Forman on September 19, 2011

User Survey -

In an effort to better serve our users, we've posted a feedback form on our overall company site,

In addition to your feedback, we are looking for a couple dozen volunteers to sign on for occasional, additional surveys and perhaps some early beta testing of new features. We are calling these volunteer groups Sports Reference User Boards. You can still give us feedback without having an interest in being on a user board.

Thank you, as always, for your support and feedback.

8 Responses to “User Survey –”

  1. Mike Says:

    Is there a search function to find players by season who qualified for the all-star game by their pre all-star statistics, specifically minutes per game? I'd like to know which players qualified for the all-star game while playing the fewest minutes per game. (I'd guess the fewest would be Kobe's 26.7 minutes in 1998)

  2. Jason J Says:

    We miss you Neil and Kevin.

  3. Justin Kubatko Says:


  4. Jason J Says:

    Err... I have foot-in-mouth syndrome.

  5. Neil Paine Says:

    I just assumed you were talking about Kevin Garnett.

  6. Jason J Says:

    Oh, let's go with that. Or McHale - Now that he's coaching, I'm going to miss him on TNT and NBAtv. Yeah...

  7. Chicago Basketball Hoop Says:

    I'm glad that you're interested enough in providing original content that you're using this feedback. I'll do the survey.

  8. Jason Blaze Says:

    Nice site and thanks for adding more options in searching. Any chance you could add more custom filters to your search in addition to the 4 custom fields? In looking for similar players it's tough to find one quickly with 12 categories (fg%, 3pt%, ft%, fga, fta, points, offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, tunovers).