Odds given are preseason lines for the NBA championship (not for the over-under)
For example:
  -200 odds would mean you wager $200 for a $100 payout
  +1500 odds would mean you wager $100 for a $1500 payout

Wins O/U is the over-under for team wins during the regular season, generally set to equalize betting on each side.

2021-22 NBA Preseason Odds

2021-22 NBA Preseason Odds Table
Team Odds   W-L O/U Result
Brooklyn Nets+24056.5 44-38 (under)
Los Angeles Lakers+40052.5 33-49 (under)
Milwaukee Bucks+90054.5 51-31 (under)
Golden State Warriors+90048.5 53-29 (over)
Phoenix Suns+150051.5 64-18 (over)
Utah Jazz+160052.5 49-33 (under)
Philadelphia 76ers+160050.5 51-31 (over)
Los Angeles Clippers+160045.5 42-40 (under)
Denver Nuggets+220047.5 48-34 (over)
Miami Heat+250048.5 53-29 (over)
Dallas Mavericks+300048.5 52-30 (over)
Atlanta Hawks+350047.5 43-39 (under)
Boston Celtics+400045.5 51-31 (over)
Portland Trail Blazers+500044.5 27-55 (under)
Chicago Bulls+660042.5 46-36 (over)
New York Knicks+800041.5 37-45 (under)
Memphis Grizzlies+1000041.5 56-26 (over)
Indiana Pacers+1000042.5 25-57 (under)
New Orleans Pelicans+1000039.5 36-46 (under)
Charlotte Hornets+1000038.5 43-39 (over)
Washington Wizards+1500033.5 35-47 (over)
Toronto Raptors+1500035.5 48-34 (over)
Sacramento Kings+2500036.5 30-52 (under)
Minnesota Timberwolves+2500035.5 46-36 (over)
San Antonio Spurs+3000028.5 34-48 (over)
Cleveland Cavaliers+5000026.5 44-38 (over)
Orlando Magic+5000022.5 22-60 (under)
Oklahoma City Thunder+5000023.5 24-58 (over)
Detroit Pistons+5000024.5 23-59 (under)
Houston Rockets+5000027.5 20-62 (under)