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Layups: 82games Tracks Game-Winning shots

Posted by Neil Paine on February 8, 2009

82games is one of our very favorite sites on the interwebs, and its proprietor Roland Beech has put together another great piece of research for his latest article... In an earlier piece, Roland looked at game-winning shots from 2004 to 2006, but now he has almost 3 more seasons (and postseasons) worth of data tracked, so he figured it was time to check back in and take another look at the leaders in game-winning shots. And we're definitely glad he did. For instance, now we can see that Kobe Bryant has hit 50% (league average is 28.3%) of his playoff game-winners in that span, Carmelo Anthony has the best overall FG% of anyone attempting >20 GWS, and LeBron James leads all players with 17 total game-winners since 2003-04.

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