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November Schedule

November Schedule Table
Date Visitor/Neutral PTS Home/Neutral PTS     Attend. Notes
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Chicago Bulls107Boston Celtics98Box Score18,624
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Dallas Mavericks92Denver Nuggets91Box Score16,104
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Indiana Pacers89Detroit Pistons95Box Score21,454
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Los Angeles Clippers97Golden State Warriors85Box Score15,593
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Sacramento Kings85Houston Rockets96Box Score16,285
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Phoenix Suns82Los Angeles Lakers96Box Score17,505
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Atlanta Hawks81Miami Heat94Box Score15,113
Fri, Nov 1, 1996San Antonio Spurs78Minnesota Timberwolves82Box Score18,109
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Cleveland Cavaliers90New Jersey Nets77Box Score18,316
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Washington Bullets96Orlando Magic92Box Score17,248
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Milwaukee Bucks111Philadelphia 76ers103Box Score20,444
Fri, Nov 1, 1996New York Knicks107Toronto Raptors99Box Score28,457
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Seattle SuperSonics91Utah Jazz99Box Score19,911
Fri, Nov 1, 1996Portland Trail Blazers114Vancouver Grizzlies85Box Score19,193
Sat, Nov 2, 1996Detroit Pistons90Atlanta Hawks78Box Score16,378
Sat, Nov 2, 1996Toronto Raptors98Charlotte Hornets109Box Score24,042
Sat, Nov 2, 1996Philadelphia 76ers86Chicago Bulls115Box Score24,040
Sat, Nov 2, 1996Sacramento Kings107Dallas Mavericks94Box Score18,042
Sat, Nov 2, 1996Miami Heat97Indiana Pacers95Box Score15,948
Sat, Nov 2, 1996Utah Jazz95Los Angeles Clippers90Box Score13,041
Sat, Nov 2, 1996Boston Celtics102Milwaukee Bucks124Box Score17,275
Sat, Nov 2, 1996Houston Rockets110Phoenix Suns95Box Score19,023
Sat, Nov 2, 1996Portland Trail Blazers93Seattle SuperSonics104Box Score17,072
Sat, Nov 2, 1996Cleveland Cavaliers98Washington Bullets96Box ScoreOT18,756
Sun, Nov 3, 1996Minnesota Timberwolves85Los Angeles Lakers91Box Score15,407
Sun, Nov 3, 1996Charlotte Hornets86New York Knicks113Box Score19,763
Sun, Nov 3, 1996Denver Nuggets88San Antonio Spurs79Box Score20,791
Sun, Nov 3, 1996Golden State Warriors105Vancouver Grizzlies95Box Score15,781
Mon, Nov 4, 1996Atlanta Hawks94Portland Trail Blazers76Box Score21,567
Mon, Nov 4, 1996Houston Rockets75Utah Jazz72Box Score19,911
Tue, Nov 5, 1996Vancouver Grizzlies73Chicago Bulls96Box Score23,726
Tue, Nov 5, 1996San Antonio Spurs74Cleveland Cavaliers68Box Score15,587
Tue, Nov 5, 1996Los Angeles Clippers82Denver Nuggets78Box Score10,190
Tue, Nov 5, 1996Portland Trail Blazers111Golden State Warriors93Box Score13,458
Tue, Nov 5, 1996Los Angeles Lakers98New York Knicks92Box Score19,763
Tue, Nov 5, 1996Detroit Pistons83Philadelphia 76ers81Box Score12,713
Tue, Nov 5, 1996Minnesota Timberwolves98Phoenix Suns95Box Score19,023
