ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.

Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Fri, Oct 15, 1971Box ScoreVirginia SquiresL11411801L 1at Greensboro, NC
2Sat, Oct 16, 1971Box Score@Indiana PacersL9810602L 2
3Tue, Oct 19, 1971Box Score@Utah StarsL9315003L 3
4Wed, Oct 20, 1971Box Score@Dallas ChaparralsLOT11311504L 4
5Fri, Oct 22, 1971Box Score@Memphis ProsW10810214W 1
6Sat, Oct 23, 1971Box ScoreUtah StarsW1019924W 2at Greensboro, NC
7Wed, Oct 27, 1971Box ScorePittsburgh CondorsL12113125L 1at Charlotte, NC
8Thu, Oct 28, 1971Box Score@The FloridiansL9110426L 2
9Fri, Oct 29, 1971Box Score@Virginia SquiresL12114227L 3at Roanoke, VA
10Tue, Nov 2, 1971Box Score@Indiana PacersL11613728L 4
11Fri, Nov 5, 1971Box ScoreThe FloridiansW10910638W 1at Greensboro, NC
12Sat, Nov 6, 1971Box ScoreDallas ChaparralsL929739L 1at Charlotte, NC
13Thu, Nov 11, 1971Box Score@Pittsburgh CondorsW12710949W 1
14Sat, Nov 13, 1971Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW12910959W 2at Charlotte, NC
15Wed, Nov 17, 1971Box ScoreDenver RocketsW11310169W 3at Charlotte, NC
16Fri, Nov 19, 1971Box ScoreNew York NetsL127129610L 1at Greensboro, NC
17Sat, Nov 20, 1971Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL107120611L 2
18Tue, Nov 23, 1971Box Score@Virginia SquiresW10298711W 1at Hampton, VA
19Wed, Nov 24, 1971Box ScoreDallas ChaparralsW120106811W 2at Raleigh, NC
20Fri, Nov 26, 1971Box ScoreUtah StarsL115124812L 1at Greensboro, NC
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Sat, Nov 27, 1971Box ScoreIndiana PacersL110116813L 2at Charlotte, NC
22Wed, Dec 1, 1971Box ScorePittsburgh CondorsW118117913W 1at Charlotte, NC
23Fri, Dec 3, 1971Box Score@New York NetsL122134914L 1
24Sat, Dec 4, 1971Box Score@Indiana PacersL108115915L 2
25Tue, Dec 7, 1971Box Score@Pittsburgh CondorsL102122916L 3
26Wed, Dec 8, 1971Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL111121917L 4at Charlotte, NC
27Fri, Dec 10, 1971Box ScorePittsburgh CondorsL138144918L 5at Greensboro, NC
28Sat, Dec 11, 1971Box Score@Denver RocketsL125130919L 6
29Mon, Dec 13, 1971Box Score@Utah StarsW1241151019W 1
30Tue, Dec 14, 1971Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW1251211119W 2at Greensboro, NC
31Wed, Dec 15, 1971Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL931371120L 1
32Fri, Dec 17, 1971Box Score@Pittsburgh CondorsWOT1461431220W 1
33Sat, Dec 18, 1971Box ScoreNew York NetsL1061181221L 1at Charlotte, NC
34Wed, Dec 22, 1971Box ScoreMemphis ProsL1021131222L 2at Greensboro, NC
35Thu, Dec 23, 1971Box ScoreNThe FloridiansL1091251223L 3at New York, NY
36Sat, Dec 25, 1971Box Score@Memphis ProsL1021101224L 4
37Sun, Dec 26, 1971Box ScoreNew York NetsW1231171324W 1at Raleigh, NC
38Tue, Dec 28, 1971Box Score@Virginia SquiresL1261291325L 1at Richmond, VA
39Wed, Dec 29, 1971Box ScoreVirginia SquiresL1171261326L 2at Raleigh, NC
40Thu, Dec 30, 1971Box Score@Virginia SquiresL1201241327L 3at Hampton, VA
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Fri, Dec 31, 1971Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL1061241328L 4at Greensboro, NC
42Tue, Jan 4, 1972Box Score@Pittsburgh CondorsW1301161428W 1
43Wed, Jan 5, 1972Box Score@New York NetsL1161251429L 1
