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Team Ratings

Team Ratings Table
Unadjusted Adjusted
Rk Team Div W L W/L% MOV ORtg DRtg NRtg MOV/A ORtg/A DRtg/A NRtg/A
1New York KnicksE6022.7329.098.42
2Milwaukee BucksE5626.6834.614.25
3Philadelphia 76ersE4240.5123.413.32
4Baltimore BulletsE5032.6102.121.93
5Los Angeles LakersW4636.5611.991.76
6Atlanta HawksW4834.5850.410.31
7Boston CelticsE3448.415-1.85-1.59
8Phoenix SunsW3943.476-1.72-1.66
9Chicago BullsW3943.476-1.76-1.71
10Seattle SuperSonicsW3646.439-2.52-2.43
11Cincinnati RoyalsE3646.439-2.95-2.55
12Detroit PistonsE3151.378-3.32-2.94
13San Diego RocketsW2755.329-3.10-2.95
14San Francisco WarriorsW3052.366-4.41-4.15