Tue, Nov 5, 1996Houston Rockets102Sacramento Kings80Box Score17,317
Tue, Nov 5, 1996Atlanta Hawks117Seattle SuperSonics95Box Score17,072
Tue, Nov 5, 1996Dallas Mavericks96Toronto Raptors100Box Score17,065
Wed, Nov 6, 1996Indiana Pacers84Boston Celtics94Box Score14,467
Wed, Nov 6, 1996Los Angeles Lakers78Charlotte Hornets88Box Score24,042
Wed, Nov 6, 1996Dallas Mavericks84Detroit Pistons103Box Score14,473
Wed, Nov 6, 1996Chicago Bulls106Miami Heat100Box Score15,200
Wed, Nov 6, 1996Vancouver Grizzlies89Milwaukee Bucks105Box Score13,689
Wed, Nov 6, 1996San Antonio Spurs86Washington Bullets96Box Score17,110
Thu, Nov 7, 1996Houston Rockets110Denver Nuggets108Box ScoreOT12,137
Thu, Nov 7, 1996New York Knicks105Golden State Warriors100Box Score16,639
Thu, Nov 7, 1996Orlando Magic108New Jersey Nets95Box Score38,639at Tokyo, Japan
Thu, Nov 7, 1996Seattle SuperSonics103Phoenix Suns98Box Score19,023
Thu, Nov 7, 1996Minnesota Timberwolves94Portland Trail Blazers95Box ScoreOT20,439
Thu, Nov 7, 1996Atlanta Hawks91Sacramento Kings87Box Score17,317
Fri, Nov 8, 1996Philadelphia 76ers115Boston Celtics105Box Score14,733
Fri, Nov 8, 1996Vancouver Grizzlies72Cleveland Cavaliers88Box Score13,691
Fri, Nov 8, 1996Golden State Warriors91Denver Nuggets94Box Score10,302
Fri, Nov 8, 1996Chicago Bulls98Detroit Pistons80Box Score21,454
Fri, Nov 8, 1996New York Knicks88Los Angeles Clippers81Box ScoreOT13,242
Fri, Nov 8, 1996Milwaukee Bucks89Miami Heat101Box Score15,200
Fri, Nov 8, 1996New Jersey Nets82Orlando Magic86Box Score38,639at Tokyo, Japan
Fri, Nov 8, 1996Seattle SuperSonics87San Antonio Spurs75Box Score15,027
Fri, Nov 8, 1996Los Angeles Lakers92Toronto Raptors93Box Score27,357
Fri, Nov 8, 1996Charlotte Hornets102Washington Bullets87Box Score18,756
Sat, Nov 9, 1996Milwaukee Bucks100Charlotte Hornets98Box Score24,042
Sat, Nov 9, 1996Boston Celtics92Chicago Bulls104Box Score23,813
Sat, Nov 9, 1996Miami Heat91Dallas Mavericks84Box Score15,021
Sat, Nov 9, 1996Utah Jazz85Houston Rockets91Box Score16,285
Sat, Nov 9, 1996Washington Bullets100Indiana Pacers103Box ScoreOT15,591
Sat, Nov 9, 1996Phoenix Suns95Philadelphia 76ers112Box Score17,006
Sat, Nov 9, 1996Portland Trail Blazers102Sacramento Kings103Box Score17,317
Sun, Nov 10, 1996Denver Nuggets86Cleveland Cavaliers101Box Score13,921
Sun, Nov 10, 1996Minnesota Timberwolves70Los Angeles Clippers81Box Score6,314
Sun, Nov 10, 1996Atlanta Hawks85Los Angeles Lakers92Box Score16,097
Sun, Nov 10, 1996San Antonio Spurs81Portland Trail Blazers94Box Score20,112
Sun, Nov 10, 1996New York Knicks101Vancouver Grizzlies82Box Score17,356
Mon, Nov 11, 1996Phoenix Suns79Chicago Bulls97Box Score23,807
Mon, Nov 11, 1996Seattle SuperSonics110Sacramento Kings94Box Score17,317
Mon, Nov 11, 1996Denver Nuggets104Toronto Raptors93Box Score17,132
Tue, Nov 12, 1996Cleveland Cavaliers83Atlanta Hawks87Box Score7,385
Tue, Nov 12, 1996Indiana Pacers82Dallas Mavericks103Box Score14,153
Tue, Nov 12, 1996Los Angeles Lakers126Houston Rockets115Box Score2OT16,285
Tue, Nov 12, 1996Charlotte Hornets97Miami Heat105Box Score14,393
Tue, Nov 12, 1996Phoenix Suns89Milwaukee Bucks99Box ScoreOT13,565