44Fri, Jan 7, 1972Box ScoreVirginia SquiresL991061430L 2at Winston-Salem, NC
45Sat, Jan 8, 1972Box ScoreNew York NetsW1181151530W 1at Winston-Salem, NC
46Fri, Jan 14, 1972Box ScoreThe FloridiansW105981630W 2at Greensboro, NC
47Sat, Jan 15, 1972Box Score@New York NetsL981091631L 1
48Wed, Jan 19, 1972Box ScoreThe FloridiansW1081041731W 1at Charlotte, NC
49Thu, Jan 20, 1972Box Score@New York NetsL1221241732L 1
50Fri, Jan 21, 1972Box ScorePittsburgh CondorsW122981832W 1at Greensboro, NC
51Tue, Jan 25, 1972Box ScoreDallas ChaparralsL971171833L 1at Greensboro, NC
52Thu, Jan 27, 1972Box Score@The FloridiansW1021011933W 1
53Mon, Jan 31, 1972Box Score@Utah StarsL1151351934L 1
54Tue, Feb 1, 1972Box Score@Denver RocketsW1171082034W 1
55Wed, Feb 2, 1972Box Score@Dallas ChaparralsW1101012134W 2
56Fri, Feb 4, 1972Box Score@Memphis ProsW1061002234W 3
57Sat, Feb 5, 1972Box ScorePittsburgh CondorsL1291362235L 1at Greensboro, NC
58Wed, Feb 9, 1972Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL1061262236L 2at Charlotte, NC
59Fri, Feb 11, 1972Box ScoreDenver RocketsW1101052336W 1at Winston-Salem, NC
60Sun, Feb 13, 1972Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL981212337L 1
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Tue, Feb 15, 1972Box ScorePittsburgh CondorsW1261132437W 1at Fort Bragg, NC
62Thu, Feb 17, 1972Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW1451222537W 2at Charlotte, NC
63Fri, Feb 18, 1972Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL1111192538L 1at Greensboro, NC
64Sun, Feb 20, 1972Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL1131342539L 2
65Wed, Feb 23, 1972Box ScoreThe FloridiansW1321182639W 1at Charlotte, NC
66Sat, Feb 26, 1972Box ScorePittsburgh CondorsW1461302739W 2at Charlotte, NC
67Sun, Feb 27, 1972Box ScoreDenver RocketsL1051132740L 1at Greensboro, NC
68Wed, Mar 1, 1972Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL1251342741L 2
69Fri, Mar 3, 1972Box Score@The FloridiansL1271302742L 3
70Sat, Mar 4, 1972Box ScoreMemphis ProsW1241232842W 1at Greensboro, NC
71Sun, Mar 5, 1972Box ScoreNew York NetsL961142843L 1at Raleigh, NC
72Tue, Mar 7, 1972Box Score@The FloridiansW1161082943W 1
73Wed, Mar 8, 1972Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL96982944L 1at Raleigh, NC
74Sat, Mar 11, 1972Box ScoreIndiana PacersW1221123044W 1at Charlotte, NC
75Sun, Mar 12, 1972Box ScoreUtah StarsL1111233045L 1at Raleigh, NC
76Tue, Mar 14, 1972Box Score@Dallas ChaparralsL1051133046L 2
77Thu, Mar 16, 1972Box Score@Denver RocketsL1211313047L 3
78Fri, Mar 17, 1972Box Score@New York NetsL1271473048L 4at Uniondale, NY
79Sat, Mar 18, 1972Box ScoreMemphis ProsW1391253148W 1at Greensboro, NC
80Sun, Mar 19, 1972Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsW1211133248W 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
81Wed, Mar 22, 1972Box Score@New York NetsW1171133348W 3at Uniondale, NY
82Fri, Mar 24, 1972Box ScoreThe FloridiansLOT1151163349L 1at Greensboro, NC
83Sat, Mar 25, 1972Box ScoreIndiana PacersW1211043449W 1at Greensboro, NC
84Tue, Mar 28, 1972Box Score@Virginia SquiresW1271213549W 2at Norfolk, VA
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