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Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Sat, Oct 20, 1962Box ScoreNew York KnicksW14911610W 1
2Fri, Oct 26, 1962Box Score@New York KnicksW13310820W 2
3Sat, Oct 27, 1962Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW1189830W 3Dolph Schayes of Syracuse scored a field goal for Boston
4Tue, Oct 30, 1962Box Score@St. Louis HawksL979831L 1
5Wed, Oct 31, 1962Box Score@Detroit PistonsW11510041W 1
6Fri, Nov 2, 1962Box Score@Chicago ZephyrsW1079751W 2
7Sat, Nov 3, 1962Box ScoreDetroit PistonsW12511461W 3
8Wed, Nov 7, 1962Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsW10610571W 4
9Fri, Nov 9, 1962Box ScoreLos Angeles LakersL12013372L 1
10Sun, Nov 11, 1962Box ScoreNNew York KnicksW1179882W 1at St. Louis, MO
11Mon, Nov 12, 1962Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsW13712692W 2
12Tue, Nov 13, 1962Box Score@New York KnicksW116102102W 3
13Fri, Nov 16, 1962Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL105113103L 1
14Sat, Nov 17, 1962Box ScoreSan Francisco WarriorsW127109113W 1
15Tue, Nov 20, 1962Box ScoreNChicago ZephyrsW113106123W 2at New York, NY
16Wed, Nov 21, 1962Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksW115106133W 3
17Thu, Nov 22, 1962Box ScoreNSyracuse NationalsL120130134L 1at Philadelphia, PA
18Fri, Nov 23, 1962Box ScoreNChicago ZephyrsW116104144W 1at Providence, RI
19Sat, Nov 24, 1962Box Score@St. Louis HawksL9597145L 1
20Tue, Nov 27, 1962Box ScoreNDetroit PistonsW125115155W 1at New York, NY
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Sat, Dec 1, 1962Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW129110165W 2
22Sun, Dec 2, 1962Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsWOT128127175W 3
23Wed, Dec 5, 1962Box Score@Detroit PistonsW10693185W 4
24Fri, Dec 7, 1962Box ScoreLos Angeles LakersW126112195W 5
25Sat, Dec 8, 1962Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL97102196L 1
26Tue, Dec 11, 1962Box Score@New York KnicksL8795197L 2
27Wed, Dec 12, 1962Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksW11198207W 1
28Thu, Dec 13, 1962Box ScoreNDetroit PistonsW10393217W 2at Providence, RI
29Sat, Dec 15, 1962Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsL120124218L 1
30Sat, Dec 22, 1962Box ScoreNew York KnicksL106120219L 2
31Wed, Dec 26, 1962Box ScoreSan Francisco WarriorsW116113229W 1
32Thu, Dec 27, 1962Box ScoreNSan Francisco WarriorsW108102239W 2at Syracuse, NY
33Fri, Dec 28, 1962Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsW121113249W 3
34Sat, Dec 29, 1962Box Score@St. Louis HawksL1001022410L 1
35Wed, Jan 2, 1963Box Score@San Francisco WarriorsWOT1351202510W 1
36Fri, Jan 4, 1963Box Score@Los Angeles LakersL1231252511L 1
37Sat, Jan 5, 1963Box Score@Los Angeles LakersL1041062512L 2
38Tue, Jan 8, 1963Box Score@San Francisco WarriorsW1181122612W 1
39Wed, Jan 9, 1963Box Score@Chicago ZephyrsL1231312613L 1
40Thu, Jan 10, 1963Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsL1211302614L 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Fri, Jan 11, 1963Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW1341172714W 1
42Sun, Jan 13, 1963Box ScoreChicago ZephyrsW143992814W 2
43Thu, Jan 17, 1963Box ScoreNChicago ZephyrsW110932914W 3at Baltimore, MD
44Fri, Jan 18, 1963Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsW1221143014W 4
45Sat, Jan 19, 1963Box Score@Syracuse NationalsLOT1481493015L 1
46Sun, Jan 20, 1963Box ScoreLos Angeles LakersW1331213115W 1
47Tue, Jan 22, 1963Box Score@New York KnicksW1241003215W 2
48Wed, Jan 23, 1963Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsL1331383216L 1
49Thu, Jan 24, 1963Box ScoreNSt. Louis HawksW1111093316W 1at Providence, RI
50Fri, Jan 25, 1963Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksW113983416W 2
51Sun, Jan 27, 1963Box ScoreNew York KnicksW1231103516W 3
52Tue, Jan 29, 1963Box ScoreNChicago ZephyrsW100993616W 4at New York, NY
53Wed, Jan 30, 1963Box ScoreSan Francisco WarriorsW1251113716W 5
54Thu, Jan 31, 1963Box ScoreNCincinnati RoyalsW1281253816W 6at College Park, MD
55Fri, Feb 1, 1963Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsL1111253817L 1
56Sun, Feb 3, 1963Box ScoreDetroit PistonsW1371283917W 1
57Tue, Feb 5, 1963Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsW106964017W 2
58Wed, Feb 6, 1963Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL1091264018L 1
59Fri, Feb 8, 1963Box Score@New York KnicksW129974118W 1
60Sat, Feb 9, 1963Box ScoreSan Francisco WarriorsW1181124218W 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Sun, Feb 10, 1963Box ScoreNew York KnicksW1291234318W 3
62Tue, Feb 12, 1963Box ScoreNLos Angeles LakersW120934418W 4at Detroit, MI
63Wed, Feb 13, 1963Box ScoreLos Angeles LakersL1281344419L 1
64Fri, Feb 15, 1963Box ScoreNSyracuse NationalsW1231144519W 1at Providence, RI
65Sat, Feb 16, 1963Box Score@St. Louis HawksW114944619W 2
66Sun, Feb 17, 1963Box Score@Chicago ZephyrsW1101074719W 3
67Tue, Feb 19, 1963Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsW1291264819W 4
68Wed, Feb 20, 1963Box Score@Detroit PistonsW1171134919W 5
69Thu, Feb 21, 1963Box Score@San Francisco WarriorsW1351185019W 6
70Fri, Feb 22, 1963Box Score@Los Angeles LakersL1051135020L 1
71Sun, Feb 24, 1963Box Score@Los Angeles LakersW1191095120W 1
72Tue, Feb 26, 1963Box Score@San Francisco WarriorsL1121285121L 1
73Sat, Mar 2, 1963Box ScoreNew York KnicksW1221175221W 1
74Sun, Mar 3, 1963Box Score@New York KnicksW102955321W 2
75Thu, Mar 7, 1963Box Score@Detroit PistonsW1151045421W 3
76Fri, Mar 8, 1963Box Score@Chicago ZephyrsL1091105422L 1
77Sun, Mar 10, 1963Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsW1491175522W 1
78Wed, Mar 13, 1963Box ScoreChicago ZephyrsW1211085622W 2
79Sat, Mar 16, 1963Box Score@Syracuse NationalsW1251215722W 3
80Sun, Mar 17, 1963Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW1251165822W 4
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