Tue, Nov 12, 1996Portland Trail Blazers97Minnesota Timberwolves100Box Score14,107
Tue, Nov 12, 1996Philadelphia 76ers101New York Knicks97Box Score19,763
Tue, Nov 12, 1996Golden State Warriors102Seattle SuperSonics121Box Score17,072
Tue, Nov 12, 1996Los Angeles Clippers99Vancouver Grizzlies92Box Score2OT14,259
Tue, Nov 12, 1996Detroit Pistons92Washington Bullets79Box Score15,111
Wed, Nov 13, 1996Atlanta Hawks85Boston Celtics103Box Score13,184
Wed, Nov 13, 1996Miami Heat71Chicago Bulls103Box Score23,889
Wed, Nov 13, 1996Portland Trail Blazers70Cleveland Cavaliers81Box Score13,757
Wed, Nov 13, 1996Denver Nuggets94Detroit Pistons95Box ScoreOT13,717
Wed, Nov 13, 1996Washington Bullets106New Jersey Nets91Box Score10,884
Wed, Nov 13, 1996Los Angeles Lakers83San Antonio Spurs95Box Score26,002
Wed, Nov 13, 1996Philadelphia 76ers98Toronto Raptors110Box Score17,385
Wed, Nov 13, 1996Sacramento Kings74Utah Jazz105Box Score19,283
Thu, Nov 14, 1996Milwaukee Bucks86Golden State Warriors95Box Score14,414
Thu, Nov 14, 1996Indiana Pacers88Houston Rockets90Box Score16,285
Thu, Nov 14, 1996Seattle SuperSonics94Los Angeles Clippers78Box Score6,238
Thu, Nov 14, 1996Dallas Mavericks90Minnesota Timberwolves100Box Score14,079
Thu, Nov 14, 1996Toronto Raptors96New York Knicks99Box Score19,763
Thu, Nov 14, 1996Charlotte Hornets89Orlando Magic96Box Score17,248
Thu, Nov 14, 1996Phoenix Suns89Vancouver Grizzlies92Box Score15,158
Fri, Nov 15, 1996Miami Heat77Atlanta Hawks85Box Score16,378
Fri, Nov 15, 1996Denver Nuggets82Boston Celtics80Box Score14,133
Fri, Nov 15, 1996Chicago Bulls110Charlotte Hornets87Box Score24,042
Fri, Nov 15, 1996Washington Bullets84Detroit Pistons95Box Score21,454
Fri, Nov 15, 1996Los Angeles Clippers100Los Angeles Lakers107Box Score16,207
Fri, Nov 15, 1996Portland Trail Blazers93New Jersey Nets85Box Score12,016
Fri, Nov 15, 1996Cleveland Cavaliers105Philadelphia 76ers89Box Score12,901
Fri, Nov 15, 1996Milwaukee Bucks99Sacramento Kings103Box Score17,317
Fri, Nov 15, 1996Indiana Pacers93San Antonio Spurs78Box Score14,395
Fri, Nov 15, 1996Vancouver Grizzlies96Utah Jazz104Box Score19,046
Sat, Nov 16, 1996Atlanta Hawks69Chicago Bulls97Box Score23,939
Sat, Nov 16, 1996Detroit Pistons102Cleveland Cavaliers98Box Score17,808
Sat, Nov 16, 1996Utah Jazz88Dallas Mavericks87Box Score15,947
Sat, Nov 16, 1996Golden State Warriors103Houston Rockets115Box Score16,285
Sat, Nov 16, 1996Philadelphia 76ers91Miami Heat89Box Score15,200
Sat, Nov 16, 1996Denver Nuggets99New Jersey Nets106Box Score13,309
Sat, Nov 16, 1996Minnesota Timberwolves79New York Knicks82Box Score19,763
Sat, Nov 16, 1996Toronto Raptors87Orlando Magic92Box Score17,248
Sat, Nov 16, 1996Sacramento Kings96Seattle SuperSonics108Box Score17,072
Sat, Nov 16, 1996Boston Celtics92Washington Bullets106Box Score18,756
Sun, Nov 17, 1996Portland Trail Blazers88Indiana Pacers83Box Score13,555
Sun, Nov 17, 1996Milwaukee Bucks94Los Angeles Clippers102Box Score7,311
Sun, Nov 17, 1996Los Angeles Lakers102Phoenix Suns88Box Score19,023
Sun, Nov 17, 1996Golden State Warriors102San Antonio Spurs92Box Score13,334
Sun, Nov 17, 1996Vancouver Grizzlies81Seattle SuperSonics91Box Score17,072
