Playoffs Schedule

Playoffs Schedule Table
Date Visitor/Neutral PTS Home/Neutral PTS     Notes
Fri, Apr 4, 1975New York Nets99Kentucky Colonels108Box ScoreTiebreaker
Sat, Apr 5, 1975Indiana Pacers122San Antonio Spurs119Box ScoreOT
Sun, Apr 6, 1975Utah Stars107Denver Nuggets122Box Score
Sun, Apr 6, 1975Memphis Sounds91Kentucky Colonels98Box Score
Sun, Apr 6, 1975Spirits of St. Louis105New York Nets111Box Score
Mon, Apr 7, 1975Utah Stars120Denver Nuggets126Box Score
Mon, Apr 7, 1975Indiana Pacers98San Antonio Spurs93Box Score
Tue, Apr 8, 1975Memphis Sounds105Kentucky Colonels119Box Score
Wed, Apr 9, 1975Spirits of St. Louis115New York Nets97Box Score
Wed, Apr 9, 1975Denver Nuggets108Utah Stars122Box Score
Thu, Apr 10, 1975San Antonio Spurs103Indiana Pacers113Box ScoreOT
Thu, Apr 10, 1975Kentucky Colonels101Memphis Sounds80Box Score
Fri, Apr 11, 1975Kentucky Colonels93Memphis Sounds107Box Score
Fri, Apr 11, 1975New York Nets108Spirits of St. Louis113Box Score
Fri, Apr 11, 1975Denver Nuggets110Utah Stars132Box Score
Sat, Apr 12, 1975Utah Stars119Denver Nuggets130Box Score
Sat, Apr 12, 1975San Antonio Spurs110Indiana Pacers109Box Score
Sun, Apr 13, 1975Memphis Sounds99Kentucky Colonels111Box Score
Sun, Apr 13, 1975New York Nets89Spirits of St. Louis100Box Score
Mon, Apr 14, 1975Indiana Pacers117San Antonio Spurs123Box Score
Mon, Apr 14, 1975Denver Nuggets115Utah Stars113Box Score
Tue, Apr 15, 1975Spirits of St. Louis108New York Nets107Box Score
Wed, Apr 16, 1975San Antonio Spurs100Indiana Pacers115Box Score
Sun, Apr 20, 1975Indiana Pacers128Denver Nuggets131Box Score
Mon, Apr 21, 1975Spirits of St. Louis109Kentucky Colonels112Box Score
Tue, Apr 22, 1975Indiana Pacers131Denver Nuggets124Box Score
Wed, Apr 23, 1975Spirits of St. Louis103Kentucky Colonels108Box Score
Thu, Apr 24, 1975Denver Nuggets112Indiana Pacers118Box Score
Fri, Apr 25, 1975Denver Nuggets126Indiana Pacers109Box Score
Fri, Apr 25, 1975Kentucky Colonels97Spirits of St. Louis103Box Score
Sun, Apr 27, 1975Indiana Pacers109Denver Nuggets90Box Score
Sun, Apr 27, 1975Kentucky Colonels117Spirits of St. Louis98Box Score
Mon, Apr 28, 1975Spirits of St. Louis103Kentucky Colonels123Box Score
Wed, Apr 30, 1975Denver Nuggets104Indiana Pacers99Box Score
Sat, May 3, 1975Indiana Pacers104Denver Nuggets96Box Score
Tue, May 13, 1975Indiana Pacers94Kentucky Colonels120Box Score
Thu, May 15, 1975Indiana Pacers93Kentucky Colonels95Box Score
Sat, May 17, 1975Kentucky Colonels109Indiana Pacers101Box Score
Mon, May 19, 1975Kentucky Colonels86Indiana Pacers94Box Score
Thu, May 22, 1975Indiana Pacers105Kentucky Colonels110Box Score
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