1999-00 High School

  • Freshman season
1999-00 High School Table
Date Team Opponent W/L   PTS FG FGA 3P 3PA FT FTA TRB AST
Dec 3, 1999St. Vincent-St. MaryCuyahoga FallsW15610122282
Dec 4, 1999St. Vincent-St. MaryCleveland Central CatholicW21915251172
Dec 7, 1999St. Vincent-St. MaryGarfieldW11416083352
Dec 17, 1999St. Vincent-St. MaryBenedictineW271016245641
Dec 18, 1999St. Vincent-St. MaryDetroit Redford (MI)W18817022482
Dec 28, 1999St. Vincent-St. MaryMansfield Temple ChristianW20916012261
Dec 30, 1999St. Vincent-St. MaryMapletonW21714582230
Jan 4, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryCentral-HowerW211018130164
Jan 7, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryMassillonW14717030054
Jan 11, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryPaduaW14512123348
Jan 12, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryMaple HeightsW8412050085
Jan 14, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryLinsly Academy (WV)W17712003315
Jan 15, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryWestern Reserve AcademyW12517260053
Jan 25, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryYoungstown UrsulineW1338255663
Jan 28, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryWalsh JesuitW15617023462
Feb 1, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryCoventryW22915222264
Feb 5, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryAshland CrestviewW231012231225
Feb 15, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryCVCAW17717132364
Feb 23, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryYoungstown RayenW18711153396
Feb 27, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryArchbishop HobanW271117362374
Mar 3, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryLoudonvilleW17812011266
Mar 6, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryHillsdaleW231119130175
Mar 11, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryWaynedaleW177150234114
Mar 16, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryNewton FallsW14611012262
Mar 18, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryVilla Angela-St. JosephW18716242265
Mar 24, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryCanal WinchesterW196120379112
Mar 25, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryJamestown GreeneviewW251012243495

2000-01 High School

  • Sophomore season
2000-01 High School Table
Date Team Opponent W/L   PTS FG FGA 3P 3PA FT FTA TRB AST
Dec 3, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryCape Henry Collegiate (VA)W238123541042
Dec 6, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryGarfieldW3412192581165
Dec 9, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryOrangeW259140078126
Dec 16, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryRacine Case (WI)W291220461158
Dec 17, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryDetroit Redford (MI)W16513016773
Dec 19, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryCleveland Central CatholicW21819144669
Dec 29, 2000St. Vincent-St. MaryAshland CrestviewW15712031139
Jan 5, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryMassillonW241018133579
Jan 7, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryKennedy Christian (PA)W20713254894
Jan 13, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryOak Hill Academy (VA)L3313265112444
Jan 19, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryYoungstown RayenW20818133364
Jan 25, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryWalsh JesuitW311320025874
Jan 28, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryBuchtelW3391514141541
Feb 2, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryVilla Angela-St. JosephW154912610710
Feb 3, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryBenedictineW4116201381296
Feb 10, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryYoungstown UrsulineW261116014569
Feb 11, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryArchbishop HobanW271117233327
Feb 16, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryWestern Reserve AcademyW291214352295
Feb 21, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryGeorge Jr. Republic (PA)W24815127977
Feb 25, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryCentral-HowerW2691800811114
Mar 3, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryUnited LocalW19915031295
Mar 5, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryLisbon David AndersonW311319134567
Mar 9, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryN. Middletown SpringfieldW14614121476
Mar 15, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryHillsdaleW2410261434146
Mar 17, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryVilla Angela-St. JosephW301117236814
Mar 22, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryHaviland Wayne TraceW29121901569
Mar 24, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryCasstown Miami EastW351114003510

2001-02 High School

  • Junior season
2001-02 High School Table
Date Team Opponent W/L   PTS FG FGA 3P 3PA FT FTA TRB AST
Nov 30, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryAvon LakeW2813192301126
Dec 1, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryGermantown Academy (PA)W38152323614174
Dec 9, 2001St. Vincent-St. MarySt. Louis Vashon (MO)W26102103610112
Dec 15, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryLouisville Male (KY)W371524265557
Dec 22, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryCincinnati Roger BaconW2991804112094
Dec 23, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryDetroit Redford (MI)W4316273881698
Dec 28, 2001St. Vincent-St. MarySt. Benedict (NJ)W18714034898
Dec 30, 2001St. Vincent-St. MaryAmityville (NY)L391229411111365
Jan 6, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryUniversity SchoolW20915121371
Jan 11, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryFranklin (PA)W221015121236
Jan 13, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryBrushW248211571178
Jan 18, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryEast LiverpoolW2691716710116
Jan 20, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryVilla Angela-St. JosephW2310153603811
Jan 25, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryWalsh JesuitW301124494626
Jan 27, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryBuchtelW33132241035810
Feb 3, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryArchbishop HobanW321523250084
Feb 10, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryOak Hill Academy (VA)L361228281013105
Feb 17, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryGeorge Jr. Republic (PA)L208200546101
Feb 20, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryOrangeW331524043578
Feb 24, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryCentral-HowerW2411181214143
Mar 1, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryFirelandsW221013111385
Mar 6, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryArchbishop HobanW20710462346
Mar 9, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryCentral-HowerW3213231758178
Mar 13, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryWarrensville HeightsW166121234108
Mar 16, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryOttawa-GlandorfW218121346169
Mar 21, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryPoland SeminaryW3214224100196
Mar 23, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryCincinnati Roger BaconL321422371246

2002-03 High School

  • Senior season
2002-03 High School Table
Date Team Opponent W/L   PTS FG FGA 3P 3PA FT FTA TRB AST   Notes
Nov 30, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryWellstonW1149261242Game suspended
Dec 1, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryGeorge Jr. Republic (PA)W219181522147
Dec 7, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryChicago Julian (IL)W155171545166
Dec 12, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryOak Hill Academy (VA)W3112252658136
Dec 15, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryNew Castle (PA)W3214222524104
Dec 17, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryWillardW361524690082
Dec 22, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryStrawberry Mansion (PA)W267173991177
Dec 28, 2002St. Vincent-St. MaryColumbus BrookhavenW2711221647103
Jan 4, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryMater Dei (CA)W21824095597
Jan 7, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryVilla Angela-St. JosephW401627276783
Jan 12, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryDetroit Redford (MI)W3012202445144
Jan 14, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryMentorW50192511171292
Jan 20, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryRJ Reynolds (NC)W3214231536102
Jan 24, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryWalsh JesuitW301017268858
Jan 26, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryBuchtelL2511210633158
Feb 2, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryCanton McKinleyWDid Not PlayRuled ineligible to play
Feb 8, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryLA Westchester (CA)W522134694872
Feb 14, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryZanesvilleW461926474545
Feb 16, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryKettering AlterW2210170323113
Feb 24, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryFirestoneWDid Not PlayRuled ineligible to play
Feb 28, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryKenmoreW301323450226
Mar 4, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryArchbishop HobanW241117131363
Mar 8, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryCentral-HowerW4117304833145
Mar 13, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryTallmadgeW19813350069
Mar 15, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryOttawa-GlandorfW2511190337115
Mar 21, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryCanton SouthW19816162496
Mar 22, 2003St. Vincent-St. MaryKettering AlterW2510211348112