Mon, Nov 18, 1996Sacramento Kings84Vancouver Grizzlies83Box Score14,672
Tue, Nov 19, 1996Atlanta Hawks63Cleveland Cavaliers73Box Score14,182
Tue, Nov 19, 1996Miami Heat104Denver Nuggets86Box Score12,119
Tue, Nov 19, 1996Los Angeles Lakers112Golden State Warriors109Box Score18,742
Tue, Nov 19, 1996Minnesota Timberwolves93Houston Rockets122Box Score16,285
Tue, Nov 19, 1996Dallas Mavericks97Milwaukee Bucks100Box Score13,225
Tue, Nov 19, 1996New York Knicks92Orlando Magic88Box Score17,248
Tue, Nov 19, 1996Sacramento Kings90Portland Trail Blazers92Box ScoreOT20,245
Tue, Nov 19, 1996Seattle SuperSonics106Toronto Raptors98Box Score18,803
Wed, Nov 20, 1996Detroit Pistons108Boston Celtics83Box Score14,291
Wed, Nov 20, 1996New York Knicks86Charlotte Hornets93Box Score24,042
Wed, Nov 20, 1996Utah Jazz113Los Angeles Lakers97Box Score16,122
Wed, Nov 20, 1996Indiana Pacers103Philadelphia 76ers92Box Score11,831
Wed, Nov 20, 1996Chicago Bulls113Phoenix Suns99Box Score19,023
Wed, Nov 20, 1996Los Angeles Clippers93San Antonio Spurs81Box Score13,386
Wed, Nov 20, 1996Miami Heat94Vancouver Grizzlies75Box Score15,054
Wed, Nov 20, 1996Seattle SuperSonics115Washington Bullets110Box Score2OT18,756
Thu, Nov 21, 1996Los Angeles Clippers94Dallas Mavericks105Box Score13,510
Thu, Nov 21, 1996Chicago Bulls110Denver Nuggets92Box Score17,171
Thu, Nov 21, 1996New Jersey Nets88Detroit Pistons96Box Score14,753
Thu, Nov 21, 1996Phoenix Suns105Houston Rockets115Box Score16,285
Thu, Nov 21, 1996Charlotte Hornets90Indiana Pacers87Box Score13,853
Thu, Nov 21, 1996Atlanta Hawks73Milwaukee Bucks65Box Score14,698
Thu, Nov 21, 1996Minnesota Timberwolves86Orlando Magic90Box Score16,837
Thu, Nov 21, 1996Cleveland Cavaliers89Toronto Raptors81Box Score16,835
Thu, Nov 21, 1996Golden State Warriors104Utah Jazz109Box ScoreOT18,889
Fri, Nov 22, 1996Seattle SuperSonics118Boston Celtics91Box Score17,220
Fri, Nov 22, 1996San Antonio Spurs86Los Angeles Lakers96Box Score17,505
Fri, Nov 22, 1996Miami Heat111Sacramento Kings108Box Score2OT17,317
Fri, Nov 22, 1996Philadelphia 76ers76Washington Bullets88Box Score18,756
Sat, Nov 23, 1996Detroit Pistons85Charlotte Hornets93Box Score24,042
Sat, Nov 23, 1996Houston Rockets120Golden State Warriors115Box ScoreOT16,896
Sat, Nov 23, 1996Orlando Magic76Indiana Pacers73Box Score16,158
Sat, Nov 23, 1996Washington Bullets95Milwaukee Bucks90Box Score16,508
Sat, Nov 23, 1996Los Angeles Clippers96Minnesota Timberwolves98Box Score16,877
Sat, Nov 23, 1996Dallas Mavericks91New Jersey Nets114Box Score15,701
Sat, Nov 23, 1996New York Knicks92Philadelphia 76ers109Box Score19,209
Sat, Nov 23, 1996Denver Nuggets65Portland Trail Blazers105Box Score20,116
Sat, Nov 23, 1996Atlanta Hawks91Toronto Raptors88Box Score16,838
Sat, Nov 23, 1996Chicago Bulls100Utah Jazz105Box Score19,911
Sun, Nov 24, 1996Dallas Mavericks91Boston Celtics105Box Score15,244
Sun, Nov 24, 1996Sacramento Kings74Cleveland Cavaliers103Box Score13,786
Sun, Nov 24, 1996Houston Rockets90Los Angeles Lakers85Box Score17,505
Sun, Nov 24, 1996Seattle SuperSonics102New York Knicks92Box Score19,763
