January Schedule

January Schedule Table
Date Start (ET) Visitor/Neutral PTS Home/Neutral PTS     Attend. Arena Notes
Fri, Jan 2, 1976Virginia Squires104Kentucky Colonels116Box Score11,667Freedom Hall
Fri, Jan 2, 1976Indiana Pacers125Denver Nuggets137Box Score11,192McNichols Sports Arena
Fri, Jan 2, 1976San Antonio Spurs96New York Nets104Box Score8,258Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Sat, Jan 3, 1976Spirits of St. Louis115Denver Nuggets126Box Score11,429McNichols Sports Arena
Sat, Jan 3, 1976New York Nets105Indiana Pacers90Box Score12,419Market Square Arena
Sat, Jan 3, 1976Kentucky Colonels98San Antonio Spurs88Box Score8,323HemisFair Arena
Sun, Jan 4, 1976Indiana Pacers98New York Nets119Box Score6,001Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Mon, Jan 5, 1976Kentucky Colonels120Denver Nuggets127Box Score10,079McNichols Sports Arena
Wed, Jan 7, 1976Spirits of St. Louis114Indiana Pacers112Box ScoreOT11,736Market Square Arena
Wed, Jan 7, 1976Denver Nuggets118San Antonio Spurs121Box Score7,214HemisFair Arena
Wed, Jan 7, 1976New York Nets100Virginia Squires107Box Score8,000Norfolk Scopeat Norfolk, VA; game protested and completed on 1976-01-24
Fri, Jan 9, 1976Virginia Squires128Denver Nuggets155Box Score10,327McNichols Sports Arena
Fri, Jan 9, 1976San Antonio Spurs121Indiana Pacers117Box Score6,473Market Square Arena
Fri, Jan 9, 1976Kentucky Colonels101New York Nets107Box Score8,176Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Sat, Jan 10, 1976Virginia Squires110Kentucky Colonels129Box Score2,417Freedom Hall
Sat, Jan 10, 1976New York Nets130Spirits of St. Louis141Box Score2OT10,201St. Louis Arena
Sat, Jan 10, 1976Indiana Pacers125San Antonio Spurs122Box Score10,024HemisFair Arena
Sun, Jan 11, 1976Indiana Pacers102New York Nets112Box Score4,935Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Sun, Jan 11, 1976Kentucky Colonels111Spirits of St. Louis113Box Score6,860St. Louis Arena
Mon, Jan 12, 1976San Antonio Spurs122Denver Nuggets139Box Score11,664McNichols Sports Arena
Tue, Jan 13, 1976New York Nets113Denver Nuggets137Box Score14,391McNichols Sports Arena
Wed, Jan 14, 1976Virginia Squires99Indiana Pacers115Box Score6,623Market Square Arena
Wed, Jan 14, 1976Kentucky Colonels121San Antonio Spurs115Box Score6,085HemisFair Arena
Thu, Jan 15, 1976Kentucky Colonels123Spirits of St. Louis115Box Score4,233St. Louis Arena
Thu, Jan 15, 1976San Antonio Spurs129Virginia Squires93Box Score1,296Richmond Coliseumat Richmond, VA
Fri, Jan 16, 1976Virginia Squires99New York Nets130Box Score6,717Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Fri, Jan 16, 1976Denver Nuggets124Indiana Pacers118Box Score7,734Market Square Arena
Sat, Jan 17, 1976Kentucky Colonels113Denver Nuggets137Box Score14,321McNichols Sports Arena
Sat, Jan 17, 1976Spirits of St. Louis112San Antonio Spurs119Box Score9,764HemisFair Arena
Sat, Jan 17, 1976Indiana Pacers126Virginia Squires115Box Score2,557Hampton Coliseumat Hampton, VA
Sun, Jan 18, 1976Denver Nuggets117Kentucky Colonels119Box Score9,882Freedom Hall
Sun, Jan 18, 1976San Antonio Spurs130New York Nets134Box ScoreOT5,428Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Tue, Jan 20, 1976Spirits of St. Louis100Kentucky Colonels118Box Score4,031Freedom Hall
Tue, Jan 20, 1976Denver Nuggets123New York Nets134Box Score6,225Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Wed, Jan 21, 1976Virginia Squires106Indiana Pacers119Box Score6,092Market Square Arena
Wed, Jan 21, 1976New York Nets91Kentucky Colonels100Box Score8,469Freedom Hall
Thu, Jan 22, 1976Spirits of St. Louis117Virginia Squires128Box Score4,130Norfolk Scopeat Norfolk, VA
Fri, Jan 23, 1976Indiana Pacers132Spirits of St. Louis128Box ScoreOT6,817St. Louis Arena
Fri, Jan 23, 1976Kentucky Colonels111New York Nets115Box Score9,379Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Fri, Jan 23, 1976San Antonio Spurs123Denver Nuggets131Box Score15,021McNichols Sports Arena
Sat, Jan 24, 1976Spirits of St. Louis113Indiana Pacers116Box Score8,994Market Square Arena
Sat, Jan 24, 1976Kentucky Colonels106San Antonio Spurs103Box Score8,275HemisFair Arena
Sat, Jan 24, 1976New York Nets94Virginia Squires85Box Score8,566Norfolk Scopeat Norfolk, VA
Sun, Jan 25, 1976Indiana Pacers114Kentucky Colonels117Box Score4,972Freedom Hallat Cincinnati, OH
Sun, Jan 25, 1976San Antonio Spurs128New York Nets104Box Score8,614Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Sun, Jan 25, 1976Virginia Squires100Spirits of St. Louis121Box Score2,934St. Louis Arena
Thu, Jan 29, 1976Indiana Pacers112San Antonio Spurs136Box Score6,278HemisFair Arena
Thu, Jan 29, 1976Kentucky Colonels104Virginia Squires108Box Score5,717Norfolk Scopeat Norfolk, VA
Fri, Jan 30, 1976Virginia Squires117Denver Nuggets126Box Score13,222McNichols Sports Arena
Fri, Jan 30, 1976Indiana Pacers127New York Nets107Box Score6,194Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Sat, Jan 31, 1976Virginia Squires117Denver Nuggets129Box Score14,994McNichols Sports Arena
Sat, Jan 31, 1976New York Nets104Kentucky Colonels107Box Score10,112Freedom Hall
Sat, Jan 31, 1976Spirits of St. Louis96San Antonio Spurs118Box Score8,542HemisFair Arena