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BBR News: Transactions…Finally

Posted by Justin Kubatko on July 23, 2009

Since BBR first came on the scene a little over five years ago, by far the most requested addition has been player transactions. Well, thanks to the work of the great Pete Palmer — plus an assist from yours truly — we now have player transactions for the entire history of the NBA. These transactions are listed on the player pages, as well as new team and league pages.

The transactions are not complete by any means; for example, we don't have trips to injured reserve. However, we have attempted to track down all cases where a player moved from one team to another. Pete started with a list of all players who changed teams and all players who were not drafted or did not play first for the team that drafted them. He then recorded the last team for these players and went about filling in the moves. The only moves missing are last releases, which can be difficult to find because a player often just plays out his contract and becomes a free agent. This is obvious with the 10-day contracts and signings for the remainder of the season, but there are plenty of cases where a player just leaves. Pete did not try to find all the cases where a player signs and then gets cut before he plays any games, especially at the end of the player's career after his actual last game.

I should also note there have been some minor navigation changes to the team and league pages. For example, the league pages used to have links running across the top of the page: Season Summary, Expanded Standings, Expanded Leaders, etc. Now, these pages can be accessed via a drop-down menu at the top of the page. Just select the page you wish to navigate to and you should go directly to that page.

I hope you enjoy the addition of these player transactions. If you have any corrections or additions to our list of player moves, please fill out our feedback form.

4 Responses to “BBR News: Transactions…Finally”

  1. Serhat Says:

    Great feature but make them sortable, filterable if possible...

  2. Fat Bastard Says:

    Wow, what a great news! Thanks a lot guys, now this site is almost perfect!

  3. Dave Says:

    Thank you Justin.

  4. will Says:

    Thank you very much Justin !

    I am bit a sad to only three other comments on here thanking you for this informative addition to the site.

    Thank you again for the great work.