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Playoffs Schedule

Playoffs Schedule Table
Date Visitor/Neutral PTS Home/Neutral PTS     Attend. Notes
Tue, Mar 31, 1981Chicago Bulls90New York Knicks80Box Score14,822
Tue, Mar 31, 1981Indiana Pacers108Philadelphia 76ers124Box Score7,288
Wed, Apr 1, 1981Houston Rockets111Los Angeles Lakers107Box Score15,517
Wed, Apr 1, 1981Kansas City Kings98Portland Trail Blazers97Box ScoreOT12,666
Thu, Apr 2, 1981Philadelphia 76ers96Indiana Pacers85Box Score8,921
Fri, Apr 3, 1981Portland Trail Blazers124Kansas City Kings119Box ScoreOT11,088
Fri, Apr 3, 1981Los Angeles Lakers111Houston Rockets106Box Score16,121
Fri, Apr 3, 1981New York Knicks114Chicago Bulls115Box ScoreOT19,901
Sun, Apr 5, 1981Chicago Bulls109Boston Celtics121Box Score15,320
Sun, Apr 5, 1981Houston Rockets89Los Angeles Lakers86Box Score14,813
Sun, Apr 5, 1981Milwaukee Bucks122Philadelphia 76ers125Box Score9,727
Sun, Apr 5, 1981Kansas City Kings104Portland Trail Blazers95Box Score12,666
Tue, Apr 7, 1981Houston Rockets107San Antonio Spurs98Box Score13,319
Tue, Apr 7, 1981Kansas City Kings80Phoenix Suns102Box Score12,660
Tue, Apr 7, 1981Milwaukee Bucks109Philadelphia 76ers99Box Score15,259
Tue, Apr 7, 1981Chicago Bulls97Boston Celtics106Box Score15,320
Wed, Apr 8, 1981Kansas City Kings88Phoenix Suns83Box Score12,660
Wed, Apr 8, 1981Houston Rockets113San Antonio Spurs125Box Score12,128
Fri, Apr 10, 1981Philadelphia 76ers108Milwaukee Bucks103Box Score11,052
Fri, Apr 10, 1981Phoenix Suns92Kansas City Kings93Box Score13,776
Fri, Apr 10, 1981San Antonio Spurs99Houston Rockets112Box Score16,121
Fri, Apr 10, 1981Boston Celtics113Chicago Bulls107Box Score19,995
Sun, Apr 12, 1981Boston Celtics109Chicago Bulls103Box Score18,249
Sun, Apr 12, 1981San Antonio Spurs114Houston Rockets112Box Score16,121
Sun, Apr 12, 1981Phoenix Suns95Kansas City Kings102Box Score11,089
Sun, Apr 12, 1981Philadelphia 76ers98Milwaukee Bucks109Box Score11,052
Tue, Apr 14, 1981Houston Rockets123San Antonio Spurs117Box Score16,114
Wed, Apr 15, 1981San Antonio Spurs101Houston Rockets96Box Score16,121
Wed, Apr 15, 1981Milwaukee Bucks99Philadelphia 76ers116Box Score15,384
Wed, Apr 15, 1981Kansas City Kings89Phoenix Suns101Box Score12,660
Fri, Apr 17, 1981Phoenix Suns81Kansas City Kings76Box Score15,232
Fri, Apr 17, 1981Philadelphia 76ers86Milwaukee Bucks109Box Score11,052
Fri, Apr 17, 1981Houston Rockets105San Antonio Spurs100Box Score16,114
Sun, Apr 19, 1981Kansas City Kings95Phoenix Suns88Box Score12,660
Sun, Apr 19, 1981Milwaukee Bucks98Philadelphia 76ers99Box Score6,704
Tue, Apr 21, 1981Philadelphia 76ers105Boston Celtics104Box Score15,320
Tue, Apr 21, 1981Houston Rockets97Kansas City Kings78Box Score13,885
Wed, Apr 22, 1981Philadelphia 76ers99Boston Celtics118Box Score15,320
Wed, Apr 22, 1981Houston Rockets79Kansas City Kings88Box Score14,326
Fri, Apr 24, 1981Boston Celtics100Philadelphia 76ers110Box Score18,276
Fri, Apr 24, 1981Kansas City Kings88Houston Rockets92Box Score16,121
Sun, Apr 26, 1981Kansas City Kings89Houston Rockets100Box Score16,121
Sun, Apr 26, 1981Boston Celtics105Philadelphia 76ers107Box Score18,276
Wed, Apr 29, 1981Philadelphia 76ers109Boston Celtics111Box Score15,320
Wed, Apr 29, 1981Houston Rockets97Kansas City Kings88Box Score14,640
Fri, May 1, 1981Boston Celtics100Philadelphia 76ers98Box Score18,276
Sun, May 3, 1981Philadelphia 76ers90Boston Celtics91Box Score15,320
Tue, May 5, 1981Houston Rockets95Boston Celtics98Box Score15,320
Thu, May 7, 1981Houston Rockets92Boston Celtics90Box Score15,320
Sat, May 9, 1981Boston Celtics94Houston Rockets71Box Score16,121
Sun, May 10, 1981Boston Celtics86Houston Rockets91Box Score16,121
Tue, May 12, 1981Houston Rockets80Boston Celtics109Box Score15,320
Thu, May 14, 1981Boston Celtics102Houston Rockets91Box Score16,121
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