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Team Ratings

Team Ratings Table
Unadjusted Adjusted
Rk Team Conf Div W L W/L% MOV ORtg DRtg NRtg MOV/A ORtg/A DRtg/A NRtg/A
1Milwaukee BucksEC5923.7206.856.70
2Los Angeles LakersWP6220.7567.356.48
3Boston CelticsEA6319.7686.656.47
4Philadelphia 76ersEA5824.7074.104.17
5Portland Trail BlazersWP4240.5123.402.80
6Detroit PistonsEC4636.5612.492.73
7Denver NuggetsWM5230.6342.442.05
8Dallas MavericksWM4438.5372.171.80
9Houston RocketsWM4834.5851.721.38
10New Jersey NetsEA4240.5120.230.64
11San Antonio SpursWM4141.5000.910.63
12Washington BulletsEA4042.488-0.270.15
13Utah JazzWM4141.500-0.11-0.32
14Chicago BullsEC3844.463-0.84-0.50
15Atlanta HawksEC3448.415-1.45-1.14
16Cleveland CavaliersEC3646.439-2.76-2.27
17Phoenix SunsWP3646.439-2.11-2.34
18Kansas City KingsWM3151.378-2.67-2.71
19New York KnicksEA2458.293-4.63-4.09
20Los Angeles ClippersWP3151.378-4.49-4.55
21Seattle SuperSonicsWP3151.378-5.44-5.44
22Indiana PacersEC2260.268-6.21-5.46
23Golden State WarriorsWP2260.268-7.34-7.21
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