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Some Blog Stats for the Road

Posted by Neil Paine on November 1, 2011

By now, you've probably seen Sean's post about the BBR Blog (if not, go read it first)... We had a great run here (going back to the start of the 2008-09 season), and while it's unfortunate that we have to shut the blog down, I'm really proud of the work we did over the past 3 seasons.

So, in that spirit, I'd like to say thanks and give you some final stats about the blog:

All-Time Comment Leaders

Author Comments
Neil Paine 1232
Jason J 723
Anon 514
AYC 485
Sean 351
P Middy 326
huevonkiller 323
DSMok1 198
Mike G 181
Anon x 2 145
Greyberger 119
Justin Kubatko 111
Gil Meriken 107
Kevin 101
BSK 97
ricardo 85
Walter 81
AHL 78
Nick 78
ryan 76
Ben 74
khandor 65
Luke 64
Matt 64
Dave 62

All-Time Most Viewed Posts

All-Time Most Commented Posts

Some Unsung Posts

Thanks again for reading, commenting, and helping basketball stats become more and more mainstream. It's been a great 3 years, everybody!

22 Responses to “Some Blog Stats for the Road”

  1. Jeff J. Says:

    Yeah, but how many RINGS does Neil have?
    Not as many as the immortal Pep Saul, now does he?
    The BLAB league weeps :-(

  2. Serhat Ugur Says:

    Neil, many thanks for your valuable contributions. I understand it is a business matter but are you considering a personal blog? What's your next project?

  3. Chris Says:

    Sad to see the blog get retired. I'll miss you're posts. Do you write anywhere else?

  4. AYC Says:

    Major bummer. If I had just a little more time, I know I could have passed Anon on the all-time list, dammit! Who is going to listen to me rant about the evils of true shooting percentage and the brilliance of Hakeem Olajuwon now?

    Seriously, Neil, you will be missed. We all wish you well....

  5. DSMok1 Says:

    Good luck, Neil. Thanks for all the good posts.

  6. Brendan Says:

    Goodbye, everyone.

  7. FXRBDS Says:

    Huge thanks for all the good posts, Neil. I don't always agree with your analyses, but I've never missed a post nonetheless. All the best!

  8. NRPS Says:

    I've sent the "Do the Finals Contain the Best Teams in Each Conference?" post to countless people and cited it constantly in petty internet fights. Truly a masterpiece of the blog format, with loads of context and citations packed into a quick read.

    (Neil, by the way, the one item in the first paragraph of that post that doesn't have a citation is the reference to the 'best' team in baseball winning 29% of the time. I'm curious to know the source on that one.)

    Hope you turn up elsewhere to keep blogging.

  9. NRPS Says:

    *loads of CONTENT and citations packed into a quick read

  10. Nick Says:

    Bye forever. Will miss you.

  11. Jason J Says:

    What?! I had less comments than Neil?!

    Well, I'm against this decision. Still love the site, but will definitely be visiting a lot less without the posts.

    Hope you'll be able to use the extra time to do great things, Neil.

  12. P Middy Says:

    Well this is a giant pile of suck!

  13. Mike G Says:

    There's still the APBRMetrics forum -
    where ANYONE may create a thread, edit your post, embed a chart or a table, etc.
    Perhaps most advantageous, a current post brings the thread to the top, rather than remaining permanently buried.
    Actual ongoing discussion! Some topics last all season, or beyond.

  14. Nathan Walker Says:

    This blog was literally my favorite place for stats on the entire internet.

    Pretty much the only place I went for interesting NBA stuff. Bah.

  15. huevonkiller Says:

    This is a real shame and I don't understand the decision either. This blog got a lot of attention on ESPN's website for example. A bunch of writers over there use this place as a source for their articles. Such as that Tom Haberstroh guy.

    I will miss this blog and the fun arguments. Good luck to Neil, Anon, and others. ;)

  16. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Neil, could you run the stats over at the baseball blog too?

  17. AHL Says:

    Time flies, eh? I guess my comment count sorta piled up.

    I'm really sad to see this blog go. It fueled much of my NBA statistical interest, and I've referenced the blog tons.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  18. Kawai wong Says:

    I will miss this blog and the fun arguments. Good luck to Neil, Anon, and others

  19. Heretic Says:

    Such a sad moment. I really liked this blog, don't understand this decision at all.

    Thank you and good luck Neil.

  20. josh Says:

    Yeah this blows

  21. thparadox Says:

    Neil, your thoughtful posts will definitely be missed. This was firmly in my top 5 sites for basketball insight. Hope we get to hear from you to some extent (even if much more infrequent) going forward.

  22. sean Says:

    I'm very sad to see the blog go. Thank you to everyone who bothered to engage me in constructive discussion even if we didn't agree necessarily.

    Great job by Neil & Co. all this time. I hope the head 2 head function gets expanded to cover more seasons!