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Team Ratings

Team Ratings Table
Unadjusted Adjusted
Rk Team Div W L W/L% MOV ORtg DRtg NRtg MOV/A ORtg/A DRtg/A NRtg/A
1New York NetsE5529.6555.394.80
2Kentucky ColonelsE5331.6314.153.71
3Carolina CougarsE4737.5603.463.10
4San Antonio SpursW4539.5360.870.73
5Indiana PacersW4638.5480.810.68
6Utah StarsW5133.6070.360.28
7Denver RocketsW3747.440-0.51-0.49
8San Diego ConquistadorsW3747.440-2.54-2.28
9Virginia SquiresE2856.333-4.99-4.38
10Memphis TamsE2163.250-7.01-6.17