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Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Sat, Nov 1, 1952Box Score@New York KnicksL536901L 1
2Wed, Nov 5, 1952Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersL759702L 2
3Sat, Nov 8, 1952Box ScoreNew York KnicksL629203L 3
4Wed, Nov 12, 1952Box ScoreMilwaukee HawksW1079013W 1
5Sat, Nov 15, 1952Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsWOT979123W 2
6Sun, Nov 16, 1952Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsL798124L 1at Boston, MA
7Wed, Nov 19, 1952Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsW1068934W 1
8Thu, Nov 20, 1952Box Score@Philadelphia WarriorsL9910635L 1
9Sat, Nov 22, 1952Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsW969545W 1at Raleigh, NC
10Sun, Nov 23, 1952Box ScoreIndianapolis OlympiansL9010046L 1
11Tue, Nov 25, 1952Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL8910647L 2
12Wed, Nov 26, 1952Box ScoreNew York KnicksL929448L 3
13Thu, Nov 27, 1952Box ScoreNNew York KnicksL9210449L 4at Philadelphia, PA
14Sat, Nov 29, 1952Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsL7487410L 5
15Sun, Nov 30, 1952Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsL2OT95100411L 6
16Mon, Dec 1, 1952Box ScoreNMinneapolis LakersL6789412L 7at Saint Paul, MN
17Wed, Dec 3, 1952Box ScoreMilwaukee HawksW9887512W 1
18Sat, Dec 6, 1952Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsL91103513L 1
19Wed, Dec 10, 1952Box ScoreRochester RoyalsLOT9799514L 2
20Thu, Dec 11, 1952Box ScoreNBoston CelticsL8894515L 3at Philadelphia, PA
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Sun, Dec 14, 1952Box ScoreBoston CelticsL7383516L 4
22Sat, Dec 20, 1952Box ScoreNew York KnicksLOT99102517L 5
23Sun, Dec 21, 1952Box Score@New York KnicksL77102518L 6
24Thu, Dec 25, 1952Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL92102519L 7
25Sat, Dec 27, 1952Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsLOT7681520L 8
26Wed, Dec 31, 1952Box Score@Minneapolis LakersL5682521L 9
27Thu, Jan 1, 1953Box Score@Milwaukee HawksWOT8381621W 1
28Fri, Jan 2, 1953Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansL6673622L 1
29Sat, Jan 3, 1953Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsW8177722W 1
30Sun, Jan 4, 1953Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL6893723L 1
31Fri, Jan 9, 1953Box ScoreNBoston CelticsW9490823W 1at Worcester, MA
32Sat, Jan 10, 1953Box ScoreBoston CelticsW126105923W 2
33Sun, Jan 11, 1953Box Score@Boston CelticsL87131924L 1
34Wed, Jan 14, 1953Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersL2OT104112925L 2
35Sat, Jan 17, 1953Box ScoreIndianapolis OlympiansW82661025W 1
36Sun, Jan 18, 1953Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL841031026L 1
37Wed, Jan 21, 1953Box ScoreRochester RoyalsL82891027L 2
38Sun, Jan 25, 1953Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsW82681127W 1
39Wed, Jan 28, 1953Box ScoreMilwaukee HawksL83841128L 1
40Thu, Jan 29, 1953Box ScoreNMilwaukee HawksL67701129L 2at Philadelphia, PA
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Sat, Jan 31, 1953Box ScoreIndianapolis OlympiansW97901229W 1
42Sun, Feb 1, 1953Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL79941230L 1
43Mon, Feb 2, 1953Box ScoreNSyracuse NationalsL77981231L 2at Buffalo, NY
44Tue, Feb 3, 1953Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL821091232L 3
45Wed, Feb 4, 1953Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsL88961233L 4at Boston, MA
46Sat, Feb 7, 1953Box ScoreBoston CelticsLOT981011234L 5
47Sun, Feb 8, 1953Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsL78891235L 6
48Tue, Feb 10, 1953Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansL83881236L 7
49Wed, Feb 11, 1953Box ScoreNew York KnicksL80861237L 8
50Thu, Feb 12, 1953Box ScoreNMilwaukee HawksL85921238L 9at Philadelphia, PA
51Fri, Feb 13, 1953Box ScoreNNew York KnicksL961061239L 10at Boston, MA
52Sat, Feb 14, 1953Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsL881021240L 11
53Sun, Feb 15, 1953Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsL75951241L 12at Milwaukee, WI
54Tue, Feb 17, 1953Box ScoreNMinneapolis LakersW74701341W 1at Moorhead, MN
55Thu, Feb 19, 1953Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsLOT79831342L 1
56Fri, Feb 20, 1953Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansL58591343L 2
57Sat, Feb 21, 1953Box ScoreBoston CelticsL86901344L 3
58Wed, Feb 25, 1953Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersL72851345L 4
59Thu, Feb 26, 1953Box ScoreNBoston CelticsL81821346L 5at Philadelphia, PA
60Sat, Feb 28, 1953Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW77741446W 1
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Tue, Mar 3, 1953Box ScoreNBoston CelticsLOT94951447L 1at New York, NY
62Wed, Mar 4, 1953Box ScoreRochester RoyalsL77811448L 2
63Thu, Mar 5, 1953Box ScoreNNew York KnicksL69801449L 3at Trenton, NJ
64Sat, Mar 7, 1953Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsLOT81831450L 4
65Sun, Mar 8, 1953Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL91981451L 5
66Wed, Mar 11, 1953Box ScoreNNew York KnicksL3OT1071131452L 6at Boston, MA
67Fri, Mar 13, 1953Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsW98721552W 1at Washington, DC
68Sat, Mar 14, 1953Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsW87851652W 2
69Sun, Mar 15, 1953Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL871051653L 1
70Mon, Mar 16, 1953Box ScoreNBoston CelticsL78921654L 2at Worcester, MA


Playoffs Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Tue, Mar 17, 1953Box Score@New York KnicksL628001L 1
2Fri, Mar 20, 1953Box ScoreNew York KnicksL819002L 2