Sun, Nov 24, 1996Miami Heat87Phoenix Suns84Box Score19,023
Sun, Nov 24, 1996San Antonio Spurs91Vancouver Grizzlies96Box Score15,874
Mon, Nov 25, 1996Chicago Bulls88Los Angeles Clippers84Box Score16,144
Mon, Nov 25, 1996Milwaukee Bucks100Orlando Magic88Box Score16,808
Mon, Nov 25, 1996New Jersey Nets92Utah Jazz108Box Score19,132
Mon, Nov 25, 1996Minnesota Timberwolves98Washington Bullets105Box Score12,224
Tue, Nov 26, 1996Vancouver Grizzlies80Atlanta Hawks101Box Score6,957
Tue, Nov 26, 1996Seattle SuperSonics89Charlotte Hornets97Box Score24,042
Tue, Nov 26, 1996San Antonio Spurs101Dallas Mavericks105Box Score14,567
Tue, Nov 26, 1996Phoenix Suns108Denver Nuggets117Box Score9,226
Tue, Nov 26, 1996Miami Heat107Golden State Warriors88Box Score15,026
Tue, Nov 26, 1996Portland Trail Blazers101Houston Rockets102Box ScoreOT16,285
Tue, Nov 26, 1996Los Angeles Lakers100Philadelphia 76ers88Box Score20,652
Tue, Nov 26, 1996Sacramento Kings98Toronto Raptors87Box Score15,037
Wed, Nov 27, 1996Los Angeles Lakers94Boston Celtics110Box Score18,624
Wed, Nov 27, 1996Vancouver Grizzlies78Detroit Pistons87Box Score15,195
Wed, Nov 27, 1996Miami Heat98Los Angeles Clippers82Box Score7,006
Wed, Nov 27, 1996Cleveland Cavaliers75Milwaukee Bucks92Box Score14,189
Wed, Nov 27, 1996Seattle SuperSonics106Minnesota Timberwolves98Box Score16,173
Wed, Nov 27, 1996Atlanta Hawks75Orlando Magic79Box Score17,248
Wed, Nov 27, 1996New Jersey Nets77Phoenix Suns99Box Score19,023
Wed, Nov 27, 1996Portland Trail Blazers120San Antonio Spurs109Box Score13,797
Wed, Nov 27, 1996Charlotte Hornets88Toronto Raptors92Box Score15,710
Wed, Nov 27, 1996Denver Nuggets103Utah Jazz107Box Score19,324
Thu, Nov 28, 1996New Jersey Nets118Golden State Warriors124Box Score15,209
Thu, Nov 28, 1996Sacramento Kings83Indiana Pacers101Box Score14,732
Fri, Nov 29, 1996Washington Bullets81Atlanta Hawks110Box Score12,457
Fri, Nov 29, 1996Houston Rockets120Boston Celtics94Box Score18,624
Fri, Nov 29, 1996Chicago Bulls116Dallas Mavericks97Box Score18,042
Fri, Nov 29, 1996Minnesota Timberwolves108Denver Nuggets103Box Score12,129
Fri, Nov 29, 1996Los Angeles Lakers84Detroit Pistons76Box Score21,454
Fri, Nov 29, 1996Vancouver Grizzlies94Indiana Pacers104Box Score15,488
Fri, Nov 29, 1996Orlando Magic91Philadelphia 76ers100Box Score15,489
Fri, Nov 29, 1996Golden State Warriors93Portland Trail Blazers119Box Score21,068
Fri, Nov 29, 1996Phoenix Suns92Seattle SuperSonics105Box Score17,072
Fri, Nov 29, 1996Los Angeles Clippers94Utah Jazz111Box Score19,381
Sat, Nov 30, 1996Orlando Magic86Cleveland Cavaliers82Box Score19,351
Sat, Nov 30, 1996New Jersey Nets106Los Angeles Clippers95Box ScoreOT11,519at Anaheim, CA
Sat, Nov 30, 1996Boston Celtics77Miami Heat78Box Score15,112
Sat, Nov 30, 1996Charlotte Hornets94Milwaukee Bucks87Box Score16,327
Sat, Nov 30, 1996Toronto Raptors70Minnesota Timberwolves79Box Score18,679
Sat, Nov 30, 1996Sacramento Kings101New York Knicks115Box Score19,763
Sat, Nov 30, 1996Vancouver Grizzlies90Philadelphia 76ers96Box Score13,038
Sat, Nov 30, 1996Chicago Bulls97San Antonio Spurs88Box Score37,058
Sat, Nov 30, 1996Houston Rockets103Washington Bullets99Box Score18,756